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Wellbeing at work - resources for employers

Wellbeing at work

A commitment is needed from senior stakeholders and decision-makers in your organisation to ensure there is enough time and resources to make your health and wellbeing programme a long-term success. Here is a range of resources you can use and also details of services available to support your programme.


Adapt the messages in this presentation to the needs of your organisation:

Evidence base

The evidence base for investing in employee wellbeing is growing rapidly. Here are several key documents to support this:

Employee wellbeing survey

A perfect starting point for your health and wellbeing programme is to understand your employees so that any resources can be optimised. We suggest you create a questionnaire of no more than 10-15 questions, concentrating on the areas you are most interested in. Use the employee survey template as a basis for your questionnaire, to capture the current health behaviours of your organisation:

Alternatively, encourage employees to use the WEMWEBS tool on this site to measure their wellbeing, which they can re-assess in 6-12 months to monitor changes:

Measure your wellbeing


Capturing employee health information on a dashboard is a great way to showcase it, evaluate the success of health programmes and demonstrate change to stakeholders. Here is an example which you should adapt to fit your organisation’s health measures. Make sure you include all health-related measures that have the potential to change as a result of improvements in employee wellbeing:

Policy templates

The following policy templates have been developed to support employers to improve the health and wellbeing of their workforce. Adapt them to the demographics and culture of your organisation:

Health calendar

The health calendar can be used to support any health programmes you want to implement throughout the year. Many of the event websites in this calendar provide educational materials and ideas for you to communicate throughout your organisation:

Healthy workplace events

Use the poster to promote events at your workplace:

Healthy workplace events poster (1.9MB pdf)

Healthy workplace services

There are many services that can be delivered to support your Health and Wellbeing programme in the workplace:

For more details, contact us: