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Non-designated heritage assets

Find out what non-designated assets are, where they're located in the borough and more.

What non-designated heritage assets are

Non-designated heritage assets are places we've identified as having some significance to the local heritage.

They make important contributions to the local distinctiveness, settlement formation, traditional character or history of the borough but don't meet the criteria for listed buildings. Non-designated heritage assets can be buildings, monuments, sites, places, areas and landscapes.

Criteria for identifying non-designated heritage assets

We've created a criteria which we use to decide whether something should be classed as a non-designated heritage asset. We've developed this in line with national policies and guidance. Having a criteria ensures our identification is consistent and clear.

The criteria considers:

  • Architectural significance - sites which demonstrate local architectural style and character or are associated with a local architect, designer or engineer of importance.
  • Historical significance - sites associated with a local historical event, that have importance as a community asset, are associated with local famous or notable people or appear on the First Edition of the Ordnance Survey Map.
  • Positive contribution - such as a landmark or as part of a key view.
  • Designed landscape - asset is a component of a designed landscape.

Locations of non-designated heritage assets

We've identified many non-designated heritage assets in the borough. We'll update these lists as we continue to identify new assets.

​Here's all the non-designated heritage assets in Rochdale listed alphabetically by street name.

Last updated: Friday, 3 September 2021

Name and address of asset Type of asset
Buckley Lower Mill (Hamer Works), All Saints Terrace, RochdaleMill
Ashbrook Hey Works, Ashbrook Hey LaneIndustrial
Duckworth Farm, Ashworth RoadFarm
Quaker Burial Ground, Ball StreetCommemorative
Building adjacent to No1. Baillie Street, RochdaleOffices
2 Baillie Street, RochdaleShop
Former Public House (now William Hill), 4-6 Baillie Street, RochdalePublic House
8 Baillie Street, RochdaleShop/Offices
21 Baillie Street, RochdaleShop/warehouse
4 Baron Street, RochdaleShop/warehouse
24a &28 Baron Street, RochdaleWarehouse/works
Ashworth House, Belfield Mill Lane, OL16 2UBHouse
Belfield Mill, Belfield Mill LaneMill
Belfied Trading Estate, Belfield Mill Lane, OL16 4BGMill
Hamer Lane New Mill, Belfield Road/Hamer Lane, OL16 2UPMill
Oxford Mill, Bentley Street, OL12 6EUIndustrial
Marland Mill Farm, Birchfield Drive, OL11 4NYFarm
Flag Stone wall along Broad Lane, Land Adjacent To Craven Heifer, 7 Broad Lane, RochdaleBoundary
18 – 24 Broad Lane (Evens only), RochdaleTerrace
26 & 28 Broad Lane, RochdaleHouse
29 Broad Lane, RochdaleTerrace
202-212 Broad Lane, RochdaleTerrace
Beet Farm, Broad Lane, Rochdale, OL16 4GEFarm
Calf Hey, Broad Lane, Rochdale, OL16 4GEFarm
Craven Heifer Tavern, Broad Lane, RochdalePublic House
Green Gate, Broad LaneFarm
Buckley Brook Mill (Former), Buckley Brook StreetMill
Buckley Mill, Buckley RoadMill
Beaumonds, Bury Road (Meadowcroft Lane, Rochdale, OL11 4HNResidential
Oakenrod Villas, Bury RoadResidential
Red Brook Mill, Bury RoadMill
St Michael's Church, Bury and Rochdale Old Road, Bamford, OL10 4BBChurch
St Michael's C of E Primary School, Bury and Rochdale Old Road, Bamford, OL10 4BBSchool
7 to 11 The Butts, RochdaleCommercial
13 to 17 The Butts, RochdaleCommercial
Vicolo del Vino (Formerly Grape Vaults), The Butts, RochdalePublic House
Regal Moon PH, The Butts, RochdaleLeisure
Former YMCA, The ButtsCommercial
White Field/Whitefield Farm, Caldershaw Lane, OL12 7PSFarm
St John the Baptist, Castle Hill RoadChurch
Kingdom Hall, Castlemere StreetChurch
19-21 Church Lane, RochdaleResidential
Craig Lee House, 25 Church LaneOffices
Mitchell Hey Mills, College Road, OL12 6AEMill
Brimrod Mill, Corporation RoadMill
Banfield Mill, Crawford StreetMill
Crossfield Mill, Crawford Street, OL16 5NUMill
Morning Side Mill, Crawford StreetMill
Buersil Bowling Club, 20 Crowther Street, Rochdale, OL16 4THLeisure
Dane Mill, Dane StreetMill
14 Drake Street (Butterworth Jewellers), RochdaleShop
74 Drake Street, RochdaleCommercial
110 Drake Street, RochdaleShop/residential
Champness Hall, 54 to 58 Drake Street, RochdaleEcclesiastical
Drakes Pub, Drake StreetPublic House
Fashion Corner, 57 to 59 Drake Street, RochdaleShop
Rochdale Observer and Printworks, 82 to 92 Drake Street, RochdaleCommercial
Duke Street Mill, Duke Street, OL12 0LWMill
Durham Street Bridge, Durham Street, RochdaleBridge
Smallbridge Mill, Dye House Lane, OL16 2QNMill
Maden Fold Farm, Earl Street, OL11 2XHFarm
