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Who can help with domestic abuse?

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If you're a victim of domestic abuse, there's a range of support available to help you.

Contact the police

  • In an emergency, dial 999 and ask for help.
  • For non-emergency police assistance, dial 101 for the Greater Manchester Police Switchboard (24-hour service).

Get specialist support

Here are some support services who have expertise in supporting victims of domestic violence and abuse.

I want to talk to someone:

  • Safenet - provides refuge accommodation services and floating support services to men and women: 01706 868896
  • Victim Support Rochdale - provides support to all victims living within Rochdale borough. They can also help you in attending court, if needed: 0161 856 5810
  • Women's Aid - offering information and support to women and children who are victims of domestic abuse: 0808 2000 247

I am a Black and Minority Ethnic woman and want to talk to someone:

I am a man and want to talk to someone:

  • The Men's Advice Line - a national charity dedicated to helping and supporting male victims of domestic abuse. On their website, you'll find:
    • Information about Men's Advice Line and how you can contact the
    • Myths about domestic violence against me
    • What you can do to try and make yourself safe
    • Advice if you've children with your abusive partner
    • Details of other people and organisations who you can contact for support
    • Information about who you can contact for legal support and advice

I am LGBTQ+ and want to talk to someone:

  • LGBT Foundation - provides support across Greater Manchester to anyone over 16 years old who identifies under the umbrella term of LGBTQ+, including those questioning their sexual orientation or gender identity.
  • Galop - the national lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans domestic abuse helpline: 0800 999 5428.

I need help after a sexual assault:

  • St Mary's Sexual Assault Referral Centre - provides a comprehensive and co-ordinated forensic, counselling and aftercare support to any victims of rape or sexual assault.
  • Trafford Rape Crisis - offers a FREE service to women and girls who have experienced any form of sexual violence recently or historically. Fully trained trauma informed counsellors offer 26 weeks of one to one therapy to help you rebuild your life. Any woman can access the service, no matter where you live as long as you can travel to Trafford where it's based. You can join the programme yourself through their website.

I am a child or I want to help a child affected by domestic abuse:

I am a victim of honour based violence and need help:

I want help with housing or homelessness:

  • Rochdale Homeless Team:
    0300 303 8548, Monday to Friday 8.30am – 5pm.
    0300 303 8875, out of hours
  • Manchester Domestic Violence Helpline: 0161 636 7525, 8am – 4pm
  • National Domestic Violence Helpline (24-hour national helpline): 0808 2000 247
  • Leopold Court (emergency housing): 01706 712977
  • Endeavour Pet Fostering - pet fostering service for any victim of domestic abuse within Greater Manchester who has a domestic pet and is fleeing to temporary accommodation.

I want to know about my partner's past:

  • Request information under Clare's Law - if you're worried about your partner or ex-partner's behaviour, you can find out if they've a criminal history of violence or abuse in their previous relationships. You can also request this information about the partner of a close friend or family member, if you're concerned about them.

I am abusive and need support to change my behaviour:

I want to understand more about domestic abuse:

  • The Freedom Programme for women - a FREE and confidential 12-week programme for women who want to know more about domestic abuse.