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Simplified Planning Zones (SPZs)

Simplified Planning Zones are areas where planning permission has already been granted for certain developments. This means you don't need to apply for planning permission yourself.

Each individual SPZ will list the types of development allowed as well as any other conditions which you'll need to meet to develop without permission.

How to develop in a Simplified Planning Zone (SPZ)

If you'd like to develop in a Simplified Planning Zone:

  1. In the section below, find and read the SPZ scheme for the area you're interested in. You need to make sure your type of development is covered by the scheme and will meet all the planning conditions listed.
  2. If your development is covered and you meet all the planning conditions, let us know what work you intend to do. You can do this using the contact details on this page.
  3. If you would like written confirmation that you don't need planning permission, you can apply for a lawful development certificate.
  4. If your development isn't covered by the scheme, you'll need to apply for planning permission instead.
Contact us using the details on this page to let us know about your development

Adopted Simplified Planning Zones (SPZs)

Heywood Distribution Park

The Simplified Planning Zone for Heywood Distribution Park was adopted on 8 April 2010 and will last until 8 April 2020. The Heywood Distribution Park SPZ Scheme details which types of developments are allowed without planning permission as well as the planning conditions.

If you'd like to build on Heywood Distribution Park, you may also be interested in the travel plan. It outlines our objectives with increasing the use of public transport for the business park. View the Travel Plan for Heywood Distribution Park (2.4MB pdf)

View the Heywood Distribution Park SPZ Scheme (1.2MB pdf)

Proposed Simplified Planning Zones (SPZs)

There are currently no proposed Simplified Planning Zones.

Why we create Simplified Planning Zones

We create Simplified Planning Zones to encourage developments in certain areas. It removes the need to apply for planning permission and pay for planning fees. This helps speed up developments in the area as well.

SPZs are great tools for stimulating and encouraging economic growth, investment and job creation.

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