Hurst Hill House, 2 Edenfield Road, RochdaleHouse
Norden Methodist Church (former Free Methodist Church), 664 Edenfield Rd, Rochdale OL12 7QEEcclesiastical
605 Edenfield Road, NordenCommercial
746 – 772  Edenfield Road (Evens only), NordenTerrace
Cross Gate Farmhouse and adjoining barn, Edenfield RoadFarm
Denehurst House, Edenfield Road, Rochdale, OL11 5AUHouse
Horse & Farrier Public House, Edenfield Road, NordenPublic House
Norden Old Library, Edenfield Road, Norden, Rochdale, OL11 5XELibrary
Edmunds House (The Old Vicarage), Edmund Street, Rochdale, OL12 6QFVicarage
157-193 Edmund Street, RochdaleTerrace
Memorial Gardens, The EsplandeGarden
Police Headquarters, The Esplanade, RochdalePolice Station
14-16 Falinge Fold, RochdaleCottages
42-44 Falinge Fold, RochdaleCottages
50-54 Falinge Fold, RochdaleCottages
Horse Carrs, Falinge Fold, RochdaleHouse
Falinge Corner, Falinge RoadHouse
Falinge High School, Falinge RoadSchool
71 & 73 Falinge Road, RochdaleHouses
75 & 77 Falinge Road, RochdaleHouses
79 Falinge Road, RochdaleHouse
81 Falinge Road, RochdaleHouse
5 Fenton StreetResidential
Fenton Mews, Fenton StreetResidential
Fern Hill Farm & Hamlet, Fern Hill Lane, OL12 6BWAgricultural
Fieldhouse Mills (now Fieldhouse Industrial Estate), Fieldhouse Lane, Syke, OL12 0AAMill
17 Fleece Street, RochdaleWarehouse
Canal Street Mills, Fletcher StreetMill
Lee Cottage, 2 Great Lee, ShawcloughHouse
Fieldhouse School, Greenbank RoadSchool
Woodhouse Mills, Greenbooth RoadMill
Former Dye Works, SpotlandMill
Entwistle Arms, 111 Halifax Road, OL12 9BAPublic House
The Harridge, The Harridge, Rochdale, OL12 7UXHouse
Healey Hall Mill, Healey Dell, Shawclough, OL12 6BQMill
Villa Nostra, Heap Road, NordenResidential
Syke Mill, Highcroft Way, ShawMill
Castleton Primary School, Hillcrest Road, Castleton, OL11 2QDSchool
Brimrod Community Primary, Holburn Street, Rochdale, OL11 4NBSchool
Spotland Textile Finishing Works (Holmes Mill), Holmes StreetMill
Greave Mount, Hudsons Walk, OL11 5EW 
Caldershaw Mills, Ings LaneMill
Vale Mill, John Street (now Minky)Mill
Verotax Warehouse, John StreetCommercial
Heald Farm (formerly Healey Cottage), Judith Street, OL12 7HSFarm
Former Music Studio, Kenion StreetCommercial
Former Stables, Kenion StreetAgricultural
Works Building, Kenion StreetWorks
3 King Street, RochdaleCommercial
Kingsway Hotel, 145 Kingsway, Rochdale OL16 5HSLeisure/Commercial
Lancashire & Yorkshire RailwayRailway
Lowerplace Primary, Kingsway Rochdale, OL16 4UDSchool
Lowerplace Junior School, Kingsway, RochdaleSchool
Lowerplace Infant School, Kingsway, RochdaleSchool
Croft Head, Knacks LaneFarm
Higher Dunishbooth, Knacks Lane, OL12 6BJFarm
Lower Dunishbooth, Knacks Lane, OL12 6BJFarm
Mill, Leonard Street - Scholes Street, CastletonMill
Brachant Spinning Mill, Livsey Street/Hill StreetMill
St Luke's Church (former school), St Luke Street/Salkeld StreetSchool/Church
15 - 17 Maclure Road, RochdaleResidential
19 - 21 Maclure Road, RochdaleResidential
23 - 25 Maclure Road, RochdaleResidential
Fire Station, Maclure Road, RochdaleFirestation
Rochdale Station, Maill Street, OL11 1HYRailway Station
Maltings Lane Mill, Maltings Lane, Castleton, OL11 2UYMill
Millers Brook Mill (Phoenix Mill), Miller StreetMill
848 - 856 Manchester Road, CastletonTerrace
958 – 966 Manchester Road, RochdaleTerrace
970 – 990 Manchester Road, RochdaleTerrace
P.H., 1022 Manchester Road, CastletonPublic House
Blue Pitts Inn P.H., Manchester Road, CastletonPublic House
Bridge Inn P.H., Manchester Road, CastletonPublic House
The Carnegie Library, 881 Manchester Road, CastletonLibrary
The Castle Inn, Manchester Road, RochdalePublic House
The District Bank (former) & Bridge Bank House, 847-853 Manchester Road, CastletonBank & House
Dunsterville House, Manchester RoadResidential
George and Dragon, Manchester RoadPublic House
Linden Mill, Manchester Road - Queensway, CastletonMill
Sudden Mills, Manchester RoadMill
The Midland Beer Company P.H., 826 Manchester Road, OL11 3AWPublic House
Top House P.H., Manchester Road, CastletonPublic House
Unity House, 914-916 Manchester Road, CastletonResidential
Wagon & Horses, 366 Manchester RoadPublic House
Sevenoaks, Meadowcroft LaneResidential
Former Tramway Car Depot, Mellor Street, RochdaleRailway
Former Police Station, 77 Mellor StreetPolice Station
Deen House, Miall Street, RochdaleCommercial
United Reform Church, Mitchell Street (now Jamia Heddaria Mosque)Church
Holy Family Roman Catholic Church, Mornington RoadChurch
Former Temperance Hall, 6 Nelson Street, RochdaleBilliards Hall
Ivesons Warehouse, 14 Nelson Street, RochdaleWarehouse
Technical School Remnants, Nelson StreetRuin
Bamford Chapel, Norden RoadChurch
Mayroyd, Norden Road, RochdaleResidential
Norden Villa, Pithouse Lane, NordenResidential
1 Oakenrod Hill, RochdaleResidential
