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War dead buried in the borough of Rochdale

Local people who lost their lives during World War I and World War II and following conflicts are buried at cemeteries within the borough.

List of war dead buried at cemeteries in the borough of Rochdale

War dead are listed alphabetically by surname for each cemetery:

To find Commonwealth war dead at cemeteries in other boroughs search the Commonwealth War Graves Commission.

Heywood Cemetery

Find the location of cemeteries in the borough

NameNumberCemeteryAgeDiedRegimentGrave refDetails
Ashworth229581Heywood 9 May 1918Air Mechanic 1st Class C, Air Station, Royal Air ForceE. Chapel. 579
Barley, Harry031770Heywood2819 June 1919Royal Army Ordinance CorpsB. Church. 525

Son of Cornelius and Elizabeth Barley of 43 Withington St, Chadderton, Oldham.

See image of Barley, Harry's grave

Booth, F24599Heywood263 December 191515th Bn, Sherwood ForestersG. Church. 525Son of Mrs Sarah Booth of 11 Victoria St, Chadderton, Oldham

See image of Booth, F's grave
Burke, T302379Heywood 8 March 1919Royal Air ForceD.R.C.581Husband of C Burke of 64 Rouse Street, Sudden, Rochdale
Burt, John213Heywood4510 June 19197th Bn; Cheshire RegimentG.Church30Husband of Sarah Ann Burt of 201 Kingsland Road, Marland, Rochdale

See image of Burt, John's grave
Butterfield, JSS/18968Heywood4513 August 1917Army Service CorpsH.Gen.292Son of Michel and Caroline Butterfield of Heywood; husband of Rachel Butterfield, of 33 Albert Street, Heywood

See image of Butterfield, J's grave
Butterworth, J281057Heywood2018 February 1917Lancashire FusiliersH.Church10Son of Adam and Mary Butterworth, of 12 Merrick Street, Hopwood, Heywood

See image of Butterworth, J's grave
Cross, Peter229141Heywood3923 June 19175th Reserve Bde; Royal Field ArtilleryH.Chapel410Son of Henry and Mary Cross, of Castleton; husband of Betty Cross, of 1, Holmes Cottage, Holmes Street, Bury Road, Rochdale

See image of Cross, Peter's grave
Hawkins, JV95021Heywood 1 May 191853rd Bn., Manchester RegimentK.Chapel277 See image of Hawkins, JV's grave
Holden, S37460Heywood 20 March 19163rd Bn., South Wales BorderersD.Chapel536 See image of Holden, S's grave
Howarth, Thomas33144Heywood3815 March 191821st Reserve Bn., Lancashire Fusiliers, transfer. to Labour CorpsB.Chapel.432Son of George and Amelia Howarth, of 26, New York Street, Rochdale

See image of Howarth, Thomas' grave
Hoyle, J585Heywood 25 August 19171st/5th Bn., Lancashire FusiliersG.Church538
Hutchinson, Joseph1819Heywood3710 March 19186th Bn., Leinster RegimentJ.RC.66Husband of 33, Agnes street, Castleton, Rochdale

See image of Hutchison, Joseph's grave
Jones, Wilfred161540Heywood3228 January 191913th Mountain Battery, Royal Garrison ArtilleryC.Church101Son of Mrs Mary Ellen Wood, of 17, Nellie Street, Heywood

See image of Jones, Wilfred's grave
Kay, A8251Heywood 1 November 19181st Bn., King's Own (Royal Lancaster Regiment)B.Church167
Kennealey, B7173Heywood 13 July 19151st Bn., East Lancashire RegimentJ.RC.28 See image of Kennealey, B's grave
Kenney, S201541Heywood 18 July 19175th Bn., Lancashire FusiliersJ.Chapel89Husband of E Kenney, of 123, Manchester Street, Heywood

See image of Kenney, S's grave
Lee, James59176Heywood 18 July 1917Machine Gun Corps (Infantry)A.C. of E.380Son of Samuel and Mary Lee, of 50, Rochdale Road, Heywood
Livsey, William ThomasT/307819Heywood3119 August 1919H.T., Royal Army Service CorpsC.Church171Husband of Lilian Stott (formerly Livsey), of 16, Barton Street, Chadderton, Oldham

See image of Livsey, William Thomas' grave
Lord, W31259Heywood 18 March 1916Lancashire FusiliersH.Church207
Martin, J20549Heywood 4 December 191511th Bn., King's Own (Royal Lancaster Regiment)A.Chapel292 See image of Martin, J's grave
McIntyre, J22910Heywood3117 January 1917East Lancashire RegimentD.RC570Husband of C Price (formerly McIntyre), of 10, Back, Manchester Street, Heywood
Morter, GH3905Heywood 27 December 19165th Bn., Lancashire FusiliersC.Church2 See image of Morter, GH's grave
Oates, J64088Heywood255 October 1918Depot, Cheshire RegimentJ.RC31Son of Martin and Julia Oates, of 5, Hilton Street, Heywood

See image of Oates, J's grave
O'Day, William201195Heywood4024 July 19183rd/5th Bn., Lancashire FusiliersG.Church96Husband of Ellen O'Day, of 99, Bury New Road, Heywood

See image of O'Day, William's grave
Parkinson, F45653Heywood 12 February 19192nd/4th Bn., Lancashire Fusiliers, transfer. to (651911), Labour CorpsC.Church131Husband of Mrs Cook (formerly Parkinson), of 8, Princess Street, Hopwood, Heywood

See image of Parkinson, F's grave
Richardson, CA66833Heywood382 October 1915Royal Field ArtilleryD.Church211Husband of Edith M Richardson, of 25, Hill Street, Heywood

See image of Richardson, CA's grave
Scott, A24649Heywood261 December 1918"C" Bty. 107th Bde., Royal Field ArtilleryG.Chapel672Son of Mr RA Scott, of Alexandra Street, Castleton

See image of Scott, A's grave
Shepherd, MHM/288033Heywood 29 March 1917No. 1 MT Depot, Army Service CorpsG.Church568Husband of SE Glew (formerly Shepherd), of 23, Durley Road, South Shore Blackpool

See image of Shepherd, MH's grave
Stanier, John95137Heywood2623 August 1920Royal Defence CorpsE.Church85ASon of William and Jane Stanier, of Cemetery Lodge, Heywood

