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Allocations Plan draft maps

​The Allocations Plan proposes areas and sites around the borough to build or develop on up to 2028. It also details possible uses for each of the sites. More information about the Allocations Plan

Consultation on the draft Allocation Plan

We ran a regulation 18 consultation on the draft Allocations Plan. The consultation ran from Monday, 10 September 2018 until midnight, Monday, 5 November 2018.

We are now reviewing the feedback we have received.

View the draft maps for the Allocation Plan

View individual site locations and maps for possible developments for:

Economy sites proposed in the Allocations Plan

View all the different economy sites we've proposed in our draft Allocations Plan.

Employment sites proposed in the Allocations Plan

These are the proposed employment sites in the borough.

Site referenceTownshipSite name and location
​AL/EMP/1​RochdaleKingsway Business Park, Rochdale (728kb pdf)
​AL/EMP/2​RochdaleCowm Top, Crown Business Park (341kb pdf)
​AL/EMP/3​RochdaleBuckley Road, Rochdale (320kb pdf)
​AL/EMP/4​HeywoodHeywood Distribution Park, Heywood (452kb pdf)
​AL/EMP/5​PenninesSmallbridge Business Park, Smallbridge (399kb pdf)
​AL/EMP/6​HeywoodPilsworth Road (685kb pdf)
​AL/EMP/7​RochdaleEagle Technology Park (710kb pdf)
​AL/EMP/8​RochdaleSandbrook Business Park (844kb pdf)
​AL/EMP/9​RochdaleLand west of Canal Basin (706kb pdf)
​AL/EMP/10​HeywoodSefton Street, AoO (711kb pdf)
​AL/EMP/11​MiddletonLand off Finlan Road, Stakehill (713kb pdf)
​AL/EMP/12​PenninesLand off Riverside Drive (736kb pdf)
​AL/EMP/13​RochdaleLand off Chichester Street (788kb pdf)
​AL/EMP/14​HeywoodLand off Quay Street (733kb pdf)
​AL/EMP/15​RochdaleLand off Caldershaw Centre (743kb pdf)
​AL/EMP/16​HeywoodLand south of Bury New Road (661kb pdf)
​AL/EMP/17​PenninesLand off Todmorden Road (730kb pdf)
​AL/EMP/18​RochdaleJackson Street (692kb pdf)
​AL/EMP/19​HeywoodWaterfold Farm, PC World (765kb pdf)
​AL/EMP/20​RochdaleSite of former Liquid Rock Club (737kb pdf)
​AL/EMP/21​RochdaleFormer Woolworths site (759kb pdf)
​AL/EMP/22​RochdaleLand at Royle Barn Road (755kb pdf)
​AL/EMP/23​RochdaleLand between 21 Baillie Street and Bell Street (657kb pdf)
​AL/EMP/24​RochdaleSpotland Bridge New Mill (741kb pdf)
​AL/EMP/25​MiddletonStakehill Industrial Estate (730kb pdf)
​AL/EMP/26​HeywoodLemonpark Industrial Estate (692kb pdf)
​AL/EMP/27​RochdaleNaylors Equestrian Llp (675kb pdf)
​AL/EMP/28​MiddletonHanson Street Industrial Site (736kb pdf)
​AL/EMP/29​HeywoodBirch Industrial Estate (653kb pdf)
​AL/EMP/30​RochdaleBradferns (742kb pdf)
AL/EMP/31​PenninesLadyhouse Works (702kb pdf)
AL/EMP/32​RochdaleLand adjacent to Unit 1, Meadowcroft Mill (645kb pdf)
AL/EMP/33​HeywoodLand bound by Manchester Road, Hareshill Road and Pilsworth Road (729kb pdf)

Employment zones proposed in the Allocations Plan

These are the proposed employment zones in Rochdale borough.

Town, district and local centres proposed in the Allocations Plan

View all the different town, district and local centres we've proposed in our draft Allocations Plan.

Town centres proposed in the Allocations Plan

View the proposed boundaries for town centres in the borough

Township ​Town centre
​RochdaleRochdale town centre (716kb pdf)
​HeywoodHeywood town centre (628kb pdf)
​MiddletonMiddleton town centre (661kb pdf)

District centres proposed in the Allocations Plan

View the boundaries for proposed district centres in the borough.

Township ​District centre
​RochdaleCastleton district centre (769kb pdf)

Primary shopping areas proposed in the Allocations Plan

View boundaries for proposed and amended primary shopping areas in the borough.