3 Oakenrod Hill, RochdaleResidential
5 Oakenrod Hill, RochdaleResidential
Cask & Feather Public House, 1 Oldham Road, RochdalePublic House
Former Co-op shop, 7 to 11 Oldham Road, RochdaleCommercial
33 to 37 Oldham Road, RochdaleCommercial
320-322 Oldham Road (Former Bridge Inn), Rochdale, OL11 2ALPublic House/Workshop
Former St Mary's Vicarage/Balderstone Vicarage, Oldham Road/Platting Lane, OL11 2HBVicarage
Church Steps, Packer Spout, RochdaleInfrastructure
Empire Hall, Packer Street, RochdaleMusic Hall
Flying Horse PH, Packer Street, RochdalePublic House
Natwest Bank, Packer Street, RochdaleBank
Paperhouse/Paperhouse Farm, Paper House Lane, NordenFarm
Green Farm, Pargate ChaseFarm
Heybrook Primary School, Park RoadSchool
24-26 Partington Street, CastletonPublic House
1 - 11 Pithouse Lane, NordenTerrace
Balderstone Hall Lodge, Platting LaneLodge
Bridge Inn, Platting Lane, OL11 2JSPublic House
Green Mill, Platting LaneMill
Buckley Cottages, Pot House LaneResidential
Broadley Head, Prickshaw Lane, OL12 8XNSettlement
Magnetic Works (Alma Mill), Princess Street, OL12 0HAMill
Regent Mill, Princess Street, OL12 0HAMill
Arrow Mill, Queensway, CastletonMill
Blue Pit Mill, Queensway, CastletonMill
Ensor Mill, QueenswayMill
Harp Mill (Engine House and Weaving Shed), Queensway, Castleton Mill
Red Lumb Mill, Red Lumb StreetMill
Rochdale Canal and StructuresCanal
Burnedge Mill, Rochdale Road, OL16 4PUMill
Meanwood Community Nursery and Primary School, Roe Street, RochdaleSchool
Millcroft Mill, Roods Lane, Norden, OL11 5UEWatermill
22-26 Rooley Moor Road, Rochdale Terrace
68 Rooley Moor Road, RochdaleResidential
70 Rooley Moor Road, RochdaleResidential
175 & 177 Rooley Moor Road, RochdaleResidential
Brown Hill Farm, Rooley Moor RoadFarm
Harper Road (House), Rooley Moor RoadResidential
Hollands (Hollands Farm), Rooley Moor RoadFarm
Rooley Moor Road, Rooley MoorInfrastructure
Royds Arms P.H., Rooley Moor Road, RochdalePublic House
One Ash, Rose HillResidential
Sand Hole Farm, Sand Hole LaneFarm
Healey Hall Coachhouse, Shawclough RoadCoachhouse
Shawfield Stones, Shawfield LaneManor
7 – 23 Smallshaw Road (Odds only)Terrace
1 - 3 South Parade, RochdaleCommercial
7 South Parade, RochdaleCommercial
Town Hall Chambers, South ParadeChambers
South Place/Trafalgar Street Infill Back to Back Housing, Residential
Broadfield Hotel, Sparrow Hill, RochdaleHotel
Former Victoria Hotel, 148-150 Spotland Road, RochdaleHotel
Jolly Wagonner, 165 Spotland Road, RochdalePublic House
201, 203 & 205 Spotland Road, RochdaleTerrace
225 Spotland Road, RochdaleResidential
230 - 232 Spotland Road, RochdaleResidential
276 - 278 Spotland Road, RochdaleResidential
Dexine Mill (Former Spotland New Mill), Spotland Road, RochdaleMill
Former Carters Rest P.H., Spotland RoadPublic House
Springfield Farm Building (former), Springfield Park, Bolton RoadFarm
16 St Marys Gate, RochdaleCommercial
Summercastle Works/Summercastle Mill, Summer Street, OL16 1SYMill
Buersil Head Farm, Thornham New RoadFarm
Flag Stone Wall, Thrush Street - rear Belgrave StreetInfrastructure
Workshop, Thrush Street, RochdaleWorkshop
Former Castleton Print Works (Trows Upper Works), Trows Lane, RochdaleMill
Castleton Works (Trows Fulling Mill), Trows LaneMill
The Grange, Trows Lane, RochdaleResidential
Trows Farm, Trows Lane, RochdaleFarm
2 Turnhill Road, Rochdale, OL16 4PHResidential
Higher Two Bridges Mill (now Lower Mill Two Bridges), Two Bridges Road/Shaw Road, NewheyMill
Newhey Mill, Two Bridges Road, NewheyMill
Buildings on North side of The Walk, 1 - 17 The Walk, RochdaleCommercial
Buildings on South side of The Walk, 2 - 16 The Walk, RochdaleCommercial
1 - 21 Watkin Street (Odds only), RochdaleTerrace
63 – 73 Waverley Street, RochdaleTerrace
Quarry Mill, Whitworth RoadMill
Healey Mill, Whitworth RoadMill
10 Water Street, RochdaleMill/Engine House/Warehouse
Former Office Block to Era Mill, Woodbine Street EastOffice
Moss Mills (now Moss Industrial Estate), Woodbine Street EastMill
Higher Dewhirst, Wood Hey GroveFarm
Wood House Farm, Woodhouse LaneFarm
Meanwood School, Woodstock StreetSchool
11 Wood Top Avenue, Rochdale, OL11 4BDResidential
Former Church Inn P.H., Willbutts Lane, RochdalePublic House
1 Yorkshire Street, RochdaleBank
Halifax Bank, 1 to 14 Yorkshire Street, RochdaleBank
HSBC, 2 Yorkshire Street, RochdaleBank
9 - 11 Yorkshire Street, RochdaleBank
16 - 24 Yorkshire Street, RochdaleCommercial
36 Yorkshire Street, RochdaleCommercial
87-89 Yorkshire Street, RochdaleCommercial
White Lion Inn, 102 Yorkshire Street, OL16 1JYPublic House
104 - 114 Yorkshire Street, RochdaleCommercial
116 - 124 Yorkshire Street, RochdaleCommercial
132 - 148 Yorkshire Street, RochdaleCommercial
Pioneers House, Yorkshire Street, RochdaleYorkshire Street
The Roebuck PH, Yorkshire Street, RochdalePublic House

