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Disabled students allowances

​​​​​​​​​​​These allowances are to help students with disabilities benefit as fully as possible from their course. They cover special equipment, non-medical helpers and other general expenses. Remember, these allowances are not means-tested.

Assistance with travel costs can be given  in some circumstances.

How do I apply for student disability allowance?

Visit GOV.UK to apply for student disability allowances 

General disability allowance

This provides supplementary payments for disability related expenditure linked to the course.

It may be used for expenditure not covered by specific allowances and to supplement expenditure on non-medical helpers and/or special equipment that exceeds the maximum provided by these allowances.

Special equipment allowance

This covers major items of equipment which a student with a disability needs to benefit fully from the course. It is payable at any time during the course, by one or more instalments.

If it's more economical, items of equipment should be leased rather bought, especially if the claim is made during the latter stages of the course. Disabled students may find the AbilityNet website of useful. It gives impartial, expert advice about computer technology for people with disabilities.

Non-medical personal helper's allowance

This reimburses students for expenditure on personal helpers - such as readers, lip speakers, note takers, non-medical carers - needed for the student to benefit fully from the course.

The provision of these allowances does not remove our duty to provide assistance towards personal care costs which would have been incurred irrespective of a student's attendance on a course.

Travel for disabled students

You can claim travel expenses if, because of your disability, you incur additional costs. You'll be asked to show how your disability incurs additional costs, and to provide medical evidence if necessary.

Apply for travel assistance for children and young people with SEND​​


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