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Taxi Licensing Privacy Notice

Last updated: Wednesday, 5 February 2020.
Please note: the following notice provides additional privacy information to the Rochdale Borough Council privacy notice.

We're responsible for regulating the number of taxis or Hackney Carriages in the borough. We do this through a licensing scheme which ensures taxis are safe, suitable and charges are fair. The Council has a legal duty to ensure that an individual is a fit and proper person to hold a Hackney carriage or Private Hire Driver licence.

What personal information we collect

We collect personal information to make sure that we can carry out our work. The personal information we collect includes:

  • Name.
  • Address.
  • Telephone number.
  • Email address.
  • Age and date of birth.
  • Medical records.
  • Disability.
  • Nationality.
  • Criminal and offending data.
  • Driving license number.
  • Vehicle registration.
  • National Insurance number.

Who we collect personal information about

When we collect personal information it may be about:

  • Applicants.
  • Offenders.
  • Complainants.

How we use personal information

We use your personal information to:

  • Maintain accounts and records.
  • Undertake licensing and regulatory activity.
  • Prevent and prosecute crime.
  • Manage complaints and allegations.
  • Undertake investigations and audits.

Why we use your personal information

We're required by law to regulate the number of Taxis or Hackney Carriages in the borough. This is detailed in legislation and guidance including:

  • Local Government (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1976.
  • Public Health Act 1875.
  • Town Police Clauses Act 1847.

We're allowed to process personal and sensitive data for the following reasons under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Articles and the Data Protection Act:

  • Public task or statutory function.
  • Necessary to comply with a Legal Obligation.
  • Substantial public interest.

Who we share your personal information with

We collect information from and disclose information to individuals and organisations that can support our work including:

  • Affected parties.
  • Council departments.
  • Courts and tribunals.
  • Employers.
  • Law enforcement and prosecuting agencies.
  • Licensing authorities.
  • Ombudsman and regulatory bodies.
  • Other public bodies and authorities.
  • Information from the police about criminal offences committed by taxi or private hire drivers or operators, is shared with us and used by us to refuse, suspend or revoke a taxi or private hire driver, operator or vehicle licence. We may inform the police of any decision to refuse, suspend or revoke a licence.
  • We provide information to the National Register of Taxi Licence Refusals and Revocations (NR3), which involves sharing details of individuals who have had a licence revoked, or an application for one refused. All applications for a new licence or licence renewal will automatically be checked on NR3. 

When we make an automated decision about your personal information

This service doesn't make any decisions using computers or programmes that don't involve a human being when using your personal information.

How long we keep your personal information

We keep personal information collected as part of this process for a minimum of 6 years from the date of collection, or for an additional length of time if necessary. We will maintain information on NR3 for a minimum of 25 years. 

When we transfer your personal information beyond the European Economic Area (EEA)

This service doesn't transfer your information outside the EEA.

We do not routinely share data with any organisation outside the UK, but our website is available across the internet and we communicate with applicants and stakeholders wherever they are.


To request your personal information and exercise your privacy rights please contact:

If you need to raise a concern to our Data Protection Officer about our use of your personal information, please contact:

Information Governance Unit
Number One Riverside
Smith Street
Rochdale OL16 1XU ​

We are registered as a Data Controller with the Information Commissioner's Office.

Our registration number is Z5481774.