See image of Stanier, John's grave
Taggart, RichardPLY/259(S)Heywood2627 June 1915Plymouth Bn., R.N. Div, Royal Marine Light infantryH.RC.559Son of John and Mabelia Arm Taggart. Born at Heywood
Teens, FA1295Heywood 5 September 19145th Bn., Lancashire FusiliersK.Chapel86 
Turner, JJDM2/096674Heywood3628 November 1915MT Army Service CorpsH.Chapel215Son of Hannah Turner, of 45 Howard Street, Rochdale, and the late Joseph Turner

See image of Turner, JJ's grave
Walsh, J21978Heywood 8 August 191622nd Bn., Lancashire FusiliersJ/R.C.3.55 See image of Walsh, J's grave
Wild, J3926Heywood 1 December 19185th Bn., Lancashire Fusiliers, transf. to (464865) 669th Agricultural Coy., Labour CorpsA.Church45 
Bancroft, Joseph2215450Heywood4311 April 1946Royal Air Force Volunteer ReserveSec. JC. of E.Grave 877Son of Joseph and Martha Bancroft; husband of Lena Bancroft, of Heywood

See image of Bancroft, Joseph's grave
Bennett, William Janes3451567Heywood2112 June 19402/6th Bn., Lancashire FusiliersSec JC. of E.Grave 297Son of Albert Edward and Elizabeth Bennett, of Heywood

See image of Bennett, William Janes' grave
Butterworth, James1149758Heywood2410 January 1945Royal Air Force Volunteer ReserveSec. GGrave 365Son of Walter and Elsie Butterworth, of Heywood
Corns, AlfredD/JX 290352Heywood2216 May 1944HMS President III, royal NavySec. DGrave 68Son of Alfred and Minnie Corns, of Heywood

See image of Corns, Alfred's grave
Coutts, Richard Sheriff19080006Heywood1828 October 1946General Service CorpsSec. JC. of E.Grave 787Son of John William and Annie Coutts, of Heywood
Dawson, John5250739Heywood2422 December 194152nd Div. Sigs., Corps of SignalsSec JC. of E.Grave 347Son of Alice Hannah Dawson, of Heywood; foster-son of Jonas Binns; husband of Lena Dawson, of Heywood

See image of Dawson, John's grave
Dixon, Arnold4467664Heywood 21 January 1941Durham Light InfantrySec JC. of EGrave 238 See image of Dixon, Arnold's grave
Edge, Frederick14582907Heywood2118 March 1946Pioneer CorpsSec JC. of E.Grave 489Son of Ernest Edward and Ethel Edge, of Sudden, Rochdale

See image of Edge, Frederick's grave
England. George3859555Heywood2426 June 19411st Bn., The Loyal Regiment (North Lancashire)Sec H.Grave 468Son of Joel and Margaret England, of Heywood; husband of Zillah England, of Heywood
Fell, William3449051Heywood3722 June 19411/6th Bn., Lancashire FusiliersSec H.Grave 280Son of Mr and Mrs Benjamin Fell; husband of Mary Elizabeth Fell, of Rochdale

See image of Fell, William's grave
Ford, Harold Joseph1031742Heywood206 November 1943Royal Air Force Volunteer ReserveSec JC. of E.Grave 302Son of Dennis and Alice Ford; husband of Beryl Ford, of Heywood
Gaskell, Samuel14713312Heywood419 August 1944Royal Army Ordnance CorpsSec FGrave 26BSon of Harry and Emma Gaskell, of Heywood; husband of Mary Theresa Gaskell, of Heywood

See image of Gaskell, Samuel's grave
Griffin, Percy1484538Heywood3924 March 1945Royal Air Force Volunteer ForceSec BGrave 306Son of Herbert William and Emily Lucy Griffin; husband of Lena Griffin, of Castleton, Rochdale

See image of Griffin, Percy's grave
Hamill, JosephT/3447550Heywood2418 July 1942Royal Army Service CorpsSec JC of EGrave 368Son of Joseph Moore Hamill and Annie Hamill; husband of Ruth Hamill, of Heywood

See image of Hamill, Joseph's grave
Harman, Daniel3442054Heywood3827 January 19461/5th Bn., Lancashire FusiliersSec JC of EGrave 496son of Alice Frances Harman; husband of Elizabeth Harman, of Heap Bridge
Holt, Blake1306958Heywood3131 October 1944Royal Air Force Volunteer ReserveSec FGrave 504Son of Vernon and Charlotte Holt, of Heywood; husband of Ellen Holt, of Heywood
Holt, Stanley1734724Heywood 8 December 1943Royal ArtillerySec TC. of E.Grave 324 See image of Holt, Stanley's grave
Howarth, Ronald3449615Heywood 1918 September 19406th Bn., The Loyal Regiment (North Lancashire)Sec BGrave 422Son of Leonard and Martha E Howarth, of Heywood
Kenyon, Arthur1121331Heywood2017 March 1941Royal Air Force Volunteer ReserveSec D.ConsGrave 685Son of Mr and Mrs Herbert Kenyon, of Heywood
Kershaw, William Dyson1580784Heywood227 September 1943Royal Air Force Volunteer ReserveSec AGrave 464Son of Leonard and Ellen Kershaw, of Whitworth
Kirby, Gerard3130754Heywood255 June 19424/5th Bn., Royal Scots FusiliersSec JR.C.Grave 325Son of Robert and Annie Kirby, of Heywood; husband of Irene kirby, of Rochdale

See image of Kirby, Gerard's grave
Ludlam, James1775748Heywood3112 February 1943547 Coast Regt., Royal ArtillerySec BGrave 255
McLoughlin, James3435404Heywood4025 April 1941Pioneer CorpsSec JR.C.Grave 190Son of James and Mary Ann McLoughlin; husband of Nellie McLoughlin, of Heywood

See image of McLoughlin, James' grave
Midgley, John84008Heywood544 February 1946Royal Air ForceSec CGrave 275Son of Amos and Mary Ann Midgley, of Heywood; husband of Elsie Midgley, of Heywood

See image of Midgley, John's grave
Mills, Thomas2593232Heywood2813 September 1944Royal Corps of SignalsSec MGrave 263Son of Thomas and Jane Alice Mills, of Heywood.

