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Notification of Cared for Children placed or discharged

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Arrangements for placement of children – Children’s Homes and Looked After Children (Miscellaneous Amendment) (England) Regulations 2103

Statutory notifications of children placed in Rochdale in accordance with Children’s Act 1989

If you make changes to the care of a child who is in an out of borough placement, you must inform the local authority the child has come from. ​You must also inform the education service and the relevant Health Trust.

We maintain a register of all Looked After Children and children placed in the Rochdale borough.

Children's homes

The manager of a children’s home must notify without delay the area local authority (if different from the placing authority) of the admission to/discharge from the home of any child.

See the links below for the services available in Rochdale for Looked after Children and to complete the placement/removal form.

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