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Pothole repair programme

​​​​​​​​​​​​​We'll be spending £1M from August 2016 to April 2017 repairing the ​​most severe potholes across the borough of Rochdale, this repai​r programme is in addition to the repair of potholes reported by the public. W​hen we receive a report of a pothole our engineers go out and inspect the damage, if we assess it​ as severe we'll repair the damage​ within 20 days.​​​

​Phase 1 from 1-12 August 2016

During the first phase we'll be covering the Bamford and Castleton wards in Rochdale.

Area​​Ward​Street name
RochdaleBamfordMarland Fold
RochdaleBamfordMarland Green
RochdaleCastletonTudor Hall Street
RochdaleCastletonAtkinson Street
RochdaleCastletonMowbray Street​
​RochdaleCastletonHarry Street
RochdaleCastletonAbbot Street
RochdaleCastletonKingsland Road
​RochdaleCastletonCrescent Road
RochdaleCastletonEnnerdale Road
RochdaleCastletonEskdale Avenue
RochdaleCastletonBorrowdale Drive​
RochdaleCastletonYewdale Gardens​​
RochdaleCastletonBruce Street​

Phase 2 from 15-26 August 2016

In phase 2 we'll be working in the Heywood, Middleton and Rochdale areas.

AreaWardStreet name
HeywoodNorth Heywood Buckley Street​
HeywoodNorth HeywoodMiller Street
​MiddletonHopwood Hall Waverley Road
RochdaleBamfordBattersby Street
RochdaleBamfordChadwick Hall Road​
​RochdaleBamfordHalf Acre​
RochdaleBamford​Broadhalgh Avenue​
RochdaleBamfordTaunton Avenue
​RochdaleBamford​Oulder Hill Drive​

Phase 3 from 30 August to 9 September 2016

During phase 3 we'll be working in the Healey ward.

AreaWardStreet name
RochdaleHealeyBasset Way
RochdaleHealeyChatsworth Street
​RochdaleHealeyGreat Lee Walk
RochdaleHealeyHeald Drive
RochdaleHealeyLowerfold Crescent
​Rochdale​HealeyHighcroft Way​

Phase 4 from 12-23 September 2016

During phase 4 we'll be working in various locations in the​​​​ Pennines and Rochdale areas.

​​AreaWardStreet name
Pennines​​Balderstone and KirkholtHill Top Drive
PenninesLittleborough LakesideInglis Street
PenninesWardle and West LittleboroughBirch Hill Crescent
RochdaleBalderstone and KirkholtNevis Street
​​RochdaleBalderstone and KirkholtSnowdon Street
​RochdaleBalderstone and Kirkholt​Wasp Avenue​​
RochdaleMilkstone and DeeplishCastle Avenue

Phase 5 from 26 September to 7 October 2016

During phase 5 we'll be working in the Norden and Spotland and Falinge wards in Rochdale.

​​AreaWardStreet name
​​RochdaleNordenElmsfield Avenue
​RochdaleSpotland and FalingeHutchinson Road
RochdaleSpotland and FalingeClay Lane

​Phase 6 from 10-21 October 2016

During phase 6 we'll be working in various locations in Rochdale.

AreaWardStreet name
RochdaleMilkstone and DeeplishBroadfield Street
RochdaleMilkstone and DeeplishKensington Street
RochdaleMilkstone and DeeplishLincoln Street
Rochdale Norden​Sheffield Lane
RochdaleSpotland and DeeplishIngs Avenue
​RochdaleSpotland and DeeplishPassmonds Crescent

Phase 7 from 24 October to 4 November 2016

During phase 7 we'll be working in the Castleton and North Heywood wards in Rochdale.

Area​​Ward​Street name
RochdaleCastletonCherington Drive
RochdaleCastletonSt Gabriels Drive
RochdaleNorth HeywoodCobden Street
​RochdaleNorth HeywoodHampden Street
RochdaleNorth HeywoodHardfield Street
RochdaleNorth HeywoodHornby Street

Phase 8 from 7-18 November 2016

In phase 8 we'll be working in North and West Heywood.

AreaWardStreet name
HeywoodNorth HeywoodCartridge Steet
HeywoodNorth HeywoodCoomassie Street
HeywoodWest HeywoodArgyle Street 
HeywoodWest HeywoodBalmoral Drive
HeywoodWest HeywoodBarker Street 
HeywoodWest HeywoodUnity Crescent 
HeywoodWest HeywoodUnity Street 

​Phase 9 from 21 November to 9 December 2016

In phase 9 we'll be working in North and West Heywood.

AreaWardStreet name
HeywoodNorth HeywoodAtholl Drive
HeywoodNorth HeywoodGarden Street
HeywoodNorth HeywoodGeorge Street 
HeywoodWest HeywoodHillcrest Avenue
HeywoodWest HeywoodLanark Drive 
HeywoodWest HeywoodLewis Drive

Phase 10 from 5 December to 16 December 2016

In phase 10 we'll be working in North Heywood.

AreaWardStreet name
HeywoodNorth HeywoodAbbey Crescent
HeywoodNorth HeywoodCedar Avenue
HeywoodNorth HeywoodKirkstall Avenue 
HeywoodNorth HeywoodTintern Avenue

​​Phase 11 from 19 December to 23 December 2016

In phase 11 we'll be working in Hopwood Hall.

AreaWardStreet name
​MiddletonHopwood Hall Abbey Road
​MiddletonHopwood Hall Kingswood Road
​MiddletonHopwood Hall Kirkstall Road


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