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George's champion year

21 June 2018

Outgoing children's champion, George Holt.

Outgoing children's champion George Holt shares his highlights as the borough gets set to elect his successor.

Elections are taking place in primary schools across the borough to determine who will be the new children's champion, and one person who knows just how the candidates feel is current champion George Holt.

George, aged 10 from Littleborough Community Primary, was elected in last year's elections and he is looking forward to this year's election. George said: "I really enjoyed being on the interview panel for candidates this year, it was so interesting and I can't believe just a year ago I was being interviewed.

"You get loads of support"

"I have learnt so much in my year. It has been so interesting seeing how the council works, makes decisions and run services.  The new champion shouldn't be worried about the role, it's a great opportunity and you get loads of support."

George has had a packed year working towards his 3 manifesto points. George wanted more countryside awareness and increased outdoor learning and he has been working hard with the youth service to plan in more outdoor activities as part of their events.

Another focus was that he also wanted children to learn basic first aid, and he's been working on this with schools. He's had great success with Hamer Primary rolling out first aid training to all their staff and pupils, something that George hopes other schools will soon be able to adopt.

George was also very passionate about encouraging children and young people to communicate with the elderly, including building links between schools and care homes. He's been instrumental in seeing more events take place with young people and the elderly.

"George has been a fantastic champion, his enthusiasm is infectious"

Councillor Kieran Heakin said: "George has been a fantastic champion, his enthusiasm is infectious. I know how much the youth service have enjoyed working with George and he should be so proud of what he has achieved in just a year. I am so please that George will be continuing to work with the youth service."

George really wants all schools to get behind this year's elections and make it the biggest one ever: "I know the candidates have put so much in to their election campaign so I really hope all primary schools vote. I hope people vote for the person who has the points they are most interested in and would like to see come in.

"I have really enjoyed my year as children's champion; I have been to some fantastic events and had some amazing support from my fellow candidates and people at the council like councillors and Gail Hopper, the Director of Children's Services."