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Bridges and highway structures

Highway structures include bridges, subways, footbridge and retaining walls which support the highway or support an embankment next to the highway.

Who looks after our bridges and highway structures?

There are more than 1,100 bridges and other highway structures in the borough. We own and maintain about 400 of them. Owners of other bridges and highway structures include:

Report a problem with a bridge or highway structure

Report a problem with a bridge, subway, footbridge, retaining wall supporting the highway or retaining wall supporting an embankment next to the highway.

Report a problem with a bridge or highway structure 

How are they inspected?

We regularly inspect our bridges and highway structures to ensure they remain in a safe condition and to identify if they need maintenance work.

  • General inspections involve a visual inspection of the structure from ground level or other suitable vantage point in line with national guidelines.
  • Principal inspections take place for larger or more important structures in addition to general inspections. They involve a closer inspection of all visible and accessible parts of the structure. They may require lane closures and access equipment to allow us to get as close as we need to.

How are bridges and highway structures maintained?

We regularly maintain our bridges and highway structures.

  • Minor or routine maintenance includes repainting, renewing mortar joints, re-waterproofing, replacing bridge bearings and removing vegetation.
  • Major repairs or reconstruction may be required due to general deterioration, increasing age, changing use of the structure or change in assessment standards. This work may include extensive concrete and masonry repairs, re-decking, strengthening, widening or even replacing the entire structure.
  • Heritage bridges are classed as 'listed buildings' and there are a number within the borough. Any maintenance work must not significantly change their appearance. Find out more about listed buildings

In October 2019 we applied to the Department for Transport (DfT) Local Highways Maintenance Challenge Funds for funds to repair Queen's Park Bridge. If successful, this funding will ensure the bridge can remain open with no weight restrictions. You can read the completed application form we sent below.

Weight and width limits for bridges and highway structures

We have a small number of bridges and highway structures with official weight or width limits. These limits are put in place after the structure is assessed for the load carrying capacity. They're enforced by Traffic Regulation Orders (TROs) and will have regulatory signs located on site.

  • Weight limits - if the bridge or structure can't carry a standard 40 tonne vehicle.
  • Width limits - if the edges of the bridge or structure are below the required standard. 



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