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Budget challenge - helping us make savings

​​​​​We’re still facing huge financial challenges and difficult choices about how to spend your money. Over the past 8 years we have made £176 million of savings against our planned budget. Between 2018-2020 we expect to have to save a further £23 million. 

​Your help and ideas are really important to help us save money.

Make suggestions for how we can make savings

We have to decide where and how to reduce your services or increase the council's income. We need to make sure the council's limited resources are spent as efficiently and effectively as possible.

View the council's Revenue Budget presented to Cabinet on 14 September 2017 - item 5.

We're always looking to improve council services. If you've any suggestions for saving money or improving council services please send us your ideas and views. Your ideas and views matter.

 Email suggestions to:

Simple things you can do to help us save money

By doing some simple things you can also help us save money.

What you can doHow it saves money
Recycle more of your household rubbishIf we increased recycling and reduced general waste to landfill by 5% we would save £1.2 million a year.

Report any rubbish that’s been dumped.

Use the waste and recycling sites

Dumped rubbish not only spoils the environment, it also costs time and resources to clear it up. By reporting fly-tipping you could help us to catch the offenders who are breaking the law; we won't hesitate to take action and prosecute. This should reduce the amount of rubbish that's dumped. 
Dispose of your litter responsiblyDo you see untidy litter spoiling the town and countryside where you live? The cost of street cleansing is about £2 million per annum which includes picking up litter that's been dropped together with the cost of emptying bins. 
Shop locallyEvery £1 you spend will generate £4 for the local economy which means you're investing in the economy of our borough. You’re also supporting your local community, helping to support jobs and keeping money in the local economy. It does make a difference - supporting your local town centres means more variety and choice will remain on the high street.

Pay your Council Tax by Direct Debit

Pay for other council services such as adult care charges by Direct Debit

It costs us less to administer Direct Debit than any other payment method.

You can also pay for other council services by Direct Debit such as Careline charges and Adult Care charges for care at home.

Become a volunteerMake a positive contribution to the local community, learn and develop a new skill, become a Community Champion or provide support to local people. Whatever you decide there are lots of opportunities available locally however much time you have to spare.
Foster or adopt a child

Looking after a child using an external foster provider is around double the cost of using foster carers we recruit. A foster carer's role is to work alongside us in supporting the child to achieve their full potential in a safe, secure and stable home.

Use your council website

Other things you can report/apply for online

Please continue to use your council website to access services available online rather than contacting us by phone or in person. It costs just a few pence rather than several pounds to access services online rather than visiting us in-person or contacting us by phone.


What we spend?

We will spend £558 million in 2017/18 which will be mainly spent on Schools, Children's Services Adult Care and local neighbourhood services.

Gross expenditure 2017/18.

​Revenue spend​2017/18 (£million)
Services provided ​Gross expenditure
​Adult Care​72.4
​Children's Services​256.5
​Public Health and Wellbeing​25.0
​Other corporate costs​5.1
​Net budget requirement ​558.4