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Choosing childcare

Choosing childcare options

​​​​​​​​When choosing childcare you need to decide what works best for you and your child. The information at the links below is available on Our Rochdale.

  • View childcare options - complete list of childcare options which includes how to access free childcare. You'll also be able to use the search bar to search for childcare by postcode, name or keyword search.

Things to consider before choosing suitable childcare

​​​Choosing childcare can be difficult and you may need to visit several local options to see what's available. It can be easier to first ask detailed questions over the phone so you can take notes.

Always follow this up with a visit, either with or without your child, and do listen to your instincts. The best childcare providers expect questions and are happy to answer them.

  • First impressions. Visit the setting to see if it looks clean and cheerful and has a friendly feel. Is there plenty of space to play inside and outside? Are the staff and children talking and playing together? Do you feel welcome and are the staff easy to talk to?
  • Safety. Your child’s safety should be top priority. What happens in an emergency? What precautions are in place? Do they have finger guards on doors? ​Is it secure? Do they have visitor control systems in use?
  • Environment. Look at the equipment and facilities on offer. Is there a variety of equipment and activities to give your child creative and stimulating experiences? Is children’s work on display? Are there separate areas for quiet time and noisy/messy play? How many children are in your child’s room?
  • Staff. Ask about qualifications, training and experience. How long have staff been working there and is there a good balance of ages in the team? Will your child have a key worker and how will you find out how your child is getting on and developing?
  • Care. It’s important to speak to other parents with children in the setting, so ask how you can arrange this. Is there a flexible settling-in period? How do staff deal with misbehaviour and homesickness? Does the setting have visitors and events? And do children go out on visits? Is the setting flexible enough to fit in with work hours? Ask about the latest Ofsted inspection or get the Ofsted Unique Refe​rence Number (URN) from the setting and view the inspection report.
  • Meals. What’s on the menu? Is it healthy and is water always available?
  • Disabilities and Special Educational Needs (SEN) . What experience do staff have of caring for children with disabilities and SEN? How would they adapt activities for your child? Is the building fully accessible?
  • Childcare costs Find out about any financial help to meet your costs, such as the childcare element of Working Tax Credit, childcare vouchers, free childcare for training and learning for work or free early education for eligible 2 year olds and all 3 and 4 year olds. Contact your preferred childcare provider for charges once the free allocation has been used.

A combination of childcare services may suit you best. Other factors you should consider include:

Ofsted inspections

Ofsted regularly inspects all childminders, to assess their strengths and highlight areas for improvement.

You can access Ofsted reports for each provider, where available, with each childcare provider listing or search the Ofsted website.

  • Find a childcare provider by area  - you can also view the Ofsted report with each childcare provider listing, where available.
  • Go to the Ofsted site - search by name address or Unique Reference Number. Your chosen childcare provider should be able to provide you with the Unique Reference number. 

 Complaining about a childcare provider

There are several ways you can try to solve an issue with a childcare provider. If you think a child is in immediate danger, call the police on 999.


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