See image of Mills, Thomas' grave
Phillips, Sydney14860049Heywood202 March 1946Border RegimentSec FGrave 205Son of Charles Edward and Mary Phillips, of Heywood
Schofield, Henry3450115Heywood216 December 194230th Bn., South Wales BorderersSec J.R.C.Grave 375Son of James and Sarah Elizabeth Schofield
Scully, Thomas Owen522981Heywood299 November 19401 Sqdn., Royal Air ForceSec TR.C.Grave 333Son of John J Scully and Catherine Scully, of Heywood

See image of Scully, Thomas Owen's grave
Shepherd, Joseph2209614Heywood1931 March 1944514 Sqdn., Royal air Force Volunteer ReserveSec  JC. of E.Grave 883Son of Lawrence and Hettie Shepherd, of Heywood

See image of Shepherd, J's grave
Silcock, James1078931Heywood3218 November 1941Royal Air Force Volunteer ReserveSec HGrave 463Son of Robert and Mary Alice Silcock; husband of Emily Silcock, of Rochdale

See image of Silcock, J's grave
Spencer, Thomas Richard Heywood5322 April 194460th County of Lancaster (Heywood and Radcliffe) Bn., Home guardSec JC. of E.Grave 431

Son of Mr and Mrs Jack Spencer; husband of Emma Spencer, of Heywood

See image of Spencer, TR's grave

Stratton, George Herbert142798Heywood451 March 1943Sherwood Foresters (Notts and Derby Regiment)Sec CGrave 333Son of George and Alice Stratton; husband of Sarah Ellen Stratton, of St. Annes-on-Sea
Wakelin, Harold1717872Heywood283 January 1944203 Lt. A.A. Bty. Royal ArtillerySec C UnconsGrave 277 See image of Wakelin, Harold's grave
Walmsley1528517Heywood2325 February 1944Royal Air Force Volunteer ReserveSec CUnconsGrave 277Son of John And Florence Walmsley, of Heywood

See image of Walmsley's grave
Watson, David Alexander5735503Heywood202 October 1943Dorsetshire RegimentSec JC. of E.Grave 411Son of Stanley and Charlotte Watson, of Hopwood, Heywood

See image of Watson, DA's grave
Wells, William13062209Heywood292 February 1943Pioneer CorpsSec JR.C.Grave 364Son of Frederick Blake Wells and of Mary Alice Wells, of Rochdale
Wood, AlecT/146287Heywood2512 December 1940Royal Army Service CorpsSec JR.C.Grave 345Son of William and Margaret Wood, of Heywood; husband of Mary Wood, of Heywood

See image of Wood, Alec's grave
Wood, HoraceT/11267453Heywood242 December 1944Royal Army Service CorpsSec JC. of E.Grave 444Son of James and Maggie Wood, of Heywood
Wright, Geoffrey Clegg1022293Heywood 20 January 1944Royal Air Force Volunteer ReserveSec HGrave 23 See image of Wright, Geoffrey Clegg's grave
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Middleton Boarshaw Cemetery

Find the location of cemeteries in the borough

NameNumberCemeteryAgeDiedRegimentGrave refDetails
Clarke, C11344Middleton Boarshaw2428 February 19196th Bn., Lancashire Fusiliers, (265203) Western Command Labour Centre., Labour CorpsA.234Son of Samuel Clarke, of 34, Thornley Street, Middleton
Hardy, ETR3/5956Middleton Boarshaw1826 June 191749th Bn., Training ReserveH.58Son of Mrs Elizabeth Hardy, of 2, Lower Stannicliffe, Rochdale Road, Middleton

See image of Hardy, E's grave
Keefe, James9977Middleton Boarshaw502 May 19186th Bn., Lancashire Fusiliers, transf. to (243686) Serjt. 422nd Agricultural Coy., Labout CorpsD. 1030Son of Patrick and Mary Keefe; husband of Catherine Keefe, of 27, Old Hall Street, Middleton

See image of Keefe, James' grave
McDondach, J18275Middleton Boarshaw215 November 191817th Bn., Lancashire Fusiliers, transf. to (269259) 549th (Home Service) Employment Coy., Labour CorpsD. 1251Son of William and Elizabeth McDondach, of Aberdeen

See image of McDondach, J's grave
​Rigby, Lee James​25225238​Middleton Boarshaw​25​22 May 2013​The Royal Regiment of Fusiliers

See image of Rigby, Lee James' grave

Rowan, G958Middleton Boarshaw5025 September 19158th Bn., Manchester RegimentD. 1042Husband of Elizabeth Rowan, of 24, Sandy Lane, Middleton
Spragg, Harry22634Middleton Boarshaw2522 November 1918Depot, Lancashire FusiliersA. 1034Son of James and Emma Spragg, of 161, Victoria Avenue, Blackley, Manchester, Born at Middleton
Watson, W Middleton Boarshaw 18 June 1918Durham Light InfantryA. 232
Asbury, Oswald William Dester3658925Middleton Boarshaw2828 July 19445th Bn., East Lancashire RegimentSec DGrave 1496Son of Samuel Richard Dester Asbury and of Florence May Asbury, of Middleton; husband of Phyliss Asbury
Bithell, Frederick1696431Middleton Boarshaw2229 November 1944Royal Air Force Volunteer ReserveSec DGrave 4Son of Frederick James Bithell and Eveline Bithell, of Middleton
Brian, Noel3449585Middleton Boarshaw2013 January 19401/6th Bn., Lancashire FusiliersGrave 1720Son of Samuel and Elizabeth Alice Brian, of Middleton

See image of Brian, N's grave
Brogden, Richard1983315Middleton Boarshaw 17 August 1944Royal EngineersSec D.Grave 1606Son of Richard and Emma Brogden; husband of Eunice Brogden, of Middleton

See image of Brogden, R's grave
Elms, Robert641574Middleton Boarshaw2310 September 1941Royal Air ForceSec D.Grave 1793Son of Robert and Eva Elms; grandson of F. Filmer, of Middleton

See image of Elms, Robert
Halliwell, William2209228Middleton Boarshaw1910 November 1943Royal Air Force Volunteer ReserveSec D.Grave 1795Son of James and Fanny Halliwell, of Middleton

See image of Halliwell, W's grave
Kay, Alan7359049Middleton Boarshaw247 August 1943Royal Army Medical CorpsSec A.Grave 323Son of Bennie and Jane Kay, of Middleton; husband of Mabel Kay, of Alkington, Middleton
Lee, Harry1538297Middleton Boarshaw236 May 1941Royal ArtillerySec D.Grave 1700Son of Harry and Annie Lee, of Middleton

See image of Lee, H's grave
Lindley, Raymond5126770Middleton Boarshaw192 December 19421/7th Bn., Royal Warwickshire RegimentSec A Grave 695Son of Leonard and Ada Lindley, of Boarshaw, Middleton
Newton, JohnD/SBR/X 7494Middleton Boarshaw435 November 1945Royal Navy Auxiliary Sick Berth ReserveSec D.Grave 230Son of John Jackson Newton and Emma Newton

