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Local land charges search

We update and maintain our local land charges register. The register holds information about:

  • Planning permissions or conditions which will affect your use of the property or land.
  • Financial charges or debts which you'll become liable for if you buy the land.
  • Proposals to build new infrastructure in the surrounding areas, such as a new road or train track.
  • Trees on the property which are protected by a Tree Preservation Order.
  • Who maintains the road and footpath outside the property.
  • Whether the property is a Listed Building.
  • If the house or land is in a conservation area.

Why request a local land charge search

When you buy a property or a piece of land, it's important a local land charge search is carried out so you can find out if there are any issues affecting the land or property.

A local land charge search prevents you from buying a piece of land or property without knowing about the restrictions, charges or obligations that come with it.

Conduct a personal local land charge search

Anyone can carry out a search of the local land charge register FREE of charge. The inspection of the local land charges register can be viewed and notes of the relevant information can be made from the self-service system which is situated in the central reception area at Number One Riverside, Smith Street, Rochdale OL16 1XU. Find Number One Riverside.

  • No appointment is required
  • The system is available 9am-5pm, Monday-Friday
  • Assistance can be given when logging on by customer advisors in the central reception area
  • The agent must interpret the information given and the officers of the Council are not obliged to interpret the information on their behalf

Request an official local land charge search

Coronavirus (COVID-19). We'll only accept local land charge search requests submitted by email. Payments must be made using BACS (Bankers Automated Clearing Services) - see details below for how to pay. We can't accept requests which are sent in the post or delivered in person at the moment. We'll continue to monitor the situation closely, carefully and frequently and will update this website if anything changes.

You can ask us to search the local land charge register for you. You'll get an official report from us which all banks and mortgage providers will accept.

If you ask us to conduct an official search and then you become liable for any charges, restrictions or obligations which didn't show on our report when they should have, you'll be compensated for your losses.

To request an official local land charge search:

  1. Your solicitor will usually request a search for you, however, you can also request a search yourself.
  2. Buy an application form for the type of search you would like to request. To do this, view the types of official searches in the section below then buy the form you need for your type of search from a reputable stationary shop.
  3. Complete the application form and email it to us.
  4. View the fees below then pay by BACS using the details on this page.
  5. We aim to email you a report listing the results of the search within 14 working days.
Email your completed form to

Types of official searches

LLC1 search

Fee: £21

An LLC1 search contains any charges, restrictions or prohibitions registered with us. Everything listed on this search will transfer to you if you buy the property or land.

CON29 search

Fee: £115 without VAT, £159 with VAT. This search includes the LLC1 search fees.

A CON29 search contains information about road schemes, planning and building control history as well as any legal notices that may affect the property or land.

CON29 optional search

Fee: £30 without VAT, £36 with VAT

You can ask for a CON29 additional in addition to the CON29 search. This includes all the planning application proposals we've received for the property or land. It also includes any restrictions to connecting or adjacent properties and land.

Common land search

Fee: £20 without VAT, £24 with VAT

This will let you know whether the land you'd like to buy is registered as common land. Everyone has the right to access common land even if you own it. More about common land on GOV.UK.

Water search

A water report will tell you what pipes and drainage systems are in, around or under the land or property you want to buy.

You can ask United Utilities to conduct a water search for you.

Coal mining search

A coal mining search will give information about coal mining activity near the land you want to buy.

You can ask The Coal Authority to conduct a coal mine search for you.

Paying us by BACS (Bankers Automated Clearing Services)

You'll need the following details to pay us for a local land charge search using a banking app, internet banking or telephone banking.

  • Account number: 53511367
  • Sort Code: 20-55-58
  • Reference: please use the reference LLC followed by the address of the property you're asking us to search.

Once you've sent the payment, please email to let us know you've made the payment.


01706 924744

Phone: 9am–4.45pm, Monday–Friday.

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