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Accommodation for cared for children

Help to get your first house

As part of your Pathway Plan your social worker and personal advisor will help you choose the most appropriate accommodation to meet your needs. This may include

  • Taster flats - live on your own for a short period of time before deciding whether you're ready to rent your own house or flat on a long term basis.
  • Supported accommodation - this is a stepping stone to renting your own house or flat. Help is on hand for day-to-day tasks such as budgeting, cooking and shopping. Most people tend to stay in supported accommodation for between 6 months and 2 years.
  • Renting your own house or flat - when you're ready, talk to your social worker or personal advisor who will help you decide whether it's the right time to find independent accommodation.

Setting up home

Taster flats and supported accommodation are fully furnished. However, when you move into your own house or flat you'll receive an allowance of £2,000 to help you set up home.

This is not a lot of money when trying to buy everything for your first home. It’s important that you spend some time working out what you need and how much it all costs. You can ask for help from your foster carer, personal advisor, residential worker, social worker or someone else you feel comfortable with.

It's helpful to list the items you may need when moving into your first home to decide whether you can afford everything you want. You may want to shop around and find alternatives. You can do this online with your social worker or personal advisor, or plan a visit to local shops. Have a look around at home and check things against the list with your foster carer or residential worker.


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