See image of Newton, John's grave
Parkinson, Richard13031421Middleton Boarshaw4618 March 1947Royal Pioneer CorpsSec EGrave 243Son of Richard and Lily Parkinson; husband of Florence Parkinson of Middleton

See image of Parkinson, R's grave 
Rattigan, William3453809Middleton Boarshaw 29 October 1940South Lancashire RegimentSec E.Grave 128
See image of Rattigan, William's grave 
Taylor, Gordon10602290Middleton Boarshaw2214 May 194413th Bn., Highland Light Infantry (City of Glasgow Regiment)Sec D Grave 1386Son of Harold and Frances Mary Taylor, of Middleton

See image of Taylor, Gordon's grave
Tetlow, James3389776Middleton Boarshaw2711 May 19434th Bn., East Lancashire RegimentSec DGrave 1602Son of Frank and Clara Tetlow, of Middleton; husband of Beatrice Tetlow, of Middleton

See image of Tetlow, James' grave
Triplett, Frank542855Middleton Boarshaw2330 September 1944Royal Air ForceSec DGrave 1502Son of Mr and Mrs W Triplett, of Chadderton, Oldham
​Whalley, S​24279208​Middleton Boarshaw​18​7 February 1974​The Royal Regiment of Fusiliers

See image of Whalley, S's grave

Williams, John14770832Middleton Boarshaw3720 August 1945Artisan Works Coy., Royal EngineersSec DGrave 438Son of Sam and Sarah Anne Williams; husband of Annie Williams, of Boarshaw, Middleton

See image of Williams, John's grave
Woodcock, RobertT/10678100Middleton Boarshaw 12 November 1942Royal Army Service CorpsSec DGrave 1577Son of John and Zillah Woodcock; husband of Annie Woodcock, of Middleton

See image of Woodcock, Robert's grave

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Middleton - St Gabriel's Church

Find St Gabriel's Church on Google Maps

NameNumberCemeteryAgeDiedRegimentGrave refDetails
Blair, H33991Middleton - St Gabriel's Church 26 December 1917The King's (Liverpool Regiment)D. 150
Carter, HenryD/KX114119Middleton - St Gabriel's Church527 December 1946Royal NavySec GGrave 9 See image of Carter, Henry's grave 
Daniels, W69788Middleton - St Gabriel's Church329 January 1916Royal Army Medical CorpsE. 85 See image of Daniels, W's grave 
Evans, Herbert3663503Middleton - St Gabriel's Church222 November 1942South Lancashire RegimentPlot JGrave130 See image of Evans, Herbert's grave
Gosnell, George Leslie119552Middleton - St Gabriel's Church219 May 1942Royal Air Force Volunteer ReservePlot J Grave 115 
Hyde, A3295Middleton - St Gabriel's Church3226 June 1917Manchester RegimentF.100 See image of Hyde, A's grave
Law, Albert3454790Middleton - St Gabriel's Church 26 13 June 1942 Lancashire Fusiliers Plot JGrave 101 
Lever, Clifford Crawshaw1087138Middleton - St Gabriel's Church 7 June 1941Royal ArtilleryPlot DZGrave 15 
Lodge, FredM2/099096Middleton - St Gabriel's Church442 March 1920Royal Army Service CorpsC. 44 See image of Lodge, Fred's grave
Moult, Robert1742798Middleton - St Gabriel's Church3218 March 1941Royal ArtilleryPlot GGrave 243 See image of Moult, Robert's grave 
Mcmullen, John1132472Middleton - St Gabriel's Church2723 June 1945Royal ArtilleryPlot JGrave 116 
Pengelly, Harold Leslie2355531Middleton - St Gabriel's Church338 December 1945Royal Corps of SignalsPlot GGrave 380 See image of Pengelly, Harold Leslie's grave
Redfern, Jack1117298Middleton - St Gabriel's Church2126 February 1942Royal Air Force Volunteer ReservePlot JGrave 129 
Roberts, David3780845Middleton - St Gabriel's Church 14 August 1944Gordon HighlandersPlot BGrave 355 See image of Roberts, David's grave 
Waddington, TS3/022976Middleton - St Gabriel's Church 24 October 1917Army Service CorpsA 15 See image of Waddington, T's grave
 Williamson, JamesR/4082Middleton - St Gabriel's Church361 November 1918Royal Navy Volunteer Reserve  See image of Williamson, James' grave 
Eastwood, JE7182Middleton - St Leonard Churchyard 13 August 1916Manchester RegimentSouth-west of North Entrance 
Halliwell, Harvey1523572Middleton - St Leonard Churchyard2012 April 1944Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve  See image of Halliwell, Harvey's grave
Kay, EC5149Middleton - St Leonard Churchyard 27 July 1916Royal FusiliersSouth of North entrance 

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Middleton Old Cemetery

Find the location of cemeteries in the borough

NameNumberCemeteryAgeDiedRegimentGrave refDetails
Andrew, Thomas300852Middleton Old Cemetery 16 November 1918Royal Air ForceP. NC.4 See image of Andrew, Thomas' grave
Berry, WilfredMersey Z/1810Middleton Old Cemetery2729 January 1917Royal Naval Volunteer ReserveB. CE. 130 
Dawson, Wilfrid Derick14367155Middleton Old Cemetery1917 July 1943Royal ArtilleryGrave F. 22A 
Elliott, Thomas9915Middleton Old Cemetery2527 January 1915Lancashire FusiliersN. NC. 185 See image of Elliott, Thomas' grave 
Fox, Eric2008569Middleton Old Cemetery227 February 1942Royal EngineersGrave P. 50 
Gartside, JHM/354283Middleton Old Cemetery3727 February 1919Royal Army Service CorpsJ. NC. 22 
Hartley, William291053Middleton Old Cemetery2028 January 1919The Loyal North Lancashire RegimentO. NC 114 
Kinley, John James3533347Middleton Old Cemetery2222 March 1942Manchester RegimentGrave L. 143 See image of Kinley, John James' grave 
Mills, M3764Middleton Old Cemetery 14 October 1920Royal Air ForceJ. NC 46 
Price, James William305853Middleton Old Cemetery 26 November 1918Lancashire FusiliersO. NC 113 
Redfern, LW38964Middleton Old Cemetery 1 September 1917Training ReserveO. NC 209 See image of Redfern, LW's grave 
Roberts, HarryC/1294Middleton Old Cemetery2012 July 1918King's Royal Rifle CorpsN NC 173 See image of Roberts, Harry's grave
Rostron, James13076709Middleton Old Cemetery3127 May 1942Pioneer CorpsGrave M 51 See image of Rostron, James' grave
Saxon, Arthur1082914Middleton Old Cemetery 8 July 1944Royal ArtilleryGrave R. 15 
Taylor, L124159Middleton Old Cemetery 8 June 1918Royal Army Medical CorpsC. CE 39 See image of Taylor, L's grave
Wild, HTR/21253Middleton Old Cemetery 24 June 191768th Training ReserveE. CE 54 See image of Wild, H's grave

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Rochdale Cemetery

Find the location of cemeteries in the borough

NameNumberCemeteryAgeDiedRegimentGrave refDetails
Alderson, Charles228930Rochdale Cemetery323 November 1918Royal Air Force, formerly, Royal Naval Air ServiceSection RGrave 23359Husband of Eliza Alderson, of 11 Arthington Street, Entwisle Road, Rochdale

See image of Alderson, Charles' grave
Allsopp, W65129Rochdale Cemetery 16 October 19186th Bn., Lancashire FusiliersM. 11788 See image of Allsopp, W's grave
Ashworth, P29778Rochdale Cemetery 30 March 19173rd Bn., Leicestershire RegimentEE. 27531 
Ashworth, R53824Rochdale Cemetery 3 July 191813th Bn., The King's (Liverpool Regiment)FF. 27256 
Barnes, William35000Rochdale Cemetery3421 March 19173rd Bn., Lancashire FusiliersL. 14964Son of William and Catherine Barnes, of Stalybridge; husband of Mary Ellen Barnes, of 27, Halliwell Street, Spotland, Rochdale
Brierley, W125807Rochdale Cemetery 8 May 1918Machine Gun Corps (Infantry)L. 12326 
Brookman, Walter28223Rochdale Cemetery 29 May 1915Royal Field ArtilleryCC. 25706               
Brown, Victor103506Rochdale Cemetery212 June 1919Royal Garrison ArtillerySq. C. 905Son of Richard and Sarah Brown, of 387, Oldham Road, Rochdale

See image of Brown, Victor's grave 
Buckley, F41611Rochdale Cemetery 29 October 1918155th Protection Coy, Royal Defence CorpsHH. 29582 
Buckley, Rhodes283030Rochdale Cemetery4019 September 1918Royal Air ForceHH. 29528Husband of Violetta Buckley, of 4, Freehold Place, Rochdale

See image of Buckley, Rhodes' grave 
Butterworth, F52437Rochdale Cemetery302 November 19193rd Bn., East Lancashire RegimentSq. L. 10420Son of the late George and Nancy Butterworth; husband of the late MA Butterworth. Born at Rochdale
Butterworth, Harry20434Rochdale Cemetery2517 February 1917Royal Flying CorpsHH. 29137Son of Emily A Warboys (formerly Butterworth), of 182, Milnrow Road, Rochdale, and the late John Butterworth
Chadwick, GW71677Rochdale Cemetery 20 November 191869th Protection Coy, Royal Defence CorpsHH. 32556 
Cody, P111871Rochdale Cemetery 13 May 19195th Bn., The King's (Liverpool Regiment), transf. to (649942), Labour CorpsX. 20968 See image of Cody, P's grave
Collinge, AWR/268153Rochdale Cemetery 20 February 1920Royal EngineersL. 10979 See image of Collinge, A's grave
Crabtree, E8145Rochdale Cemetery 22 November 1917King's Own Scottish Borderers, transf. to (175656), Labour CorpsHH. 29390 
Davenport, H45997Rochdale Cemetery2423 November 191613th Bn., Durham Light InfantryHH. 28973Son of Mrs Martha H Davenport, of 16, Penrith Street, Deeplish, Rochdale

See image of Davenport, H's grave
Dunn, Joseph71671Rochdale Cemetery295 April 19183rd Garrison Bn., Royal Welsh FusiliersW. 21119Born at Rochdale

See image of Dunn, Joseph's grave
Eckersley, Frank1900Rochdale Cemetery265 October 19179th Bn., Lancashire FusiliersFF. 26822Son of William and Martha Eckersley. Born at Rochdale
Egerton, Henry241336Rochdale Cemetery2526 September 19196th Bn., Lancashire Fusiliers24. 15028Husband of Nellie Egerton, of 6, Slack Street, Rochdale.Born at Bury
Everson, Charles WilliamS/13057Rochdale Cemetery2325 August 19171st Bn., Rifle BrigadeO. 13186Son of Charles Everson, of 71, Syke Road, Rochdale, and the late Annie Everson
Fielding, J189108Rochdale Cemetery 8 March 1919Royal Field Artillery, transf. to (484740), Labour CorpsF. 5415 
Garner, H205022Rochdale Cemetery 2 March 19185th Bn., Lancashire FusiliersO. 15142 See image of Garner, H's grave 
Garner, NCF/27948Rochdale Cemetery 29 March 1918Air Station (Roehampton), Royal Naval Air ServiceQ. 21838 See image of Garner, NC's grave
Gourley, W42062Rochdale Cemetery 8 September 1917Training Centre (Newark), Royal EngineersC. 2736 See image of Gourley, W's grave
Greenwood, Albert3167Rochdale Cemetery2616 July 19162nd Bn., Lancashire FusiliersT. 18238Husband of Gertrude Greenwood, of 23, Spring Street, Rochdale

See image of Greenwood, Albert's grave
Haneghan, Francis46980Rochdale Cemetery 15 May 1920Labour Corps (formerly 71358)X. 35491 See image of Haneghan, Francis' grave 
Hastings, E16330Rochdale Cemetery 20 June 191715th Bn., Training ReserveX. 35492 See image of Hasting, E's grave
Holt, H126712Rochdale Cemetery3016 May 1919Royal Army Medical CorpsM. 12905Husband of Jane Ellen Holt, of 2, Chappell's Court, Hammer Lane, Rochdale

See image of Holt, E's grave
Howard, John Bernard240792Rochdale Cemetery 20 April 191811th Bn., Lancashire FusiliersCE. 8067Husband of Margaret Holt (formerly Howard), of 84, Smith Street, Rochdale

See image of Howard, John Bernard's grave
Howarth, A46955Rochdale Cemetery 5 August 191617th Bn., Cheshire RegimentEE. 28675 See image of Howarth, A's grave 
Howarth, CharlesG/47442Rochdale Cemetery2220 May 191824th Bn., Royal FusiliersFF. 27088Son of Ellen Howarth, of 13, Bury Road, Bamford, Rochdale, and the late RH Howarth

