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Local MPs and MEPs

​​​​​​Your MPs (Members of Parliament)

Rochdale is divided into 2 parliamentary constituencies, each of which elects a Member of Parliament (MP) to the House of Commons. The 2 constituencies are Rochdale, and Heywood and Middleton.

Send a message to your MP (or your councillor or MEP) through the WriteToThem websi​te

Name: Tony Lloyd MP
Constituency: Rochdale
Party: Labour
Write to: 23 The Wheatsheaf, Baillie Street, Rochdale OL16 1JZ. 
Make an appointment: ring 01706 356542.
Further information: Find out more about Tony Lloyd MP on the UK Parliament web​​​site
Election history: MPs representing Rochdale

Name: Chris Clarkson MP
Constituency: Heywood and Middleton
Party: Conservative
Write to:
Tel: 0207 219 3000
Further information: Find out more about Chris Clarkson MP on the UK Parliament w​​ebsite
Election history: MPs representing Heywood and Middleton

Your MEPs (Members of the European Parliament)

Rochdale is part of the North West Region, which elects 8 Members of the European Parliament (MEPs). The North West Region comprises of Cumbria, Lancashire, Merseyside, Greater Manchester and Cheshire.