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Copy certificates for births, deaths and marriages

A copy certificate is a certified copy of a birth, death or marriage register entry.

Since 1837 ​we've been responsible for recording all the births, deaths and marriages which take place in Rochdale borough.

Certificates you can get from Rochdale Register Office

You can get birth, death and marriage copy certificates from us for the following areas:

If the birth, death or marriage took place outside of the borough, you'll need to apply for a copy certificate from the council responsible for the area where it took place, instead.

Apply for a copy of a certificate

You can apply for a copy birth, death or marriage certificate using either our priority service or our standard service, depending on how quickly you need the certificate

Please note: central government set the fees for copy certificates.

Priority service copy certificate application

If you need a copy certificate within 5 days, apply using our priority service. Available Monday-Friday only.

  1. You can apply online or over the phone. To apply:
    • Online - complete and submit the relevant application form below. You'll still need to ring us to pay for the fee.
    • Over the phone - ring us using the contact details on this page.
  2. It costs:
    • £35 if you apply on online.
    • £40 if you ring us to apply.
  3. If you apply online, ring us to pay the application fee by credit or debit card. Please wait at least 2 hours after your submit your form before ringing. You'll need to pay within 2 working days or we'll cancel your application.
  4. If we receive your payment before 3pm, we'll post your certificate within 24 hours.

Standard service copy certificate application

To get a copy certificate after 5 working days, apply using our standard service.

  1. Apply online. Complete and submit the relevant application form below. You'll still need to ring us to pay the fee. Please wait at least 2 hours after you submit your form before ringing. You'll need to pay within 2 working days or we'll cancel your application.
  2. It costs £11 per certificate.
  3. Once you've paid, we'll post it out after 5 working days using 2nd class post. 

Application forms to apply for copy certificates

Use the relevant online application form below to apply for a copy certificate using our priority or standard service.

Birth certificate - apply for a copy online (opens in a new window)

Death certificate - apply for a copy online (opens in a new window)

Marriage certificate - apply for a copy online (opens in a new window)

Information you'll need to apply for a copy certificate

You'll need to tell us your name and address, your reasons for wanting the certificate and your relationship to the person or people listed on the certificate.

You'll also need to know:

  • Birth certificate
    The full name of the person, date of birth, place of birth and names of the parents and mother's maiden name.
  • Death certificate
    The full name, marital status and occupation of the deceased, the date of death and the place of death.
  • Marriage certificate
    The full names and ages of both people at the time of the wedding, date of the wedding and place of the wedding.


01706 924784 (note: phone lines can be very busy)

Phone: Monday–Friday 9am–4.45pm.
Fax: 0844 963 231

Rochdale Register Office
Number One Riverside
Smith Street 
Rochdale OL16 1XU

Opening hours

Monday–Friday: 9am–4.15pm
(On the last Tuesday of each month, the office opens at 10.30am)
Saturday and Sunday: ceremonies only

Birth registration, death registration and giving notice of marriage – by prior appointment only