See image of Hyde, G's grave
Hyde, GG. 10285Rochdale Cemetery 17 April 19152nd/6th Bn., Lancashire FusiliersM. 13380 See image of Hyde, G's grave
Ingham, JA1049Rochdale Cemetery 7 March 19152nd/6th Bn., Lancashire FusiliersF. 26741 
Irvine, Fred Butterworth61949Rochdale Cemetery3210 July 1918Royal Flying CorpsPlot OGrave 14155 
Kershaw, E3437500Rochdale Cemetery226 May 19216th Bn., Lancashire FusiliersJJ. 29031Son of Samuel Kershaw, of 57, Toad Lane, Rochdale

See image of Kershaw, E's grave
Kirkland, WE23266Rochdale Cemetery 2 December 1916Depot, Lancashire FusiliersD. 2500 See image of Kirkland, WE's grave
Leonard, Harold18510Rochdale Cemetery2418 May 1918Royal Dublin FusiliersX. 35544Son of Mrs MA Ogden, of 118, Manchester Road, Rochdale

See image if Leonard, H's grave
Lord, Herbert442525Rochdale Cemetery2925 July 1917435th Reserve Field Coy., Royal EngineersF. 3519Son of James and Alice Lord, of 9, Jutland Avenue, Rochdale

See image of Lord, Herbert's grave
Maloney, WT25249Rochdale Cemetery 17 March 191621st Bn., Lancashire FusiliersHH. 28980 See image of Maloney, WT's grave
McCargo, S282042Rochdale Cemetery 20 August 1917Lancashire FusiliersN. 12458 See image of McCargo, S's grave 
Mills, A29871Rochdale Cemetery 2 April 1917Depot, Lancashire FusiliersHH. 29025 
Morgan, F5714Rochdale Cemetery 6 November 1915King's Royal Rifle CorpsHH. 28676 
Nicholls, AlbertS/6777Rochdale Cemetery2127 March 19155th Bn., Rifle BrigadeCE. 10578Son of Henry and Emma Nicholls, of 2, Trafalgar Square, Rochdale

See image of Nicholls, Albert's grave
Oldham, JamesV/931119Rochdale Cemetery486 July 1918Lancashire Fusiliers, attd. 1st/5th Bn., East Yorkshire RegimentS. 23070Son of Seth and Alice Oldham; husband of Margaret Ann Oldham, late of 35, Freetrade Street, Rochdale

See image of Oldham, James' grave
Ormerod, Frank8871Rochdale Cemetery2217 February 191924th Bn., Royal FusiliersJJ. 29534Son of James and Esther Ormerod, of 22, Grandedge Street, Rochdale
Ormerod, Otis241996Rochdale Cemetery2417 February 191916th Bn., Lancashire FusiliersSec. OGrave 14035Son of Mr and Mrs Thomas Ormerod, of 54, Dale Street, Milnrow; and husband of Sarah Ormerod, of 16 Sydney Street, Rochdale
Osbaldeston, R6710Rochdale Cemetery4228 November 1918Lancashire Fusiliers, transf. to (371355), Labour CorpsFF. 28436Son of Joseph and Hannah Osbaldeston; husband of Sarah E Osbaldeston, of 8, Lark terrace, Rochdale
Overstall, W24375Rochdale Cemetery 23 May 191541st Reserve Bty., Royal Field ArtilleryEE. 27682 See image of Overstall, W's grave 
Plummer,T21625Rochdale Cemetery3921 December 191711th Bn., East Lancashire Regiment20RC.W. 21292Son of Mrs Sarah Plummer; husband of Annie Plummer, of 15, Wrigley's Square, Rochdale

See image of Plummer, T's grave
Quachigan, D2498476Rochdale Cemetery 31 December 1917Canadian Forestry CorpsHH. 28499 See image of Quachigan, D's grave
Rhodes, JT18/16472Rochdale Cemetery 18 November 191818th Bn., Lancashire Fusiliers, transf. to (447169) 390th Home Service Coy., Labour CorpsJJ. 29238 See image of Rhodes, JT's grave 
Richardson, John Edwin6069Rochdale Cemetery3317 April 1916"B" Coy. 2nd Bn., Lancashire FusiliersCE. 8634Son of Thomas and Sarah Ellen Richardson. Born at Rochdale
Riley, D9801Rochdale Cemetery1817 September 19156th Bn., Lancashire FusiliersX. 20766Son of Mrs SA Murray (formerly Riley), of 13, Colby Street., Hare Street, Rochdale, and the late John Riley
Ritchie, James3908Rochdale Cemetery3526 September 1918Lancashire Fusiliers, transf. to (166117), Labour CorpsOO. 32413Son of James Ritchie, of 9, Lombard Street, Rochdale

See image of Ritchie, James' grave
Roach, T4/80070Rochdale Cemetery 6 January 191953rd Bn., Welsh RegimentX. 20418 See image of Roach, T's grave 
Rose, A482Rochdale Cemetery 14 August 19153rd Bn., Lancashire FusiliersT. 20058 See image of Rose, A's grave
Schofield, FH24480Rochdale Cemetery3716 September 1917Depot, Lancashire FusiliersQ. 22579Son of James and Agnes Schofield; husband of Isabella Schofield, of 147, Edmund Street West, Rochdale
Schofield, WSS/9727Rochdale Cemetery1926 June 1920HMS Vivid., Royal NavyT. 32403Son of John and Ellen Schofield, of 76, Dodgson Street, Rochdale

See image of Schofield, W's grave
Shepherd, FW7882Rochdale Cemetery2813 November 1918Somerset Light InfantryF. 7076Husband of Eliza D Shepherd, of Trelawny House, Cargate, Aldershot

See image of Shepherd, FW's grave
Stewart, H7812Rochdale Cemetery 15 September 19166th Bn., Lancashire FusiliersQ. 21914 
Stott, A11543Rochdale Cemetery3312 November 19156th Bn., Lancashire FusiliersM. 12795Son of James and Ellen Stott, of Norreys Street, Rochdale; husband of Annie Howe (formerly Stott), of 20, Joshua Street, Rochdale

