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Parliamentary constituencies' boundary review - what's happening?

Latest updates on the parliamentary constituencies' boundary review

The Boundary Commission for England is an independent and impartial advisory public body, which reviews the boundaries of parliamentary constituencies in England.

You can access more detailed information on the proposed changes on the Boundary Commission for England's website.

Get the latest information and full details of the proposed changes


This consultation closed in March 2017.

The Boundary Commission for England (BCE) opened its 3rd and final consultation for new parliamentary constituency boundaries, Monday, 11 December 2017.

An initial 12-week consultation was held in autumn 2016, giving the public the chance to view and comment on the BCE's plans. Almost 20,000 responses were received, which were published as part of the second consultation. The second consultation closed in spring 2017 and BCE has now published its latest proposals, based on the feedback it received in the consultation.

Why are changes proposed?

By law, every constituency proposed must contain between 71,031 and 78,507 electors. Parliament has decided to reduce the number of constituencies in the UK to 600 from 650. This will ensure the number of electors in each constituency is equal. The recommendation of the Boundary Constituency is that the number of constituencies in the north west of England must reduce from 75 to 68.

Find out how the proposed changes could affect you

To find out which constituency you could be in, enter your postcode or search by region. You can view a map of the proposed changes and zoom in for more detail.

See details of the proposed changes

​​​​How the proposals affect the borough of Rochdale

    Map showing outlines of constituency boundaries.

Change the current Heywood/Middleton constituency to Prestwich and Middleton

The proposal is to change the existing Heywood and Middleton constituency considerably to a new constituency called Prestwich and Middleton. This new constituency is proposed to be constructed from 5 wards from the existing Bury South constituency (the borough of Bury), and 5 from the existing Heywood and Middleton constituency (the borough of Rochdale). The aim is to try to keep communities together so the new constituency will include the towns of Prestwich and Middleton and much of the town of Whitefield.

Retain the Rochdale constituency but make changes

The proposal is to significantly reconfigure the Rochdale constituency given the changes elsewhere in Greater Manchester. The new constituency would include 5 wards from the existing Heywood and Middleton constituency and 5 from the existing Rochdale constituency (all borough of Rochdale wards) and would include most of the town of Heywood (but not Middleton). It would contain what could be considered to be most of the town of Rochdale, and in particular the centre, in a single constituency whereas the town is currently divided between constituencies.

Add a new constituency – Littleborough and Saddleworth

A new rural, moor‑based constituency called Littleborough and Saddleworth is proposed. This comprises 5 wards from each of the boroughs of Rochdale (including the towns of Littleborough and Milnrow) and Oldham (including the towns of Shaw and Uppermill).

Proposed new constituencies in detail

Each of the tables below gives details of the wards and electorate per ward for each of the proposed constituencies.

Prestwich and Middleton  

Besses Bury 7,667
Holyrood Bury 8,333
Sedgley Bury 8,128
St. Mary's Bury7,371
Pilkington Park7,328
East Middleton Rochdale 7,371
Hopwood Hall Rochdale7,798
North Middleton Rochdale7,462
South Middleton Rochdale7,631
West Middleton Rochdale8,033


Bamford Rochdale7,377
Castleton Rochdale7,400
Central Rochdale Rochdale6,509
Healey Rochdale7,674
Kingsway Rochdale7,819
Milkstone and Deeplish Rochdale6,804
Norden Rochdale7,505
North Heywood Rochdale 7,164
Spotland and Falinge Rochdale 7,390
West Heywood Rochdale8,139

Littleborough and Saddleworth

Crompton Oldham8,064
Saddleworth and Lees8,246 
Saddleworth North Oldham 7,651
Saddleworth South Oldham 8,030
Shaw Oldham 7,388
Balderstone and Kirkholt Rochdale 6,636
Littleborough Lakeside Rochdale 7,410
Milnrow and Newhey Rochdale 7,582
Smallbridge and Firgrove Rochdale 7,344
Wardle and West Littleborough Rochdale 7,362


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