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The Local Plan

The Local Plan sets out how we will plan the future development in Rochdale borough. It guides new developments to appropriate locations while protecting our natural environment and built heritage.

Current Local Plan policies and plans

The Local Plan is not one document. The policies and plans below make up the current Local Plan. Some of these are still in the process of being adopted.

When a plan is adopted, it doesn't mean the land outlined on the plan will definitely be built on. In most cases, developers will still need to apply for planning permission and have their application considered on an individual basis.

Adopted plans

Plans in progress

  • Allocations Plan - a plan which outlines several sites and areas of land which can be used for new developments in the borough. Details the sites and areas of the borough we plan on using to develop or build on.
  • Places for Everyone plan - a long-term plan for new jobs, homes, and sustainable growth.
  • Neighbourhood plans - any community in the borough can get together to create a neighbourhood plan which details an idea or a group of ideas for an area. Neighbourhood plans become part of the local plan if they're adopted.

Previous Local Plan 1999-2016

The Local Plan for 1999-2016 was formally withdrawn in October 2016 and replaced with the current Local Plan policies and plans above.

Documents which support the Local Plan

There are a number of documents, such as policies, research and reports which help us create the Local Plan.

What we use the Local Plan for

The local plan is made up of several plans and policies addressing different areas of development. Through these, we can plan for the developments and infrastructure you need in the borough.

The Local Plan helps us deliver:

  • More housing and affordable homes
  • Leisure and commercial developments
  • Infrastructure, such as roads and schools
  • More jobs

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