​Here's all the non-designated heritage assets in Heywood listed alphabetically by street name.

Last updated: Tuesday, 2 February 2021

Name and address of asset Type of asset
Cross Gate Farm (Crossgates Farm), Ashworth Road, CheesdenFarm
Leaches Farm, Ashworth Road, HeywoodFarm
Simpson Clough Mill, Ashworth Road, HeywoodMill
Simpson Clough Works, Ashworth RoadIndustrial
Birtle Bleach Works (Ned Mill), Birtle RoadIndustrial
Thornyhurst Farm, Birtle RoadFarm
Woodfield Mill (Poor Peg Mill), Buckley Street, OL10 4HZMill
Bamford Hall, Bury And Rochdale Old Road, Heywood, OL10 4BAResidential
Bamford Hall Cottage, Bury And Rochdale Old Road, Heywood, OL10 4BAResidential
Bamford Hall Ice House, Bury And Rochdale Old Road, Heywood, OL10 4BAGarden
Garden Cottage, Bamford Hall, Bury And Rochdale Old Road, Heywood, OL10 4BAResidential
St Michael's Church, Bury And Rochdale Old Road, Bamford, Heywood, OL10 4BBChurch
St Michael's C of E Primary, Bury And Rochdale Old Road, Bamford, Heywood, OL10 4BBSchool
Tack Lea Works, Bury And Rochdale Old RoadIndustrial
Boo Hole (Boohole Farm), Bury New Road, HeapFarm
Former Goods Shed, Bury New RoadIndustrial
Beaumonds (formerly Meadowcroft), Bury RoadHouse
Meadowcroft Mill, off Bury Road, OL11 4AUMill
Castle Hill and Castle Wood, Castle Hill RoadHouse
St John's Church, Castle Hill Road, Hopwood, OL10 2EQChurch
Air Raid Shelter, between 17 & 15 Chester Avenue, HeywoodWar
Scott House (Formerly Memorial Home for Crippled Children), Clay Lane, Norden, OL11 5RAHouse
Crimble Hall and Park, Crimble Lane, BamfordHouse
Crimble Mill (non-listed elements), Crimble LaneMill
Stock Nook, Doctor Fold Lane, Heywood, OL10 2QFFarm
Twin Mill, Gregge StreetMill
Harwood Park Primary, Hardfield Street, Heywood, OL10 1DGSchool
Hareshill or Hares Hill Farm, Hareshill RoadFarm
Siddal Farm, Hareshill Road, OL10 2TBFarm
Heap Bridge Village Primary, Heap Brow, Heap Bridge, Bury, BL9 7JPSchool
Spout Bank Farm, off Heap Brow, BL9 7JTFarm
Higher Jowkin (Farm), Jowkin Lane, HeapFarm
Sandpits (Hartleys Farm), Lane End, OL10 2JLFarm
36-42 Lodge View, Lodge Mill Lane, Ramsbottom, BL0 0SYResidential
Hopwood Community Primary, Magdala Street, Heywood, OL10 2HNSchool
15 Manchester Road, HeywoodResidential
15a – 31 Manchester Road (odds only), HeywoodResidential
247-251 Manchester Road, Heywood, OL10 2QAResidential
Birch Hotel, Manchester Road, Birch, OL10 2QDHotel
Barn at Collop Gate Farm, Manchester RoadFarm
New Gap Farm, Manchester Road, Birch, OL10 2QDFarm
The Gardeners Arms P.H., Manchester Road, Birch, OL10 2QDPublic House
Saxons Farm, Manchester Road, Heywood, OL10 2QBFarm
Freemasons Arms, 17 Market Place, Heywood, OL10 1LAPublic House
John Street Works (Millers Brook Dye Works), Miller Street, OL10 4HJMill
Higher Fields Farm, Moss Hall Road, Heywood, OL10 2REFarm
Coal Pits Farm, Moss Hall Road, Pilsworth, Heywood, OL10 2REFarm
Three Arrows Inn, Moss Hall Road, OL10 2RFPublic House
Heybrook Primary, Park Road, Rochdale, OL12 9BJSchool
Park Mill, River Street, Heap, OL10 4ABMill
Black Bull Inn, 192 Rochdale RoadPublic House
Garrison Mill (Now Sun Chemicals), Seymour Street/Pilsworth StreetMill
Lower Lomax, Summit Street, Heap, Heywood, OL10 4RJFarm
Site of Kingdom Hall of Jehovahs Witnesses (Fomer Public Baths), 8A Taylor Street, Heywood, OL10 1EFLeisure/Place of Worship
Water Farm & Water Farm Cottages, Waterfold Lane, Heap, Heywood, BL9 9EPFarm
Cartridge Ropery (Now Marina Ropes), Wesley Street, OL10 1HAIndustrial
Broom Hill Farm, Whittle Lane, OL10 2RDFarm
Whittle Farm Farmhouse, Whittle Lane, OL10 2RNFarm
Willow Street Weaving Mill, Willow Street, OL10 4HGMill
22-23 York Street, HeywoodResidential