See image of Stott, A's grave
Thompson, Clifford Rochdale Cemetery183 January 1919Royal Air ForceM. 9992Son of Emily Thompson, of 52, Whitworth Road, Rochdale
Thompson, Fred Stanley055796Rochdale Cemetery261 June 1917Army Service CorpsDD. 26355Son of Mary Ann Thompson, of 22, King Street East, Rochdale, and the late John Thompson.  His brother, William Kenyon also died on service.  The brother's share the same grave.
Thompson, William Kenyon13/28463Rochdale Cemetery216 November 191713th Bn., Lancashire FusiliersDD. 26355Son of Mary Ann Thompson, of 22, King Street East, Rochdale, and the late John Thompson. His brother, Fred Stanley also died in service.  William and Fred share the same grave.
Tomlinson, Frank181271Rochdale Cemetery3117 January 1920Royal Garrison ArtillerySection JJ.Grave 29742Son of Arthur and Elizabeth Tomlinson, Husband of Bertha Tomlinson of Rochdale
Travis, H23365Rochdale Cemetery 16 July 19162nd Bn., King's Own Yorkshire Light InfantryMM. 28721 
Vickers, Leonard10912Rochdale Cemetery2330 October 1917Lancashire FusiliersE. 6023Son of Harry and Sarah Ellen Vickers, of 120, Rugby Road, Rochdale

See image of Vickers, Leonard's grave
Wakefield, CH200801Rochdale Cemetery 18 March 1919Lancashire Fusiliers, transf. to (250471), Labour CorpsO. 14660 See image of Wakefield, CH's grave
Walmsley MM, William83114Rochdale Cemetery2328 November 191755th Field Ambulance, Royal Army Medical CorpsNC. 29392Son of Thomas and GE Walmsley, of 8, Corporation Road, Rochdale
Walsh, MTR4/68480Rochdale Cemetery 7 November 191853rd Bn., South Wales BorderersW. 21356 See image of Walsh, M's grave
Ward, LW40701Rochdale Cemetery 6 December 1918The Loyal North Lancashire RegimentO. 14027Son of Hannah Gorman, of 51, George Street, Rochdale

See image of Ward, LW's grave
Whatmough, A85508Rochdale Cemetery 1 March 19198th Bde., Canadian Field ArtilleryO. 10295Husband of Jessie Whatmough, of 117, Ann Street, Dundee, Scotland

See image of Whatmough, A's grave
Whatmough, GW291960Rochdale Cemetery 5 November 19182nd/7th Bn., Welsh RegimentR. 16703 
Whiteoak, Harry14598Rochdale Cemetery2710 August 191517th Bn., Lancashire FusiliersO. 12840Son of John Whiteoak; husband of Catherine Whiteoak, of 7, Trafford Street, Rochdale
Wilson, Harry (ALIAS)14598Rochdale Cemetery2710 August 191517th Bn., Lancashire FusiliersO.12840WHITEOAK,  the true family name

See image of Wilson, Harry (ALIAS)'s grave
Wood, A7552Rochdale Cemetery 2930 August 1917Manchester RegimentO. 12948Son of Mrs Clara Minton (formerly Wood), of 16, Lucknow Street, Ashfield Road, Rochdale; husband of K Wood, of 20, Hudson Street, Ashton under Lyne

See image of Wood, A's grave
Woolfenden, G28591Rochdale Cemetery316 March 19193rd Bn., Lancashire Fusiliers17. 28834Son of John and Mary A Woolfenden, of 24, Belfield Road, Rochdale

See image of Woolfenden, G's grave
Wright, FW159168Rochdale Cemetery 17 September 1916HMS Victory, Royal NavyJJ. 29247 See image of Wright, FW's grave 
Yates, James17786Rochdale Cemetery2222 November 19175th Bn., King's Shropshire Light InfantryOO. 32484Son of William John and Mary Ann Yates, of 214, Oldham Road, Rochdale
Binns, Stanley3605761Rochdale Cemetery3423 November 19415 Bty., 3 Maritime AA Regt., Royal ArtillerySquare X.R.C.Grave 36261Son of Fred and Catherine Binns, of Buersil, Rochdale

See image of Binns, Stanley's grave
Blair, Fred WalterH/40969Rochdale Cemetery2423 August 1943Royal Winnipeg Rifles, R.C.I.C.Square Z.3.C. of E.Grave 37335Son of Arthur and Priscilla Alma Blair; husband of Margaret Evelyn Blair, of Rochdale

See image of Blair, Fred Walter's grave
Brierley, James1702034Rochdale Cemetery2729 December 1943477 Bty., 88 Lt. A.A. Regt., Royal ArtillerySquare KKGrave 43235Son of Samuel Brierley and Mary Elizabeth Brierley, of Spotland, Rochdale
Brinkman, FrancisT/182574Rochdale Cemetery262 April 1944Royal Army Service CorpsSquare Z. 3.C. of E.Grave 37309Son of Robert and Alice Brinkman, of Rochdale; husband of Rachel Brinkman, of Speke, Liverpool
Brown, Leslie Alan7592048Rochdale Cemetery2516 December 1940Royal Army Ordnance Corps, attd., North Staffordshire RegimentSquare HHNon conformistGrave 29622Son of Mr and Mrs Herbert Brown, of Rochdale; husband of Marian Brown, of Bamford.

See image of Brown, Leslie Alan's grave
Butterworth, Douglas1061600Rochdale Cemetery209 January 194212 Sqdn., Royal Air Force Volunteer ReserveSquare B.B.NonconformistGrave 24480Son of Alfred and Violet Butterworth, of Rochdale
Chollerton, Ronald3448791Rochdale Cemetery 24 November 19391/6th Bn., Lancashire FusiliersSquare Z.C. of E.Grave 37752 
​Cole, Conrad Phillip​24903476​Rochdale Cemetery​17​26 February 1991​The Royal Regiment of Fusiliers
Crabtree, James Douglas1324859Rochdale Cemetery266 October 1944635 Sqdn., Royal Air Force Volunteer ReserveSquare YC. of E.Grave 36951Son of Wilfrid and Helen Crabtree, of Rochdale
Crowl, Cyril4625176Rochdale Cemetery328 September 1944Pioneer CorpsSquare YC. of E.Grave 37003Son of Ernest and Jessie Crowl; husband of Emily Crowl, of Cutgate, Rochdale

See image of Crowl, Cyril's grave
Dalzell, TomD/JX12415Rochdale Cemetery5729 November 1943HMS Goldcrest, Royal NavySquare Z. 3C. of E.Grave 37473Son of Jackson and Bridget Dalzell, of Rochdale

See image of Dalzell, Tom's grave
Davies, John Edward311853Rochdale Cemetery2724 August 1945King's Own Regiment (Lancaster)Square Z.3C. of E.Grave 37254Son of George Edward and Elsie Davies; husband of Jane Davies, of Deeplish, Rochdale

See image of Davies, John Edward's grave
Endersby, George Fred1644138Rochdale Cemetery302 April 1942505 Bty., 80 Searchlight Regt., Royal ArtillerySquare BBBNonconformistGrave 39352Son of Frederick George and Sarah Endersby, of Rochdale; husband of Elsie Endersby, of Rochdale

