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Smoke-free homes are where the heart is

09 August 2017

Stop smoking.

Second-hand smoke has been linked to around 165,000 new cases of disease among children in the UK each year – that's why Rochdale Borough Council is encouraging parents to protect their children from the harm of second-hand smoke by making their homes smoke-free.

Evidence shows that being in a smoky atmosphere immediately puts your body under pressure causing sore eyes, coughing and nausea. It can also cause more serious long-term damage; doubling the chances of developing asthma and increasing the risk of lung cancer or heart disease by around 25%.

'Second-hand smoke is extremely hazardous to health'

It is a common misconception that by opening a window or smoking at an open door these harms can be eliminated. In fact, second-hand smoke isn't just breathed out by smokers, most of it comes directly from the lit ends of cigarettes and cigars which, because it's unfiltered, is when it is most toxic.

Even when tobacco smoke disappears toxic gasses and particles can quickly spread to other rooms in the house and stick to clothes, walls, furniture and carpets, where they continue to be breathed in.

The council's smoke-free homes pledge scheme helps residents make the commitment to ban smoking and make their home a healthier place to live for themselves and their families.

'Protect your family from some serious and life-limiting conditions'

Make your home and car smoke free - residents can make a silver pledge to only allow smoking in one well-ventilated room in the house or go for a gold pledge to make the house totally smoke-free at all times.

Councillor Jacqueline Beswick, Rochdale Borough Council's cabinet member for health and wellbeing, said: "Second-hand smoke is extremely hazardous to health so making your home smoke-free is a great way to protect your family from some serious and life-limiting conditions. Banning smoking in the home could also help your house be cleaner with no dropped ash or cigarette burns and your pets could lead healthier lives too. So get pledging today."

For advice and support to stop smoking, contact the stop smoking service on 01706 751190 or visit Stop smoking.