Township ​Primary shopping areas ​Amended or proposed
​HeywoodHeywood primary shopping area (593kb pdf)​Amended
​LittleboroughLittleborough primary shopping area (817kb pdf)​Proposed
​Middleton ​Middleton primary shopping area (630kb pdf)​Amended
​RochdaleRochdale primary shopping area (890kb pdf)​Amended

Primary shopping frontages proposed in the Allocations Plan

View boundaries for proposed and amended primary shopping frontages in the borough.

Township ​Primary shopping frontage ​Amended or proposed
​Heywood ​Heywood primary shopping frontage (670kb pdf)​Amended
​LittleboroughLittleborough primary shopping frontage (808kb pdf)​Proposed
​MiddletonMiddleton primary shopping frontage (829kb pdf)​Amended
​RochdaleRochdale primary shopping frontage (843kb pdf)​Amended

Secondary shopping frontages proposed in the Allocations Plan

View boundaries for the proposed amended secondary shopping frontages in the borough.

Local centres proposed in the Allocations Plan

View boundaries for proposed, amended and deleted local centres in the borough.

Housing sites proposed in the Allocations Plan

These are the proposed housing sites in the borough.

Site reference​ ​Township ​Site location Site area in hectares ​Site capacity
​AL/HOU/1​Heywood ​Land to south of Heywood Distribution Park, Hareshill Road, Heywood (635kb pdf)​76.47​1,000
​AL/HOU/2​HeywoodSite to south of Heywood town centre, Heywood (827kb pdf)​3.38​109
​AL/HOU/3​HeywoodMutual Mills, Mutual Street, Heywood (866kb pdf)​4.68​390
​AL/HOU/4​HeywoodFormer Bamford Squash, Bamford Road, Heywood (647kb pdf)​1.06​42
​AL/HOU/5​Heywood ​Land off Cedar Avenue, Kirkstall Avenue and Claybank Street, Heywood (673kb pdf)​0.89​46
​AL/HOU/6​HeywoodThe Sutherland Centre, Sutherland Road, Heywood (609kb pdf)​0.48​17
​AL/HOU/7​HeywoodLand at Cross Street, Heywood (717kb pdf)​0.48​19
​AL/HOU/8​HeywoodLand at the corner of Ash Street and Peel Lane, Heywood (622kb pdf)​0.37​14
​AL/HOU/9​Heywood78 Peel Lane, Heywood (641kb pdf)​0.27​13
​AL/HOU/10​HeywoodLand to the rear of 1-3 The Brooklands, Heywood (670kb pdf)​0.26​16
​AL/HOU/11​HeywoodLand off Gregge Street, Heywood (683kb pdf)​0.24​10
​AL/HOU/12​HeywoodLand bounded by Bethel Street, Earl Street and Taylor Street, Heywood (612kb pdf)​0.05​14
​AL/HOU/13MiddletonLand at British Vita and Hilton Fold Lane, Middleton (928kb pdf)​13.68​358
​AL/HOU/14MiddletonWilliam Street, Middleton (863kb pdf)​4.17​60
​AL/HOU/15MiddletonLand at Langley Lane and Hollin Lane, Middleton (600kb pdf)​22.75​510
​AL/HOU/16MiddletonBonscale Park off Rothay Drive, Langley (757kb pdf)​2.1​50
​AL/HOU/17MiddletonLand at Boothroyden Road and Factory Brow, Middleton (752kb pdf)​1.68​67
​AL/HOU/18MiddletonBritish Vita Training Centre, Green Street, Middleton (771kb pdf)​1.36​47
​AL/HOU/19MiddletonLand off Stainton Drive, Site D, Langley (745kb pdf)​1.33​40
​AL/HOU/20MiddletonLand at Keswick Close, Langley, Middleton (755kb pdf)​1.28​98
​AL/HOU/21MiddletonThrelkeld Park, bounded by Threlkeld Road, Bowness Road and Gatesgarth Road, Langley (716kb pdf)​1.18​35
