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Leader's blog.


Let’s keep the tram crackdown on track!!

Passengers feeling unsafe is something operators should continually be striving to stamp out.

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The future's bright

I recently had the pleasure of meeting some of the 130 apprentices who have started working with the council during the past 12 months.

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Strong and stable

10 years of austerity. That’s the shocking realisation councils such as ours have had to face up to.

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Step by step

Taking things step by step are wise words. But now they have taken on a more literal meaning with the launch of my latest campaign to get our staff out of the lifts and walking up the stairs.

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Safer gambling rules are best bet for Rochdale

I was really pleased when I turned on the news last week and saw that the hard work that has been put in to reduce the impact of gambling machines has finally come to fruition.

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Council staff are 'snow' good I had to say thanks

​I’ve just had my first holiday since taking over the leadership of the council back in December, it was much-needed. I’ve grown to appreciate is just how hard-working staff are at the council.

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Take a flight of fancy!!

Regular readers of my blog will know how strongly I feel about regular exercise and the importance it plays in both mental as well as physical health. In fact my very first blog talked about my daily visits to the gym to stay in shape.

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Plastic's not fantastic

​I’VE been the new council leader for a couple of months now, but it didn’t take me long to begin noticing some big changes since the last time I held the position. One issue that’s taken off since last time is the impact we’re having on the planet.

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Why you need to get on your bike!!

I fully understand and appreciate the important role daily exercise plays in our wellbeing; mental as well as physical. I was prompted to blog about the issue after a recent report found its way onto my desk.

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Councillor Allen Brett.

 Councillor Allen Brett, Leader of the council and councillor for Milkstone and Deeplish.