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Changes to your circumstances - benefits

​​​​​​Important benefit changes: Has your benefit been sanctioned?

If your Job Seekers Allowance or Employment Support Allowance is sanctioned and you're in receipt of Housing Benefit you need to ring us immediately on 0300 303 8870. If you don't contact us we may stop paying your Housing Benefit until you do so.


It's important you tell us immediately if your circumstances change as you may get too little or too much benefit.

It's an offence not to tell us about any change of circumstance that affects your benefit. We may take court action against you and if we pay you too much benefit, you'll probably have to pay it back.

Report changes to your circumstances

Select the relevant form to download, print and complete.

Changes you need to report

It's important you complete the relevant form if you're unsure whether a change will affect your entitlement to benefit. Here are some examples of the types of changes that you need to report:

  • If you start work.
  • If you change your address.
  • If your rent changes.
  • Changes in income or capital and assets for you or your partner.
  • Changes in status, for example marriage, separation, bereavement.
  • The end of entitlement to Income Support, Jobseekers Allowance (income or contributions based), Employment Support Allowance for you or your partner.
  • Your benefit is ‘sanctioned’ by the Department for Works and Pensions and as a result you are receiving less benefit or no benefit at all. Sanctions can be applied to Job Seekers Allowance, Employment Support Allowance and also some lone parents on Income Support.
  • Absences exceeding, or likely to exceed, 13 weeks for you or your partner.
  • Changes affecting people who live with you including:
    • If someone comes to live with you or if someone leaves your household.
    • If the income or circumstances of someone living with you changes, for example if they start or end work, college or university, or if the start or end claiming Income Support.
    • If you stop getting Child Benefit for someone.


0300 303 8870

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