​AL/HOU/22MiddletonLand between Hazelhurst Drive and Tintern Road, Middleton (663kb pdf)​1.05​25
​AL/HOU/23MiddletonLand off Glen Grove and Wade Street, Middleton Junction, Middleton (780kb pdf)​1.05​25
​AL/HOU/24MiddletonWarwick Mill, Oldham Road, Middleton (735kb pdf)​0.92​147
​AL/HOU/25MiddletonLand off Fielding Street, Middleton (776kb pdf)​0.8​49
​AL/HOU/26MiddletonLand at Newby Drive, Langley (654kb pdf)​0.65​20
​AL/HOU/27MiddletonBurnside Crescent and Rattray Drive, Langley (649kb pdf)​0.49​16
​AL/HOU/28MiddletonLand west of Mills Hill Road, Middleton (700kb pdf)​0.47​34
​AL/HOU/29MiddletonDerwent Road and Kentmere Drive, Langley (601kb pdf)​0.41​12
​AL/HOU/30MiddletonLand rear of Tesco, 408 Oldham Road, Middleton (669kb pdf)​0.39​36
​AL/HOU/31MiddletonBorrowdale Park, site off Borrowdale Road, Langley (665kb pdf)​0.32​10
​AL/HOU/32MiddletonLondon House, Middleton (708kb pdf)​0.25​42
​AL/HOU/33MiddletonLand at junction of Wood Street and Factory Street, Middleton (674kb pdf)​0.07​22
AL/HOU/34​PenninesLand at Dyehouse Lane, Smallbridge (847kb pdf)​7.66​150
AL/HOU/35​PenninesFormer Akzo Nobel Site, Hollingworth Road, Littleborough (804kb pdf)​7.5​174
AL/HOU/36​PenninesLand off New Road, Littleborough (853kb pdf)​7.45​110
AL/HOU/37​PenninesDale Mill and Arkwright Mill, Rochdale (775kb pdf)​1.82​74
AL/HOU/38​PenninesSladen Mill, Halifax Road, Littleborough (675kb pdf)​1.7​40
AL/HOU/39​PenninesLand off Durn Street, Durn, Littleborough (724kb pdf)​1.34​53
AL/HOU/40​PenninesFormer St John's Playing Field, Wardle (657kb pdf)​1.15​40
AL/HOU/41​PenninesFormer Gas Works Site, Hare Hill Road, Littleborough (761kb pdf)​0.96​20
AL/HOU/42​PenninesLand at Ealees, Littleborough (720kb pdf)​0.85​34
AL/HOU/43​PenninesNew Ladyhouse Mill, Off Stone Street, Milnrow (774kb pdf)​0.84​34
AL/HOU/44​PenninesRakewood Mill, Rakewood Road, Littleborough (664kb pdf)​0.79​26
AL/HOU/45​PenninesProofings Technology Ltd, Hare Hill Road, Littleborough (737kb pdf)​0.76​36
AL/HOU/46​PenninesDale Mill, Dale Street, Milnrow (713kb pdf)​0.56​68
AL/HOU/47​PenninesLand adjacent to The Ladybarn, Harbour Lane, Milnrow (709kb pdf)​0.54​37
AL/HOU/48​PenninesDearnley Old Hall, New Road, Littleborough (659kb pdf)​0.39​14
AL/HOU/49​Pennines8-26 Brown Street, Littleborough (711kb pdf)​0.39​37
AL/HOU/50​PenninesDene Works, Edgar Street, Rochdale (669kb pdf)​0.26​21
AL/HOU/51​RochdaleLower Falinge Masterplan Area (929kb pdf)​11.94​541
AL/HOU/52​RochdaleDunlop, Royle Barn Road, Castleton (860kb pdf)​7.15​200
AL/HOU/53​RochdaleNixon Street, Rochdale (819kb pdf)​5.84​250
AL/HOU/54​RochdaleLand at Greenbooth Road, Rochdale (811kb pdf)​5.3​60
AL/HOU/55​RochdaleTrub Farm, west of the canal, Manchester Road, Rochdale (859kb pdf)​5.2​167
AL/HOU/56​RochdalePlot X, Kingsway Business Park, Rochdale (642kb pdf)​2.01​65
AL/HOU/57​RochdaleLand at Castleton Sidings, Rochdale (731kb pdf)​3.48​70
AL/HOU/58​RochdaleLand at Newchurch Street, Rochdale (841kb pdf)​2.49​116
AL/HOU/59​RochdaleLand at Rudyard Grove, Friars Crescent, Lilac Road, Kildare Crescent and Balderstone Road, Rochdale (732kb pdf)​2.19​76
AL/HOU/60​Rochdale ​Central Retail Park, Drake Street, Rochdale (804kb pdf)​2.15​120
