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Responsible Retailer Scheme

​​​​​​The Responsible Retailers Scheme is aimed at retailers who sell age-restricted products, including alcohol, cigarettes and knives.

Retailers who've signed up to the scheme

Retailers around the borough have already signed up and made a commitment to be responsible retailers.

Join the Responsible Retailer Scheme

If you'd like to join the scheme:

  1. Email us to arrange a visit or call 01706 924145 and an officer will get back to you.
  2. At the visit, we'll guide you through the criteria and the application form.
  3. Once you're signed up, we'll give you some guidance material to display in your premises.

Email to arrange a visit

Rules of the Responsible Retailer Scheme

As a responsible retailer you must:

  • Abide by all legislation relating to underage sales.
  • Operate a Challenge 25 policy when selling any age-restricted products, only accept bona fide forms of identification as proof of age (for example, passport or driving licence) and refuse sale if this can't be provided.
  • Keep an ‘identification log’ up-to-date with a record of any sales or attempted purchases where identification was requested.
  • Attend any training event or forums run by the scheme.
  • Ensure staff receive regular training on legislation relating to age-restricted products and keep an up-to-date record of training given to staff members.
  • Clearly display signs required by legislation, stating minimum age requirements for the products you sell, for example, statutory notices for tobacco products and fireworks.
  • Understand that test-purchasing of age-restricted products could be carried out at your premises at any time.

Why join the Responsible Retailer Scheme

In return for joining the Responsible Retailer Scheme, you'll:

  • Receive 6 monthly newsletters to provide you with support, advice and updates on legislation.
  • Provide advertising material for you to display in your premises.
  • Promote the responsible retailers scheme and its members.

Report a retailer for selling to underage customers

If you think a retailer may be selling age-restricted products to underage customers, you can report it to us using the contact details on this page.

Aims of the Responsible Retailer Scheme

The scheme aims to:

  • Encourage retailers to be responsible when it comes to selling age-restricted products.
  • Reduce crime, antisocial behaviour and poor health which may be related to the use and abuse of age-restricted products.
  • Protect customers from harm.
  • Give customers peace of mind when shopping.

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