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Welfare reform

Universal Credit

Most people submitting new claims or change of circumstances for someUniversal Credit benefits will move to Universal Credit in Spring 2018.

How to apply for Universal Credit 

  1. Check your eligibility and apply for Universal Credit online.
  2. Book an appointment within 7 days of making your application to avoid your claim being cancelled. If your claim is cancelled you'll need to reapply online.
  3. If your application is successful, you'll get your first payment around 6 weeks after making your online application.
Check your eligibility and apply for Universal Credit

Get ready for Universal Credit

Find out how ready you are for Universal Credit:

Get an advance on your first payment 

If you can't manage until you receive your first full payment, you can apply for Universal Credit advance.

There are 4 types of interest free advances:

  • Universal Credit Advance -  new claim
  • Universal Credit Advance - change of circumstances
  • Universal Credit Advance - benefit transfer
  • Budgeting Advance

An advance payment is 1 full month's entitlement, payable within 5 days of applying, which you'll pay back interest free over 12 months.

Apply for an Universal Credit advance payment - call 03456 004272