AL/HOU/61​RochdaleLand at Dean Farm, Badger Lane, Rochdale (758kb pdf)​2.06​58
AL/HOU/62​RochdaleSite of Process Plastics, Norwich Street, Rochdale (799kb pdf)​1.67​67
AL/HOU/63​RochdaleFormer Dexine Rubber Co Ltd, Spotland Road, Rochdale (793kb pdf)​1.62​102
AL/HOU/64​Rochdale ​Wr Anderton and Co, Maltings Lane, Rochdale (781kb pdf)​1.59​50
AL/HOU/65​RochdaleFormer Oakenrod School and land at Bridgefield Street, Rochdale (804kb pdf)​1.58​65
AL/HOU/66​RochdaleQueensway Neighbourhood Centre, Will"i"th Lane, Rochdale (775kb pdf)​1.46​58
AL/HOU/67​RochdaleLomax Transport Services, Trub Farm, Manchester Road, Rochdale (745kb pdf)​1.34​29
AL/HOU/68​RochdaleGowers Street, Rochdale (755kb pdf)​1.3​52
AL/HOU/69​Rochdale1-46 The Strand, Kirkholt, Rochdale (671kb pdf)​1.08​16
AL/HOU/70​RochdaleLand between Lincoln Street and Hare Street, Rochdale (759kb pdf)​1.04​41
AL/HOU/71​RochdaleRiverside Phase 2, John Street, Rochdale (723kb pdf)​1.01​200
AL/HOU/72​RochdaleLand off Woodlea Chase, Stock Close and Fletton Close, Rochdale (739kb pdf)​0.77​11
AL/HOU/73​Rochdale ​Land at Bridgefold Road, Rochdale (694kb pdf)​0.7​24
AL/HOU/74​RochdaleQueens Drive Gateway, including site of temporary health centre, Kirkholt (655kb pdf)​0.51​20
AL/HOU/75​RochdaleHigh Birch School, Bolton Road, Rochdale (657kb pdf)​0.61​24
AL/HOU/76​RochdaleNorton Grange Hotel, Manchester Road, Rochdale (578kb pdf)​0.48​14
AL/HOU/77​RochdaleLand at Milnrow Road, Rochdale (679kb pdf)​0.43​17
AL/HOU/78​RochdaleFormer KYP, Hamer Lane and Belfield Road, Rochdale (680kb pdf)​0.41​16
AL/HOU/79​RochdaleSite of Former Sunbank, Shawclough Road, Rochdale (642kb pdf)​0.4​14
AL/HOU/80​RochdaleLand at Worcester Street, Stoneyfield, Rochdale (698kb pdf)​0.38​15
AL/HOU/81​Rochdale206-208 Drake Street, Rochdale (672kb pdf)​0.33​17
AL/HOU/82​Rochdale ​Land to rear of 91 Norden Road, Rochdale (633kb pdf)​0.31​30
AL/HOU/83​RochdaleTownhead Offices, Yorkshire Street, Rochdale (680kb pdf)​0.27​14
AL/HOU/84​RochdaleGowers Street and Weedon Street, Rochdale (695kb pdf)​0.27​10
AL/HOU/85​RochdaleLand between 395 and 421 Edenfield Road, Rochdale (590kb pdf)​0.24​10
AL/HOU/86​Rochdale ​Land between 9a and 23 Milkstone Road, Rochdale (663kb pdf)​0.19​12
AL/HOU/87​RochdaleLand at Ramsay Place, Ramsay Terrace and Ramsay Street, Rochdale (691kb pdf)0.19​​12
AL/HOU/88​Rochdale33-41 Maclure Road, Rochdale (646kb pdf)​0.05​15
AL/HOU/89​Rochdale82-84 Drake Street, Rochdale (641kb pdf)​0.04​28
​AL/HOU/90​RochdaleIversons Building, Drake Street, Rochdale (665kb pdf)​0.04​12

Environment sites and designations in the Allocations Plan

View the proposed green network, formal sports pitches, local urban spaces, allotments and other areas safeguarded for flood risk management for each township in the borough.

Transport sites proposed in the Allocations Plan

View the transport sites in the borough.

​Site reference ​Township ​Site name
​AL/TRA/1​Rochdale ​Castleton Village ELR Station (687kb pdf)
​AL/TRA/2​RochdaleCastleton ELR Temporary Halt (723kb pdf)


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