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Savings for 2019/20 to 2020/21

We're still facing huge financial challenges and difficult choices about how to spend your money.

  • Over the past 9 years (2009-2018) we've made £178.1 million of savings against our planned budget.
  • During 2019-2020 savings consultation will be an ongoing process until we meet the estimated target for saving £3.6 million.
  • Between 2019-2021 we expect to have to save a further £5.7 million for general council services which includes our Neighbourhoods, Economy and Resources Services. 

​Your help and ideas are really important to help us save money.

Our challenge for 2019-2021

We're preparing for a challenging budget gap, following reductions in government funding and increased demand for council services.

In the future, as we'll have less money and fewer staff, we'll not be able to do as much, and it's important that we focus on the things that matter to our residents.

We're currently developing new and innovative ways of meeting the budget gap and we'll be working closely with partners, residents and service users to achieve this.

Proposed budget savings for 2019/20 and 2020/21.

Area of proposed savings Total saving 2019/20 Total saving 2020/21
Service delivery £264,000£365,000
Other proposals£1,640,000£1,818,000
Total savings £1,904,000 £2,183,000

Have your say

Consultation starts: 9am, Friday, 27 July 2018.
Consultation ends: 5pm, Monday, 10 September 2018.

Have your say on the following budget savings proposals for 2019-2021 that have an impact on service delivery. No decisions have been made, so please read the details of the proposals and submit your comments.

The information contained in the proposals has been redacted. This means that some of it has been removed to prevent the identification of individuals or identifiable groups. Releasing certain information could cause upset or distress to individuals. In addition, some information may be removed that is considered commercially sensitive. This will be a minimal amount of information and has been subject to a process of scrutiny prior to removal.  

We need your views to help us make informed decisions as part of our budget consultation.

Ref Proposal



NH-2019-20-013 Review of Voluntary Sector Grant to Homelessness Prevention services£4,000£4,000
NH-2019-20-020 Proposed introduction of fees for Residents Parking permits£22,000£22,000
NH-2019-20-022 Proposed grant reduction to grant funded Community Centres£203,000£304,000
NH-2019-20-024 Review of the budget for the provision of social and welfare advice and legal services£35,000£35,000
Total Service delivery £264,000 £365,000

There are various ways to have your say:

Other proposals

We also have a number of proposals which affect our internal day to day operations but don't impact on our services to residents. As these proposals do not impact services to residents we do not consult on them publicly.

What happens next?

We'll record your views and consider the findings before making final decisions.

Following the end of public consultation we'll review your feedback and provide details of this to councillors before final decisions are made at Budget Council on Wednesday, 27 February 2019.

Our financial challenge 2019-2020

Watch this video to find out how we spend your money, why we need to save more, what we've done already and how you can help. Over the past 9 years (2009-2018), we've made £178 million of savings but to meet the challenge of having even less money to fund services, we need to find new ways of working.

Equality impact assessments

We're assessing the potential equality impact which the proposals may have and are undertaking full Equality Impact Assessments (EIAs) where this is appropriate. The EIAs are draft working documents which are to be developed over time. This means that, as further details become available through the consultation process, the EIAs will be updated and finalised before a final decision is reached.

We've  included the relevant draft Equality Impact Assessment with each proposal which assesses the likely or actual effects on people with characteristics protected by the Equality Act 2010.

Make suggestions for how we can make even more savings

We have to decide where and how to reduce your services or increase the council's income. We need to make sure the council's limited resources are spent as efficiently and effectively as possible.

We're always looking to improve council services. If you've any suggestions for saving money or improving council services please send us your ideas and views. Your ideas and views matter.

Email suggestions to:

Simple things you can do to help us save money

By doing some simple things you can also help us save money.

What you can do How it saves money
Recycle more of your household rubbish If we increased recycling and reduced general waste to landfill by 5% we would save £1.2 million a year.

Report any rubbish that’s been dumped.

Use the waste and recycling sites

Dumped rubbish not only spoils the environment, it also costs time and resources to clear it up. By reporting fly-tipping you could help us to catch the offenders who are breaking the law; we won't hesitate to take action and prosecute. This should reduce the amount of rubbish that's dumped. 
Dispose of your litter responsibly Do you see untidy litter spoiling the town and countryside where you live? The cost of street cleansing is about £2 million per annum which includes picking up litter that's been dropped together with the cost of emptying bins. 
Shop locally Every £1 you spend will generate £4 for the local economy which means you're investing in the economy of our borough. You’re also supporting your local community, helping to support jobs and keeping money in the local economy. It does make a difference - supporting your local town centres means more variety and choice will remain on the high street.

Pay your Council Tax by Direct Debit

Pay for other council services such as adult care charges by Direct Debit

It costs us less to administer Direct Debit than any other payment method.

You can also pay for other council services by Direct Debit such as Careline charges and Adult Care charges for care at home.

Become a volunteer Make a positive contribution to the local community, learn and develop a new skill, become a Community Champion or provide support to local people. Whatever you decide there are lots of opportunities available locally however much time you have to spare.
Foster or adopt a child

Looking after a child using an external foster provider is around double the cost of using foster carers we recruit. A foster carer's role is to work alongside us in supporting the child to achieve their full potential in a safe, secure and stable home.

Use your council website

Other things you can report or apply for online

Please continue to use your council website to access services available online rather than contacting us by phone or in person. It costs just a few pence rather than several pounds to access services online rather than visiting us in-person or contacting us by phone.