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Maintain your home after Boxing Day floods 2015

If your property benefited from measures following the Boxing Day floods in 2015 (Storm Eva) as part of the government's flood resilience grant scheme it's important you regularly inspect and maintain this work. All appropriate adults living or working at your property should also be aware of how to use or maintain your flood resilience measures.

This page gives details of what you need to check and when.

Check improvements to your property

If your property benefitted from measures such as flood resistant doors, barriers, and self-closing air bricks it's important you regularly inspect and maintain these measures. You should check for faults and damage or where adjustments may need to be made.

Things you should do can include:

  • Check your door locks properly. Follow your manufacturer's instructions to make sure your flood door is properly sealed by using the locking mechanism. 
  • Check the seals on your doors are in good condition and not perishing.
  • Check your doors shut properly and the door frames remain aligned after extreme temperatures as they can shrink and swell.
  • Make sure air brick vents do not have any debris blocking them that will cause them not to shut properly. 
  • Check any ground floor cable and pipe entry points in and out of your property are properly sealed to avoid flood water entering.
  • If you've added any new cables or pipes at ground level since we organised the work on your property you'll need to make sure the entry points are adequately sealed to avoid flood water entering.
  •  If your property has a cellar, makes sure the vents are not blocked by debris.

If you don't have permanent flood resilience products fixed to your property but you have moveable flood products that you fit as and when required you should also check these.

You should frequently:

  • Check flood barriers or boards and their fittings are in a good condition and nothing has been damaged.
  • Check you've got them stored in a safe and easily accessible place for easy use in an emergency.
  • Check appropriate adults living or working at the property can lift, carry and fit these moveable flood products when needed or have access to suitable help. 

Making further improvements to your property

If you're considering making further improvements you may need to adapt the work we've organised on your property. You should get professional advice regarding any changes you wish to make before starting any work to ensure the improvements remain effective and if additional flood resilience measures are required as part of the work. 

You should avoid making any alterations to your flood door, without professional advice, as it could affect how well your door works during a flood and may invalidate your warranty and guarantee.

Getting advice 

If you're in any doubt about the work we organised at your property as part of the Boxing Day floods please contact us using the details on this page. ​


01706 924459

Phone: Monday-Friday 9am-5pm.