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Apply for H bar markings

H bar marking on the road outside a drive.

You can no longer apply for H bar markings in Rochdale borough. You can see how to stop vehicles from parking across your drive in the section below.

H bar markings are white lines which are marked on the road across a dropped kerb. The lines highlight to other road users that they shouldn't block access to off-road parking areas, such as driveways and garages.

H bar markings are advisory lines for other road users and it's not illegal to park on them. H bar markings haven't been successful in preventing vehicles from parking across dropped kerbs in the borough which is why we've decided not to provide or maintain them any longer.

How to stop vehicles parking across your drive

If you want to prevent vehicles from blocking your access to your drive or garage, you can:

What you shouldn't do to stop vehicles parking across your drive

If you're having problems with vehicles blocking your access to your drive or garage, make sure you:

  • Don't put traffic cones in the road or pavement. This is illegal as it's classed as an obstruction to the highway.
  • Don't cause damage to any vehicles that are blocking your access.
  • Don't try to move the vehicle blocking your access as this is an offence.


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