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Homelessness Strategy

The term homeless covers a wide range of circumstances from sleeping on the streets to families living in bed and breakfast hotels to being without a home of their own. In official terms, the first category is rough sleepers and the others are homeless. The vast majority of homeless people are actually families or single people who aren't literally on the street but living with relatives and friends or in temporary or inappropriate accommodation.

The basis of the current duties and responsibilities for local authorities towards homeless people is contained in the Housing Act 1996.

The current Homelessness Strategy provides:

  • An introduction.
  • The aim of our strategy.
  • Current position, including current research and data on homelessness in Rochdale.
  • Current provision of accommodation and support services.
  • Partnership working in Rochdale.
  • Identified gaps in accommodation and service provision.
  • Conclusion.

How to prevent homelessness

We offer a range of advice on housing including help to try and prevent people from becoming homeless.


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