​Here's all the non-designated heritage assets in Middleton listed alphabetically by street name.

Last updated: Friday, 3 September 2021

Name and address of asset Type of asset
231 Boarshaw Road, MiddletonCommercial
Boarshaw Mill, Boarshaw RoadMill
24 Steps, Boarshaw Road/Morton Street, MiddletonSteps
2 to 6 Durnford Street, NHS, MiddletonSurgery
7 to 35 Durnford Street, Middleton​Terrace
45 to 47 Durnford Street, MiddletonMid terrace
New Jerusalem Sunday School, Egerton Street, RhodesSchool
342 Heywood Old Road, BirchHouse/Public House
600 – 606 Heywood Old Road, BirchTerrace
612 Heywood Old Road, BirchHouse
618 – 620 Heywood Old Road, BirchSemi-detached
622 - 626 Heywood Old Road, BirchTerrace
640 - 652 Heywood Old Road, BirchTerrace
724 Heywood Old Road, BirchShop
743 - 747 Heywood Old Road, BirchTerrace
757 - 763 Heywood Old Road, BirchTerrace
Birch Mill, Heywood Old Road, BirchMill
Bowlee Mill (now Karims), Heywood Old Road, BirchMill
St Thomas Church, Heywood Old Road, M24 4GRChurch
White Hart Hotel, Heywood Old Road, Birch, MiddletonPublic House
St Stephens Church (Countess of Huntingdons Connexion Chapel), High Street, Middleton, M24 6DXChurch
Dale House, Hilton Fold LaneHouse
500 Langley Lane, BirchHouse
531, 533 & 535 Langley Lane, BirchTerrace
The Vicarage (Silver Birch Stables), Langley Lane, BirchHouse
The Barn, Langley Lane, BirchBarn
Silver Birch Stables, Langley Lane, MiddletonHouse
Pioneers Mill's adjacent building, Lodge Street, MiddletonMill
3 Long Street, MiddletonBank
17 - 21 Long Street, MiddletonPublic House
54 Long Street, MiddletonShop
60 Long Street, MiddletonHouse
62 Long Street, MiddletonHouse
66 Long Street, MiddletonHouse
76 Long Street, MiddletonHouses
77 Long Street, MiddletonShop/Offices
83 - 87 Long Street, MiddletonShop
99 Long Street, MiddletonOffices
101 - 103 Long Street - 1 Dunford Street, MiddletonTerrace
111a Long Street, MiddletonHall
Middleton Library, Long Street, MiddletonLibrary
St Thomas More R C Church, 102 Mainway, M24 1PPChurch
3 to 5 Manchester Road, MiddletonTerrace
Former Wesleyan Sunday School and Site of Chapel, Manchester Old Road, Rhodes, MiddletonSchool
Assheton Arms, 1 Market Place, MiddletonPublic House
5 Market Place (former RBS Bank), MiddletonBank
7 - 11 Market Place, Middleton 
19 Market Place, MiddletonShop
23 - 25 Market Place, MiddletonShops
Bricklayers Arms, Market Place, MiddletonPublic House
2 Mellalieu Street, MiddletonHouse
4 Mellalieu Street, MiddletonHouse
6 Mellalieu Street, MiddletonHouse
8 Mellalieu Street, MiddletonHouse
10 Mellalieu Street, MiddletonHouse
12 Mellalieu Street, MiddletonHouse
14 Mellalieu Street, MiddletonHouse
16 Mellalieu Street, MiddletonHouse
18 Mellalieu Street, MiddletonHouse
20 Mellalieu Street, MiddletonHouse
22 Mellalieu Street, MiddletonHouse
1 The Oaks (Former New Middleton Rectory), Mellalieu Street, MiddletonHouse
4 Middleton Gardens, MiddletonShop
6 Middleton Gardens, MiddletonPublic House
