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Highway maintenance programme

​​​​​​We're spending £2.4m ​between April 2016 to ​March 2017 making repairs to roads and pavements across the Rochdale borough. We'll continue to respond to other problems we pick up on the roads during our regular checks and through resident reports​. You can find our programme of road and pathway repairs organised by area below.​


The planned programme of work for Heywood.​

​West Heywood​​Summit Area​20mph speed limit​January-March 2017
​​North Heywood​​​Park Terrace​Footway bollards​April-June 2016
​Hopworth Hall​Withington StreetFootway bollards​​April-June 2016​
​West Heywood​Heap StreetFootway verge improvements​​​April-June 2016
North Heywood​Heywood Hall Road​Footway verge improvements​​April-June 2016​
West Heywood​​Melton CloseFootway verge improvements​​​​April-June 2016​
West Heywood​Barker Street​Footway reconstruction​​April-June 2016​​
West Heywood​​High Street​​Carriageway surface treatmentApril-September 2016​
​North Heywood​​Nelson Street. King Street to Cobden StreetFootway surface treatmentApril-September 2016​
North Heywood​Osborne Street. King Street to Cobden StreetFootway surface treatment​April-September 2016​
​North Heywood​Osborne Street. King Street to Cul-De-Sac​​Footway surface treatment​April-September 2016​
North Heywood​Cobden Street. Pym Street to Buxton StreetFootway surface treatment​​April-September 2016​
North Heywood​Pym Street. King Street to Cul-De-SacFootway surface treatment​April-September 2016​​
North Heywood​Emmott Close Area​Carriageway waiting restrictions​​July-September 2016
​North Heywood​​Bury and Rochdale Old Road. From Queens Park Road to BoundaryCarriageway s​igning and lining ​July-September 2016​​​
​West Heywood​Pilsworth Road. Moss Hall Lane junction​Carriageway resurfacing​July-September 2016​​​
​West Heywood​Pilsworth Road. From Tower Street to Broadfield Sreet​Carriageway resurfacing​​July-September 2016​​​​


The planned programme of work for Middleton.​

North Middleton ​​​Cycle route phase 3​​​​Footway cycle route​​​October 2016 - March 2017​​
​South Middleton ​​​Uplands full lengthCarriageway surface treatmentApril-June 2016
South Middleton ​​​Kingsway (A664). Uplands to Kirkway​​​Carriageway surface treatmentApril-June 2016​
​West Middleton Bowness Road. Number 111 to Keswick Close​​​Carriageway surface treatment​April-September 2016​
East Middleton ​​​Davidson Drive. Kingsway to Cul-de-sacFootway surface treatmentApril-September 2016
West Middleton ​​​Heywood Old Road (A6045). Whittle Lane to Ward BoundaryFootway surface treatmentApril-September 2016
South Middleton ​​​Manchester Old Road. Alkrington Park Road to Lay-byFootway surface treatment​April-September 2016
North Middleton​​​Long Street. Market Place to Towncraft AvenueFootway reconstructionApril-September 2016
North​ Middleton Glenwood Drive, outside number 95Footway reconstructionJuly-December 2016​​
North Middleton ​​​Cycle route phase 2​​​Footway cycle routeJuly-December 2016
North Middleton ​​​Windermere and Bowness Road. To be confirmedCarriageway resurfacingJuly-December 2016​
​South Middleton​​​Warwick Road to Cul-de-sacFootway reconstructionSeptember 2016
North MiddletonTown centre. Long Street / Park Road to​​​ Fountain StreetFootway paving​​​​September 2016


The planned programme of work for Pennines.​

Littleborough ​​Lakeside​​​Calderbrook Terrace. Barnes Meadow to Calderbrook Terrace​​​Footway hand railsApril-June 2016
Littleborough ​​Lakeside​​​Calder Avenue​​​Footway​​​ reconstructionApril-June 2016
West Middleton​​​Langley Lane. Braithwaite Road to Hollin Lane​​​Carriageway road markingsApril-June 2016​
Milnrow and Newhey​​​Wildhouse Lane (B6225). KIln Lane to Branch Road​​​Carriageway​​​​ surface dressingApril-June 2016
Littleborough ​​Lakeside​​​​Hollingworth Road (B6225). Number115 to number 13Carriageway surface dressingApril-June 2016
Milnrow and Newhey​​​Broon Street, full lengthCarriageway surface treatmentApril-June 2016
Smallbridge and Firgrove​​​​Buckley Lane, full lengthCarriageway surface treatment​​​April-June 2016
Wardle and West Littleborough​​​Lime Grove. Laburnum Way to number 17Carriageway surface treatment​​​April-June 2016​
Wardle and West Littleborough​​​Laburnum Way full length​Carriageway surface treatment​​​​April-June 2016
Wardle and West Littleborough​​​Crossfield Close. full length to 14 Crossfield RoadCarriageway surface treatmentApril-June 2016
Wardle and West Littleborough​​​Ramsden Road. Number 210 to AlderbankCarriageway surface treatmentApril-June 2016
Wardle and West Littleborough​​​Alderbank full length​Carriageway surface treatment​April-June 2016
​​Milnrow and Newhey​​​Albert Street. Wellington Street to Dale Street​​​Footway surface treatment​​​​​April-July 2016
​Milnrow and NewheyCharles Lane. Butterworth Hall to Dale Street​Footway surface treatment​​​​April-July 2016
​​Milnrow and Newhey​​​Cornfield Street. Outside number 27 to Pennine Drive​​​Footway surface treatment​​​​April-July 2016
​Wardle and West Littleborough​​​High Street. Featherstall Road full length​​​Footway surface treatment​April-July 2016
Wardle and West Littleborough​​​Spenwood Road. High Street full lengthFootway surface treatment​​April-July 2016
​Wardle and West Littleborough​​​Stopford Ave. Smithybridge Road to Stopford Ave​​​​​​Footway reconstructionJuly-December 2016
Smallbridge and Firgrove​​​Kitter Street.Footway, wheelchair dropped crossingOctober-December 2016
Littleborough ​​Lakeside​​​​Smithy Bridge​​​Carriageway​​​, residents parkingOctober-December 2016
Milnrow and Newhey​​​Edmund Street​​​Carriageway​​​ car parkOctober-December 2016
North Middleton​​​Oldham Road. Oldham Road to Townley Street​​​Carriageway pedestrian facilities​​​October-December 2016
North Middleton​​​John Lee Fold​​​Carriageway​​​ waiting restrictionsOctober-December 2016


