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Conservation areas

Find out how conservation area status affects you and a full list of conservation areas in the borough of Rochdale.

What is a conservation area?

A conservation area is an area of special architectural or historical interest that it's desirable to protect or enhance.

Conservation areas protect historic buildings, gardens, trees, spaces and views so that area can then be passed on to future generations and protected from inappropriate development or demolition.

Find out more about conservation areas on Historic England's website 

How will conservation area status affect me?

Here are some of the ways living in or owning a property in a conservation area might affect you:

  • Planning permission. If you're planning to make changes to your property and it's in a conservation area then you may need to apply for planning permission. Find out about applying for planning permission in a conservation area.
  • A sense of pride. Conservation areas bring people together through pride and care of our local environment.
  • Financial assistance. From time to time, financial assistance may be available for the upkeep of buildings and public spaces in the area. Conservation area status may help support any funding applications you make.

Conservation areas in the borough of Rochdale

Conservation area map and the year they were listed Conservation area appraisal
Ashworth Fold, 1975 (659kb pdf)Not available
Birch Hill, 2008 (400kb pdf)Not available
Birch Village, 2013 (946kb pdf) Birch Village Appraisal, 2013 (1Mb pdf)
Birtle, 2008 (633kb pdf)Not available
Butterworth Hall, Newhey, 2006 (871kb pdf)Not available
Butterworth-Hall-Municipal-Buildings, 2006 (894kb pdf)Not available
Castleton South, 2007 – extended 2012 (1.5Mb pdf) Castleton South (4.5Mb pdf)
Catley Lane Head, 2017 (418kb pdf)Catley Lane Head (4.8Mb pdf)
Clegg Village, 1977 (755kb pdf)Not available
Heywood Station, 2007 - extended 2014 (498kb pdf)Not available
Hollingworth Fold, 1982 (676kb pdf)Not available
Littleborough Town Centre, 1977 - extended 2011 (1.3Mb pdf)Not available
Maclure Road, 2006 (671kb pdf)Not available
Manchester Old Road, 2010 - extended 2011 (814kb pdf)Not available
Middleton Town Centre, 1978 - extended 2009 (1.9Mb pdf) Middleton Town Centre (6.1Mb pdf)
Moorgate Avenue, 2005 (757kb pdf)Not available
Ogden, 1974 (646kb pdf)Not available
Prickshaw and Broadley Fold, 1989 (685kb pdf) Prickshaw and Broadley Fold (5Mb pdf)
Rakewood, 1982 (1.3MB pdf)Not available
Rochdale Town Centre, 1973 – extended 2011 (1.6Mb pdf) Rochdale Town Centre (5.9Mb pdf)
Rock Nook, 2006 (1.4Mb pdf)Not available
Saint Edmund, 2011 (747kb pdf)Not available
Spotland Bridge, 2007 - extended 2013 (1.3Mb pdf)Not available
Spotland Fold, 2013 (648kb pdf)Not available
Toad Lane, 1977 (628kb pdf)Not available
Town Head, 2008 (871kb pdf)Not available
Town House, 2009 (606kb pdf)Not available
Wardle, 1974 (889kb pdf)Not available
Whittaker, 1982 (619kb pdf)Not available


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