18 Middleton Gardens, MiddletonPublic House
20 Middleton Gardens, Middleton, M24 4DFCommercial
34 Middleton Gardens, MiddletonPublic House
Middleton Rectory, Mellalieu Street, MiddletonVicarage
Mill Hill Baptist Church, Mills Hill Road, Middleton M24 2FDChurch
22 Mount Road, MiddletonHouse
24 Mount Road, MiddletonHouse
1 New Lane, MiddletonTerrace
3 New Lane, MiddletonTerrace
5 - 6 New Lane, MiddletonTerrace
382 - 406 Oldham Road, Middleton Terrace
Soudan Mill, Oldham RoadMill
Vitafoam, Oldham RoadMill
Little Nook, Rhodes Green, MiddletonHouse
The Ring 'O' Bells P.H., St Leonard's Square, MiddletonPublic House
2 - 6 Rochdale Road, MiddletonPublic House
Former Hare & Hounds P.H., 5 Rochdale RoadPublic House
7 - 9 Rochdale Road, MiddletonTerrace
11 - 13 Rochdale Road, MiddletonSemi-detached
15 - 17 Rochdale Road, MiddletonSemi-detached
19 - 21 Rochdale Road, MiddletonSemi-detached
34 Rochdale Road, MiddletonShop
36 Rochdale Road, MiddletonTerrace
38 Rochdale Road, MiddletonTerrace
40 Rochdale Road, MiddletonTerrace
42 Rochdale Road, MiddletonTerrace
44 Rochdale Road, MiddletonTerrace
46 Rochdale Road, MiddletonTerrace
48 Rochdale Road, MiddletonTerrace
50 Rochdale Road, MiddletonWorkshop
52 Rochdale Road, MiddletonPublic House
54 Rochdale Road, MiddletonHouses
56 Rochdale Road, MiddletonHouses
58 Rochdale Road, MiddletonHouses
60 Rochdale Road, MiddletonHouses
66 - 68 Rochdale Road, MiddletonHouses
86 Rochdale Road, MiddletonPublic House
6 Saddler Street, MiddletonHouse
8 - 10 Sadler Street, MiddletonCottages
Platinum House, Sadler StreetOffices
Archer Cottage, Sefton Street, MiddletonHouse
Westdene, Sefton Street, MiddletonHouse
Former Rose Silk Mill, Spring GardensMill
Spring House, Spring Gardens, MiddletonHouse
Hatters Farm, Stott LaneFarm
Middleton Old Burial Ground, St Leonards StreetBurial Ground
The Ring 'O' Bells P.H., St Leonard's Square, MiddletonPublic House
Sunnybrow Nursery and Primary School, Sunnybrow Road, Archer Park, Middleton, M24 4ADSchool
St Johns CE Primary Thornham, Thornham Lane, Slattocks, Middleton, M24 2SBSchool
3 Towncroft Avenue, MiddletonHouse
5 Towncroft Avenue, MiddletonHouse
7 Towncroft Avenue, MiddletonHouse
9 Towncroft Avenue, MiddletonHouse
11 Towncroft Avenue, MiddletonHouse
17 Towncroft Avenue, MiddletonHouse
Towncroft Cricket Ground Pavilion, Towncroft Avenue, MiddletonPavilion
Brookside House (formerly Mill), Townley St, Middleton, Manchester M24 1ATMill
Electric Sub station, Townley Street, MiddletonIndustrial
Lodge Mill, Townley StreetMill
Works building, Union Street, Middleton 
Grange Farm, Whittle Lane, BirchFarm
Dane House, William StreetHouse
1 Wood Street, MiddletonWarehouse
3a Wood Street, MiddletonWarehouse
4 Wood Street, MiddletonShop
8a Wood Street, MiddletonOffices
10a Wood Street, MiddletonOffices
10b Wood Street, MiddletonOffices
Works building, Union Street, MiddletonWorkshop

​Here's all the non-designated heritage assets in the Pennines listed alphabetically by street name.

