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Appeal a benefit decision

​​If you don't agree with our decision

If you think our decision is wrong you have the right to:

  • Ask for an explanation
  • Ask us to look at the decision again
  • Appeal against the decision

You have 1 calendar month to tell us that you disagree with the decision from the date of the decision letter, or 1 calendar month from the date of the letter telling you that the decision cannot be changed. If you tell us later than this, you must explain why it's late in writing.

We can only accept late appeals in special circumstances and we can't accept them 12 months or more after the date of our decision letter.

If you're the claimant's appointee you can ask us to look again at a benefit decision and you may be able to make an appeal for them.

Ask for an explanation of our decision

If you want us to explain our decision contact us and we'll explain how we made the decision and what information was used.

Ask us to look at the decision again 

If you've contacted us and aren't happy with the explanation, you can ask us to look at the decision again. You must write to us within 1 calendar month of the date of the decision letter. If we don't change our decision and if it's appropriate, we'll refer your case to the Appeals Service, who are independent of the council.

Appeal against the decision

If, after we've explained our decision, you still think it's wrong, you can appeal to an independent tribunal.

Complete the appeal a decision form

Or write to us giving the full reasons for your appeal.

If you need help in appealing you can contact organisations such as the Citizens Advice Bureau

After you've appealed

We'll refer your case to an Appeal Tribunal. You can choose an oral hearing or a paper hearing. The tribunal members, who are independent of the council, will look at the evidence and decide the outcome of your case. You'll be given a decision notice explaining the tribunal's decision as soon as possible after the appeal hearing.

Tribunal members can't look at changes of circumstances that happened after we made the decision.

If your appeal is successful, we'll usually put the decision right as soon as we receive a copy of the tribunal’s decision, unless we decide to challenge the decision. We'll let you know what we intend to do.

If you don't agree with the Appeal Tribunal’s decision the decision notice will advise you what to do next. 


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