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Support for children and young people who abuse family members

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We have different programmes available to help young people who are abusive towards family members.

Adolescent to Parent Violence and Abuse programme (APVA)

Is the APVA programme for you?

Our APVA programme is for families where young people, aged 10 -17, are aggressive towards people close to them - like their siblings, parents or carers. This includes behaviour like hitting, making threats, damaging things in the home and financial and emotional abuse.

How can you access the APVA programme?

If you’re interested in accessing the programme or would like more information, contact Dee Alletson on or by calling 01706 924691.

How can our APVA programme help you?

Our programme provides 1:1 support to family members and the young person who's abusive. Individual sessions take place with the young person and parent, family member or carer and we also offer joint sessions. The aim of the programme is to offer simple, practical solutions early on and to stop the abuse from escalating.

Download our APVA programme guide for further details​

Break4Change programme (B4C)

Is the B4C programme for you?

B4C is a 10-week programme for families where a young person, aged 11-16, is being abusive towards their parent or carer, including behaviours such as hitting, name calling, making threats, stealing money and damaging possessions in the home.

How can you access the B4C programme?

If you’re interested in accessing the programme or would like more information, contact one of the following people:   

How can our B4C programme help you?

Our B4C programme uses 3 main approaches to help young people address their behaviour and make positive changes:   

  1. Young person's group - we provide educational and therapeutic sessions together with a creative aspect so that each young person is able to revisit and process what they learn in the session.   
  2. Parent's group - we provide supportive discussions with parents to understand the scale of the abuse and the effects it's had on the family. There's also a chance to share experience and advice with other parents.
  3. Filming aspect - we enable the young person and their parents to hear, often for the first time, how the young person views themselves.



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