Last updated: Friday, 3 September 2021


Name and address of asset Type of asset
Parish Church of St Andrew, Arm Road, OL15 8NJChurch
Ashworth House, Belfield Mill LaneHouse
Victoria Bridge, Belfield Mill LaneBridge
Knowl Farm, Blackstone Edge RoadFarm
Lydgate Mill, Blackstone Edge RoadMill
Buckley Lower Mill, Blackstone Edge Road, OL15 0LQHouse/Mill
1 Gatehouse, Blackstone Edge Old Road, LittleboroughCottage
3 Gatehouse, Blackstone Edge Old Road, LittleboroughCottage
7 Gatehouse, Blackstone Edge Old Road, LittleboroughCottage
9 Gatehouse, Blackstone Edge Old Road, LittleboroughCottage
Branch Road Farmhouse & adjoining barn, Branch Road, LittleboroughFarm
2 - 7 Sungate, Branch Road, LittleboroughTerrace
Mill Race, Branch Road, LittleboroughIndustrial
Smithy Bridge Primary School, Bridgenorth Drive, Smithy bridge, Littleborough, OL15 0DYSchool
Brown Lodge Farm, Brown Lodge DriveFarm
Brown Bank Bridge, Littleborough Bridge
Brown Street Industrial Building, Brown Street, LittleboroughWorkshop
Handle Hall, Calderbrook Road, OL15 9NEGreat House
Hill Top Farm, Calderbrook Road, OL15 9NRFarm
Laneside Cottages (former), Calderbrook RoadHouse
1 - 19 Central Avenue (Odds only), LittleboroughTerrace
52 - 54 Church Street, LittleboroughHouse
House, Co-op Premises, Church StreetHouse/Shop
Cleggs Wood Farm (Now Higher Lakewood), Littleborough Farm
New Mill, Clegg Hall Road OL16 2QR​Mill
​Riverside Mill, Clegg Hall Road​Mill
2 Ealees, LittleboroughHouse
4 Ealees, LittleboroughHouse
Ealees Mill, EaleesMill
Works (Former Ebor Saw Mill), Ebor StreetWorks
4 & 6 Featherstall Road, LittleboroughHouse
Featherstall Mill (and Sun Mill), Foxcroft StreetMill
Greenvale Mill, LittleboroughMill
Bent House, Halifax RoadHouse
Honresfeld House, Halifax Road, Littleborough, OL15 0JFHouse
Hare Hill House, Hare Hill RoadHouse
Hare Hill Park, Rochdale BC Depot, Hare Hill Road, Littleborough, OL15 9HGOutbuilding
Hare Hill Mill (Proofings Mill), Hare Hill Road, LittleboroughMill
46 – 62 Hill Road (Evens only)Terrace
99 & 101 Hollingworth Road, Littleborough House
103 Hollingworth Road, Littleborough House
105 - 115 Hollingworth Road (Odds only), Littleborough Terrace
1 – 5 Howarth Street (Odds only), LittleboroughTerrace
2 - 8 Howarth Street (Evens only), LittleboroughTerrace
Lyon's Mills, Howarth StreetMill
Lee House, LittleboroughHouse
Lightowlers Barn, Lightowlers Lane, Littleborough, OL15 0LNBarn
4 - 5 Freshwater Cottage, Lower Abbots, LittleboroughCottage
Moor Road, LittleboroughFarm
1 – 7 Newall Street (Odds only), LittleboroughTerrace
9 - 29 Newall Street (Odds only), LittleboroughTerrace
31 - 47 Newall Street, LittleboroughTerrace
Ox & Plough, New Road, Littleborough Public House
Stubley New Hall, New Road, LittleboroughHouse
Roughbank Farm, Newfield Head Lane, OL16 3QHFarm
Pheonix Iron Works, LittleboroughWork
1 - 7 Pheonix Street (Odds), LittleboroughTerrace
2 Pheonix Street, LittleboroughHouse
1 - 3 Antioch, Rakewood Road, LittleboroughTerrace
Gilead Farm, Rakewood Road, LittleboroughFarm
Rakewood Lower Mill, Rakewood Road, LittleboroughMill
Rakewood Mill, Rakewood Road, LittleboroughMill
Rakewood Road Cottages, LittleboroughCottages
Rochdale Canal and Structures, LittleboroughCanal
Rock Nook Mill, LittleboroughMill
9 – 27 Sale Street (Odds only), LittleboroughTerrace
Rakewood House, Schofield Hall Road, LittleboroughHouse
Schofield Hall Barn, Schofield Hall Road, LittleboroughFarm
Schofield Hall Barn, Schofield Hall Road, LittleboroughFarm
Schofield Hall Farm, Schofield Hall Road, LittleboroughFarm
Schofield Hall, Schofield Hall RoadHouse
Building, Schofield Hall Road, LittleboroughWorks
Signal Box, Smithy Bridge RoadRailway Infrastructure
Higher Starring Farm, Starring RoadFarm
Littleborough Railway Station, Station Road, OL15 8DERailway Infrastructure
Calliards Mill (Lower Mill), Stubley Mill RoadMill
Cloise/Close, Swaindrod LaneFarm
Higher Fold, Syke RoadFarm
Lower Hollingworth (Farm), Syke RoadFarm
The Stables, Whitfield, OL15 9NPAgricultural
Syke Road Methodist Church, Syke Road, Rochdale, OL12 9TFChurch
Former Ebenezer Chapel, Todmorden RoadResidential
Fothergill Rock Nook Mill, Todmorden RoadMill
Greenvale Mill, Todmorden RoadMill
Building, off Todmorden Road (behind Smithy Inn)Building
Gatehouse Farm (Chelburn), off Todmorden Road (behind Smithy Inn)Farm
Lock House, Chelburn, off Todmorden Road (behind Smithy Inn)Canal
New Platt Farm, Todmorden Road, LittleboroughFarm
Sladen Wood Mill, Todmorden Road, OL15 9EWMill
Stanfield Hall CE / Free Church Primary School, Barnes Meadow, Todmorden Road, Summit, Littleborough, OL15 9PRSchool
Summit Lock House, Todmorden Road, SummitHouse
Workshops (former), Todmorden RoadIndustrial
26 Townhouse Road, LittleboroughHouse
The Kings Arms Inn (now dwelling), Tunshill Lane, OL16 3TSPublic House
Tunshill Farm, Tunshill Lane, OL16 3TSFarm
The Wine Press (Historically the Fisherman's Inn), Littleborough Public House
Holy Trinity CE Primary, Victoria Street, Littleborough, OL15 9DBSchool
Smithy Field, Whitelees Road, OL15 8DUWorkshop
Whittaker Farm (now Whittaker Golf Club), Whittaker Lane, OL15 0LJFarm


