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Help for male victims of domestic abuse

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If you're a man in an abusive relationship, it's important to know that you're not alone.

It happens to men from all cultures and all walks of life, regardless of age, occupation or sexual orientation. However, men are often reluctant to report abuse because they feel embarrassed, fear they won't be believed, or worse, that police will assume that since they're male, they're the perpetrator of the violence and not the victim.

It's important to know that all victims have the same rights to protection and support. In Rochdale borough, we have a range of support available to help you.

Local support

In Rochdale borough, we have a range of support available to help you.

  •  Safenet - one-to-one floating support services for men and women affected by domestic abuse:
  • Victim Support Rochdale – one-to-one support for male and female victims of domestic abuse living within Rochdale borough. They can also help you in attending court, if needed: 0161 856 5810

National support

The Men's Advice Line is a national charity dedicated to helping and supporting male victims of domestic abuse.

On their website, you'll find:

  • Information about Men's Advice Line and how you can contact them
  • Myths about domestic violence against men
  • What you can do to try and make yourself safe
  • Advice if you've got children with your abusive partner
  • Details of other people and organisations who you can contact for support
  • Information about who you can contact for legal support and advice
The Men's Advice Line