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Open data

​​​​The idea behind open data is that information we hold should be freely available to use and re-mix by the public. It's a movement to make non-personal data:

  • Open so that it can be turned into useful applications .
  • Support transparency and accountability.
  • Make sharing data between public sector partners more efficient.

We publish financial and other data showing how the council operates. Not all of the data we intend to share is openly available yet, and not all of our openly available data is in the best format yet. But we are working on it and we're committed to sharing as much as we can right now.

You can access the following Rochdale Borough Council data sets online:

  • Business Rates
  • Council Spending Over £500
  • Payments to Councillors
  • Contract Register​
  • Social Housing Asset Value
  • Purchase Order Transactions
  • Pay Multiple and Pay Policy Statement
  • Land & Property Assets - Rochdale Borough Council
  • Rochdale Borough Council Trade Union Facility Time
  • Fraud Data
  • Invitation to tender
  • Tree Preservation Orders - Rochdale Borough Council
  • Grant Register
  • Parking Data
  • Waste Contract
  • Constitution
  • Contaminated Land Determined Site - Rochdale Borough Council
  • Article 4 - Rochdale Borough Council
  • Website performance
  • Town, District and Local centre boundaries (UDP June 2006) - Rochdale Borough Council
  • Greenspaces (UDP June 2006) - Rochdale Borough Council
  • Regeneration areas (UDP June 2006) Rochdale Borough Council
  • Procurement Card Transactions
  • Strategic Industrial Locations (UDP June 2006) - Rochdale Borough Council

Access data on

Licensing Agreement/Using our data

The information is made available under the open government licence You are encouraged to use and re-use the information that is available with only a few conditions.

Some data might be removed (known as ‘redaction’). For example, personal information that could identify an individual, or information that is commercially sensitive. We do this to comply with the Freedom of Information Act.

We take care to ensure that the data is accurate. However, you should make your own checks before relying on the data.

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