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Stop smoking during pregnancy

Pregnant woman

Smoking in pregnancy affects not only your health, but also the health of your unborn child. It restricts the essential oxygen supply that your baby needs to develop properly. Every time you smoke, your developing baby’s heart has to beat harder.

Many women quit smoking during pregnancy and go on to stay smoke free after their baby is born. If you're still trying to conceive, making a smoke free pledge could also improve your fertility.

Get help to stop smoking

Stopping smoking will benefit you and your developing baby.

NHS Smokefree helpline 0300 123 1044 

Benefits for your baby

  • Less likely to be born early and face problems with breathing and feeding that often occur with prematurity.
  • Your baby will cope better with any birth complications.
  • Less prone to infection.
  • Less likely to be underweight.
  • Reduced risk of cot death.

Benefits for you

  • Less morning sickness.
  • Reduce the risk of stillbirth.
  • More likely to have a healthier pregnancy.
  • Cope better with the birth.
  • Have more money.

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