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Training and Conference Centre at Number One Riverside, Rochdale.

Doing business with us - tenders and contracts

Local Investment - help us spend more with local businesses​​​​​​

Rochdale Borough Council wants to spend more with local businesses. If you're a local business or trader operating in the borough of Rochdale we've information in the supplier resource area to help you that includes:

  • Frequently asked questions about tendering opportunities.
  • How to register to view advertised tenders.
  • Tips for submitting a tender. 

Buying and selling through STAR Procurement

We participate in a shared procurement service with Stockport, Tameside and Trafford Councils called STAR Procurement. About STAR Procurement.

STAR Procurement supports its 4 councils with the broad range of procurement services for supplies, services or works contracts that are not provided or delivered in-house by the council.

STAR Procurement's website is a central resource for supporting STAR councils, some of the partners they work with and their suppliers. There's a suppliers resource area on the website which you can freely access.

Key resources available to you in the suppliers area of the STAR website include:

  1. Local Investment - detailing how STAR Procurement is supporting its councils in local investment for low value contract requirements.
  2. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) - a range of FAQs dealing with aspects of tendering with STAR councils.
  3. Social value guidance - this is aimed at supporting suppliers to meet the STAR councils' requirements for social value submissions within requests for quotation or invitations to tender.
  4. Top tips for tendering - a range of tips and advice which will assist you when responding to requests for quotation and invitations to tender.
  5. Modern slavery - guidance on obligations imposed on suppliers by the Modern Slavery Act and expectations from STAR councils.
  6. Links to support suppliers - links to external organisations that may be of interest and should help you as a supplier to the public sector..
  7. Glossary of terms - procurement jargon can be confusing at times. This glossary aims to interpret the more complicated jargon into more understandable language.
 View the suppliers resource area

Where we advertise open quotations and tenders

Councils supported by STAR Procurement advertise all open quotations and tenders on The Chest - an electronic procurement portal covering public sector organisations across North West England.

You can register on The Chest for free. It provides access to tenders published by STAR councils and other public sector bodies across the region.

Help us to pay you on time

If you're sending invoices to Rochdale Borough Council for payment you'll need to follow the relevant invoicing arrangements factsheet. This should ensure a speedier payment process for suppliers who are unsure about the protocol for submitting invoices.  

Contact us

STAR Procurement operates on a Category Management basis, with 3 key categories – People, Place and Professional. These 3 category teams specialise in, and manage procurement for their categories across the STAR councils. 


STAR Procurement welcomes feedback on both the service it provides and its website. They want to hear from you if you've interacted with them, want to share your views about its website or suggest additional content and links which you think will better support you in doing business with STAR Councils.

Other commercial opportunities with the council

Find out about competitively priced council services for businesses and organisations. This includes services such as office spaces to let, catering services, cleaning services, land and property for sale, advertising on council assets and more

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Contact STAR Procurement

STAR Procurement is the shared procurement service for Stockport, Trafford and Rochdale Councils.