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School travel plans

​​​​​A School Travel Plan is a written document which outlines a series of practical steps for improving children's safety on the journey to and from school. 

The plan should result in benefits for pupils, parents and the wider community. It will assist pupils and parents in identifying healthy and sustainable transport options and help to reduce the numbers of cars on the road at peak times. In addition it will contribute to the improvement of the environment around the school.

Without action, a travel plan is not going to make a big difference to your children's journey to school.

This is where the School Travel Implementation Strategy comes in.

The strategy aims to:

  • Encourage all stakeholders to promote sustainable travel to school.
  • Improve the sustainable travel infrastructure.
  • Enable travel behavioural change of the whole school.

Led by the School Travel Team, the strategy takes forward the actions identified in the travel plan and provides practical support and advice to schools on all matters regarding travelling to school.

How to sign up to a School Travel Plan

Each year the School Travel Team invites schools to sign up as 1 of 20 'focus schools' to receive a programme of events throughout the school year.

Benefits of signing up to a School Travel Plan

The aim of a School Travel Plan is to reduce the number of pupils travelling to school by car, in turn reducing congestion and air pollution and increasing the amount of physical activity taken by pupils.

Services offered to schools:

  • ​Help setting up a walking bus.
  • Curriculum resources for teachers that promote sustainable travel.
  • Assemblies/presentations.
  • Support with Walk on Wednesdays.
  • Help and support with installation of cycle parking.
  • Support locating and setting up park and stride areas.
  • Cycle training for staff, parents and children.
  • Safety walks with pupils.
  • Curriculum linked lessons on sustainable travel.
  • Safe route planning with pupils.
  • Presentations to parents and governors.
  • Dr Bike sessions.
  • Support accessing funding.
  • Travel plan support.
  • Support with links to school funding.

The School Travel Team can still provide support and advice to schools that are not part of the focus group, however, these schools will not be prioritised over the 20 focus schools.​

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