Name and address of asset ​Type of asset
5 – 8 Bilson Square, MilnrowTerrace
31 – 41 Charles Lane (Odds Only), MilnrowTerrace
38 – 50 Charles Lane (Evens Only), MilnrowHouse
1 – 13 Church Terrace, MilnrowTerrace
1-7 Crossley Street (Odds only), MilnrowTerrace
2 – 14 Crossley Street (Evens only), MilnrowTerrace
Moorhouse Primary School, Crossley Street, Milnrow, Rochdale, OL16 4DRSchool
Building/Bridge adjacent to Butterworth Hall Brook, Dale StreetBuilding
Lady House Mill, Dale Street, MilnrowMill
Milnrow Mill (Church Street Mill), Dale Street, MilnrowMill
Tim's Terrace, Harbour Lane NorthTerraces house
Newhey Community Primary, Hawthorn Lane, Newhey, Rochdale, OL16 4JXSchool
St Thomas CE Primary, Huddersfield Road, Newhey, Rochdale, OL16 3QZSchool
Lily Street Mills, Lily Street, Milnrow, OL16 3NQMill
1 & 3 Moorhouse Fold, MilnrowTerrace
Claylands Head, Newfield Head LaneFarm/House
Newfield Head, Newfield Head Lane, OL16 3QRFarm
Albert Mills (former), Newhey RoadMill
Rosemary House, 13 Newhey Road, Milnrow, OL16 3NPHouse
Higher Ogden Farmhouse, Ogden Lane, Higher Ogden, OL16 3TDFarm
Kitcliffe Mill, Ogden Lane, OgdenMill
Ogden Mill, Ogden Lane, OgdenMill
Spring Mill, Ogden Lane, OgdenMill
River Place Cottages, River Place, MilnrowCottages
29 - 41 Rochdale Road (Odds only), MilnrowTerrace
43 - 53 Rochdale Road (Odds only), MilnrowTerrace
34 - 42 Rochdale Road (Evens only), MilnrowTerrace
Works, Whitworth Street/Station Road, MilnrowIndustrial
Newhey Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway Cotton Warehouse, off Wolseley Street, NewheyIndustrial


Name and address of asset ​Type of asset
Buckley Pastures Farm, Pot House Lane, WardleFarm
Former Dearnley Workshouse/Infirmary (Birch Hill), WardleIndustrial/Health
24, 26, 28 & 30 Knowl Syke Lane, WardleTerrace
Low Flat Mill, LawflatHouse
Lodge Mill, Lodge Street, WardleMill
Rydings (Farm), Rydings LaneFarm
Wardle Mill (remains), Knowl Syke Street, Wardle, OL12 9PGMill

Works to non-designated heritage assets

​You apply for planning permission to work on a non-designated heritage asset in the usual way. However, there are some extra considerations you should be aware of.

You'll need to show on your planning application that you've:

  • Considered the impact the work will have upon the heritage significance of the asset
  • Mitigated any resulting harm to the heritage asset and offered clear justifications as to why the proposed works are necessary
  • Demonstrated any public benefits arising from the proposed works

Apply for planning permission

Nominate something as a non-designated heritage asset

You can let us know about a building or area you think should be a non-designated heritage asset.

  1. Fill out the nomination form.
  2. You may wish to read our guide for completing the nomination form (188kb pdf).
  3. Email your completed form to If you'd like, you can attach photos of the site you're nominating to your email.
  4. We'll check your nomination and aim to let you know our decision.
Non-designated heritage asset nomination form (206kb pdf)

National policies and guidance

Non-designated heritage assets are covered in the government's National Planning Policy Framework. This framework defines non-designated heritage assets as “buildings, monuments, sites, places, areas or landscapes identified by plan-making bodies as having a degree of heritage significance meriting consideration in planning decisions but which do not meet the criteria for designated heritage assets.”

We created our criteria for identifying non-designated heritage assets using the following Historic England  policies and guidance:


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