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Borough’s creative youngsters design this year’s public health report

31 March 2017

Borough's creative youngsters design public health report.

Local young people have been taking the lead on designing a major health report which will be seen by thousands of people across the borough and country.

Every year Rochdale Borough Council's director of public health publishes an annual report around the health and wellbeing of the borough.

This year the director enlisted the help of local young people as the report will focus on their health and wellbeing and experience of growing up in the borough of Rochdale.

'It is extremely important that we listen to our young people's views'

Second year Graphic Design students from Hopwood Hall College in Rochdale were tasked with designing creative and visually appealing reports that reflected and were relevant to young people's health and wellbeing. This was part of an assignment with a prize for the winning design.

The competition produced designs varying from glossy magazine to infographic and exercise book inspired styles.

The winning design was hand-drawn by Jennifer Anderton, aged 19, from Lower Place, Rochdale. Her comic book theme will now be brought to life on this year's annual report. She said; "I wanted to use the comic book style and tell the story using characters because I thought that would appeal to kids. I never really expected to win so I'm really surprised but very happy."

The council's public health team awarded the winner with a £50 'Love2Shop' voucher and donated £200 to the college's graphic design department as a thank you for all their hard work.

'Young people can help make significant improvements to our borough's health'

Andrea Fallon, Rochdale Borough Council's director of public health and wellbeing, said: "It is extremely important that we listen to our young people's views and opinions because they see the world differently and can really help us make significant improvements to our borough's health and wellbeing for generations to come.

"As this year's report is all about young people I really wanted to hear from them about what should be included and get them to design something that would really appeal to them. All of the designs were brilliantly creative and of a really high standard; we had a hard time picking just one winner.

"I would like to say a big well done to all the students who took part in the competition and especially our talented winner Jennifer who put a lot of time and effort into her fantastic comic book design. I would also like to thank Hopwood Hall College and all the students for their hard work and for helping us make this year's report design, the best yet."

'A real commitment to nurturing young talent in the local areas'

Sharon Drysdale, course leader and lecturer in graphic design at Hopwood Hall College, expressed her pride in her students' efforts: "All of our students did a fantastic job. I'm told the judging process was very close and I could see why with the level of creativity and originality in the students' designs. Jennifer is a very talented student and her win is a good addition to her current accolades, such as other pieces of her work being displayed in Touchstones.

"I'd like to thank the public health team at Rochdale Borough Council too. Giving our students the opportunity to take on professional design work like this is invaluable to developing their experience, it shows a real commitment to nurturing young talent in the local areas; as does their donation to the course."

As part of the process the public health team have also consulted with over 200 young people through the borough's youth service. Feedback from the conversations around what health and wellbeing means to them, how to improve the health of young people and stereotyping of today's youth will be used to inform the report.

The Rochdale Borough Public Health Annual Report 2016/17: A Focus on the Health and Wellbeing of Young People is due to be published later in the year.


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