The planned programme of work for Rochdale​.​

​Central Rochdale​​​Yorkshire Street/Baille Street​​​Footway public realm worksJuly 2016-March 2017
​Spotland and Falinge​​​Sandy Lane​​​Carriageway Pelican to PuffinJanuary-March 2017
​KingswayTurf Hill Road to Kingsway​​​Carriageway waiting restrictionsJanuary-March 2017
​Spotland and Falinge​​​​Marlborough Street to Rooley Moor Road​​​Carriageway waiting restrictionsJanuary-March 2017
​Balderstone and Kirkholt​​​Platting Lane to Queen Victoria Street​​​Carriageway traffic calmingJanuary-March 2017
​Milkstone and Deeplish​​​Manchester Road (Old)​​​Carriageway waiting restrictionsJanuary-March 2017
Spotland and Falinge​ ​​​Falinge Road to Sheriff Street​​​Carriageway waiting restrictionsJanuary-March 2017
​Kingsway​​​Gibson Street​​​Carriageway prohibition of drivingJanuary-March 2017
​Castleton​​​Malcolm Street​​​Carriageway waiting restrictionsJanuary-March 2017
​​Central Rochdale​​​Miall Street​​​Footway buildoutApril-June 2016
Spotland and Falinge​​​Sheriff Street. Knowsley Street to Cul-de-sac​​​Footway verge improvementsApril-June 2016
Norden​​​Norden Bus Terminous​​​Footway bollardsApril-June 2016
Spotland and Falinge​​​Ings Lane, outside number 126​​​​​​Footway bollardsApril-June 2016
Norden​​​Pargate Chase, outside number 1A​​​Footway bollardsApril-June 2016
Kingsway​​​Moss Street. Outside Moss Street Youth Centre​​​Footway bollards​April-June 2016
Norden​​​​Hutchinson Road​​​​​​Footway bollards​April-June 2016
Milkstone and Deeplish​​​Constantine Road​​​Footway pedestrian facilitiesApril-June 2016
​Balderstone and Kirkholt​​​Great Gates Road. Balderstone Road to Queen Victoria StreetCarriageway surface treatmentApril-June 2016
Balderstone and Kirkholt​​​Moorcroft full length​​​Carriageway surface treatmentApril-June 2016
Balderstone and Kirkholt​​​​Moorside full length​​​Carriageway surface treatmentApril-June 2016
Castleton​​​Heape Street full lengthCarriageway surface treatmentApril-June 2016
Castleton​​​Partington Street full lengthCarriageway surface treatmentApril-June 2016
CastletonAshley Close full lengthCarriageway surface treatment​April-June 2016
CastletonTomlinson Street full length​​​Carriageway surface treatmentApril-June 2016
Central RochdalePark Road. Red Lane to number 96Carriageway surface treatmentApril-June 2016
Central RochdaleBlanche Street full lengthCarriageway surface treatment​April-June 2016
​Balderstone and Kirkholt​​​Queensway. Daventry Road to Dicken Green Lane​​​Footway Pelican to Toucan upgradeApril-September 2016
​Central RochdaleMaud Street full length​​​Carriageway surface treatmentApril-September 2016
HealeyScar Drive full length​​​Carriageway surface treatmentApril-September 2016
NordenStansfield Drive full lengthCarriageway surface treatmentApril-September 2016
NordenBankfield Lane. Mercer Lane to Highfield Road​​​Carriageway surface treatmentApril-September 2016
NordenMercer Lane. Banfield to Cul-de-sacCarriageway surface treatmentApril-September 2016
NordenHighfield Road full length​​​Carriageway surface treatmentApril-September 2016
Norden​​Scarfield Drive. Highfield Road to Newhouse CrescentCarriageway surface treatmentApril-September 2016
​​​Bamford​​​Canterbury Close full lengthCarriageway surface treatmentApril-September 2016
​​​Bamford​​​Chester Avenue full lengthCarriageway surface treatmentApril-September 2016
​Norden​​​Moor Hill. Sheffield Lane to number 21Carriageway surface treatment​April-September 2016
​Balderstone and Kirkholt​​​Daventry Road. Queensway to Hogarth Road​​​Footway surface treatmentApril-September 2016
Castleton​​​Vicarage Road North. Manchester Road to St Gabriels CloseFootway surface treatment​April-September 2016
​Milkstone and Deeplish​​​Manchester Road, outside Beech House School​​​Footway reconstructionJuly-September 2016
Milkstone and Deeplish​​​​Castle Hill Crescent. Manchester Road to Cul-de-sac​​​Footway reconstructionJuly-September 2016
​​Kingsway​​​Croxton Avenue. Lower Wheat End to Belfield Road​​​Footway dropped crossingsOctober-December 2016
​BamfordHalf Acre Road, number 2 to number 12​​​​​​Footway verge improvementsOctober-December 2016
​Kingsway​​​Kings Road​​​Footway resurfacingOctober-December 2016
​Castleton​​​Chevron Close, number 4 to number 8​​​Footway verge removalOctober-December 2016​


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