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Greater Manchester Spatial Framework.

Greater Manchester Spatial Framework

We’re working with 9 other local authorities in Greater Manchester to create a joint spatial framework. The framework sets out a bold vision to make Greater Manchester one of the best places in the world to live and work by creating thousands of new jobs, homes and infrastructure.

What is the Greater Manchester Spatial Framework?

The Greater Manchester Spatial Framework is a plan which identifies how we'll use land across Greater Manchester over the next 20 years. The framework aims to support the growth of the city region and fuel major development across all 10 boroughs in Greater Manchester, including Rochdale.

A first draft of the spatial framework went out to public consultation in 2016. We've since revised the proposals to create a second draft of the framework. The consultation on the second draft of the spatial framework closed at midnight on Monday, 18 March 2019.

How can I view the draft spatial framework?

You can view the 2nd draft of the spatial framework on the Greater Manchester Combined Authority website by following the link below.

Alternatively, view printed copies of the draft strategy at Rochdale Central Library, Middleton Library, Heywood Library, and Littleborough Library.

View the 2nd draft of the Greater Manchester Spatial Framework

How can I see responses from the 2019 consultation?

You can view responses from the consultation on the 2nd draft of the spatial framework in 2 ways. You can:

  1. View a list of all consultation responses - this list includes all the online responses, letters and emails. However, you can't search for a particular response on this website.
  2. Search for a consultation response - you can download a spreadsheet of all the responses including all the attachments people added to their responses. You can search for your own response, responses received for each question and responses received in your local area.

What are the benefits of the spatial framework for the borough?

The spatial framework aims to have a number of benefits for Rochdale borough. This includes:

  • Over 12,000 new homes.
  • Creating 20,000 new jobs.
  • Opportunities for new business development.
  • Improving transport, including a possible extension of the Metrolink tram to Middleton and Heywood and a new M62 motorway junction.
  • Developing infrastructure, including new school places.
  • Creating 175 hectares of new green belt.
  • Gaining an additional £7.8 million in Council Tax revenue. 

How has the spatial framework changed following the first draft?

We decided to reduce the number of green belt sites listed within the borough of Rochdale on the spatial framework following your comments in the 2016 consultation.

As well as reducing development on existing green belt, we're also creating 175 hectares of new green belt, in key areas like the Roch Valley.

The first draft of the framework in 2016 proposed the proportion of green belt in the borough be reduced from 62.8% to 58.2%. The second draft of the framework proposes the green belt only be reduced by 2.9% to 59.9%.

This has been achieved partly through scaling back plans for new developments at the following sites:

  • Bamford and Norden
  • Land south of Newhey
  • The area around Tandle Hill Country Park

As a result, if all the sites in this draft plan are developed, Rochdale borough will still have more green belt than any other borough in Greater Manchester.

What sites in the borough are proposed for development in the spatial framework?

We published the first draft of the spatial framework in 2016 which listed a number of proposed development sites in the borough. Following the consultation, we’ve made some changes to the proposed sites.

You can view the main proposed development sites in the borough and a summary of our proposed use for the site below. View the entire Greater Manchester Spatial Framework for more detailed summaries and maps of the areas.

  • The Northern Gateway: land between junctions 18 and 19 of the M62 motorway, close to Heywood Distribution Park. The strategy proposes using this area for the creation of 1,600 new homes over 600,000 sq m of new employment space. We also propose a new rail connection be developed from Heywood through Castleton.
  • Stakehill Business Park: 900 new homes around 100,000 sq m of employment space with proposals for additional place provision at Thornham St John Primary School. The proposal has been amended to reduce the scale of the allocation and to retain and protect green belt around Thornham Lane and Tandle Hill that was previously proposed for development.
  • Kingsway South: 182 homes, 130,980 sq m of employment space and a new roundabout to access land south of junction 21.
  • Bamford and Norden: proposals for this area are now for 450 high quality homes, reduced from 750 proposed in the first draft of the plan. Sports facilities in the area will be retained and improved with contributions from the development.
  • Crimble Mill: we propose up to 250 high quality homes to enable the restoration of the listed Crimble Mill. The proposal also includes enhanced recreational open space, public transport and new school places. Provision is also made for new green belt around Queen's Park.
  • Castleton Sidings: 125 new homes and improvements to open space. The scheme will also make provision for highway improvements and a new cycleway, as well as the extension of the East Lancs railway into Castleton.
  • Newhey Quarry: Up to 250 new homes which will make provision for additional parking facilities for local residents and Newhey Metrolink stop.
  • Land North East of Smithy Bridge: Around 300 new homes and a new primary school. Improvements also proposed at Littleborough train station, recreational facilities around Hollingworth Lake, including enhanced visitor parking.
  • Trows Farm, Castleton: around 360 new homes on land south of Crown Business Park with provision for a new primary school and improvements to public transport.
  • Land in the Roch Valley: up to 210 new homes with improvements to public transport and funding to support new local school places.

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