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How we measure our website success

​​​​​We look at number of factors to gauge how successful this website is over time and against other council websites.

Website traffic

We monitor our website traffic including the total number of visits, unique visitors and page views.  We use these statistics along with others such as browsers and devices to try and gather a more complete picture of overall website usage and make iterative changes to the website.

Monthly website traffic statistics

Usability studies

We conduct usability studies to ensure our website works for our customers and take learning from this to help improve the website.  This helps us to make changes based upon 'real' experiences of what works and doesn't for our customers.

Website availability

We aim to have our website available to our customer 100% of the time. Where we have planned maintenance we aim to do this at off-peak times to ensure we consider the needs of our customers.

Scheduled maintenance on our website


We receive feedback from our staff, Contact Centre, customer service centres, through our comments form on the website and through our social networking channels.  We proactively use these to resolve issues.

Socitm ann​ual website audit

Once a year, all council websites are audited by Socitm (Society of IT Managers).

Results of Socitm audit


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