See image of Endersby, George Fred's grave
Faith, Desmond826624Rochdale Cemetery3318 February 194751 Lt. AA Regt. Royal ArtillerySquare VGrave 33829Son of W Andrew and Elizabeth Ellen Faith; husband of Gladys Edith Faith, of Rochdale

See image of Faith, Desmond's grave
Grindrod, Wilfred1486281Rochdale Cemetery 24 July 1942Royal Air Force Volunteer ReserveSquare BBNonconformistGrave 23957 
Halkyard, Eric1560432Rochdale Cemetery 17 December 1943188 Bty., 63 Lt A.A. Regt., Royal ArtillerySquare UC. of E.Grave 33847 
Hodgson, William3445134Rochdale Cemetery 3 June 19401/6th Bn., Lancashire FusiliersSquare QNonconformistGrave 22079 See image of Hodgson, William's grave 
Hodson, Albert1089068Rochdale Cemetery 6 June 1942Royal Air force Volunteer ReserveSquare Z.C. of E.Grave 37688Son of Christopher and Matilda Hodson, of Rochdale
Jennings, Albert Edward1540656Rochdale Cemetery2112 February 1944Royal Air Force Volunteer ReserveSquare X.LR. C.Grave 40572Son of Thomas Edward and Mary Ann Jennings, of Rochdale

See image of Jennings, Albert Edward's grave
Law, Oscar14638955Rochdale Cemetery326 September 1944Royal EngineersSquare L.L.NonconformistGrave 38904Son of Fredric Thomas Law and Ethel Law, of Rochdale; husband of Enid Law, of Rochdale

See image of Law, Oscar's grave
Le Roux, Reginald Sydney5508788Rochdale Cemetery221 December 1943Hampshire RegimentSquare RNonconformistGrave 23353Son of Sydney and Clara Le Roux; husband of Gladys Le Roux, of Rochdale

See image of Le Roux, Reginald Sydney's grave
Lord, PhillipT/122057Rochdale Cemetery266 January 194663 Detail Issue Depot, Royal Army Service CorpsSquare FGrave 6266Son of Herbert and Elizabeth Lord, of Deeplish, Rochdale
Lyons, Ernest Patrick3450235Rochdale Cemetery 3 March 194413th (2/4th Bn., The South Lancashire Regt.) Bn., The Parachute Regiment, A.A.C.Square X.L.R. C.Grave 40679Son of Michael and Elsie Lyons; husband of Lilian Lyons, of Rochdale

See image of Lyons. Ernest Patrick's grave
Matthew, Allan2722567Rochdale Cemetery242 October 1943409 Bty., 123 (6th Bn. City of London Regt.) Lt A.A. Regt., Royal ArtillerySquare YC. of E.Grave 36535Son of James W Matthew and Sarah Matthew, of Rochdale

See image of Matthew, Allan's grave
Morris, Harold3451779Rochdale Cemetery229 June 19411/8th Bn., Lancashire FusiliersSquare YC. of E.Grave 36919Son of Mr and Mrs WH Morris, of Rochdale; husband of Mary Morris, of Milnrow
Needham, John Richard1498840Rochdale Cemetery 30 June 1942Royal Air Force Volunteer ReserveSquare VC. of E.Grave 34034 
Newton, Walter3451502Rochdale Cemetery 29 December 1945Royal Corps of SignalsSquare LC. of E.Grave 14358 
Oakes, Arthur Clayton3461197Rochdale Cemetery374 May 1944Royal EngineersSquare Z.3C. of E.Grave 37503Son of Arthur and Mary Ann Oakes; husband of Mary Oakes, of Rochdale

See image of Oakes, Arthur Clayton's grave
Peart, Ronald Jesse W6142040Rochdale Cemetery244 January 19412/6th Bn., East Surrey RegimentSquare YC. of E.Grave 37133Son of Jesse Wilson Peart and Sarah Peart, of Rochdale

See image of Peart, Ronald Jesse W's grave
​Pollitt, Steven Andrew​24869265​Rochdale Cemetery​17​19 March 1991​Royal Corps of Signals

See image of Pollitt, Steven Andrew's grave

Postlethwaite, Donald1220372Rochdale Cemetery342 October 1943Royal Air Force Volunteer ReserveSquare ZC. of E.Grave 37239Son of James Tyson Postlethwaite and Anna Elizabeth Postlethwaite, of Rochdale; husband of Bridget Helena Postlethwaite, of West Bridgford, Nottingham
Pratt, ArnoldT/269323Rochdale Cemetery 31 January 1943Royal Army Service CorpsSp. Mem See image of Pratt, Arnold's grave
Price, John1793997Rochdale Cemetery2510 November 1946Army Catering CorpsSquare ZC. of E.Grave 37859Son of Henry and Elizabeth Price, of Rochdale; husband of Kathleen Price, of Rochdale

See image of Price, John's grave
​Royle, Richard Alan​24601592​Rochdale Cemetery​25​5 February 1991​Royal Engineers

See image of Royle, Richard Alan's grave

Schofield, William14255935Rochdale Cemetery2922 January 1943Royal ArtillerySquare CC. of E.Grave 793Son of Mary Schofield and stepson of Abraham Riley; husband of Ada Schofield, of Rochdale

See image of Schofield, William's grave
Shore, JohnT/122032Rochdale Cemetery 6 January 1941Royal Army Service CorpsSquare YC, of E.Grave 37151 See image of Shore, John's grave 
Sidaway, CliffordD/J 4664Rochdale Cemetery4218 May 1942HMS Beagle, Royal NavySquare ZC. of E.Grave 37400Son of David and Mathilda Sidaway, of Rochdale; husband of Beatrice Eleanor Sidaway, of Rochdale
Smith, FredFX. 589086Rochdale Cemetery184 October 1943HMS Gosling, Royal NavySquare Z.3C. of E.Grave 37416Son of Joseph and Minnie Smith, of Rochdale

See image of Smith, Fred's grave
Stanworth, Vincent Taylor14613435Rochdale Cemetery188 November 1943Royal Corps of SignalsSquare MC. of E.Grave 12808Son of James and Bertha Stanworth, of Rochdale

See image of Stanworth, Vincent Taylor's grave
Stott, Norman1097788Rochdale Cemetery2414 September 1944Royal Air Force Volunteer ReserveSquare MC. of E.Grave 14733Son of Joseph and Clara T Stott, of Rochdale; husband of Isabell Mary Stott, of Rochdale
Sutcliffe, Lewis1088475Rochdale Cemetery225 December 1942Royal Air Force Volunteer ReserveSquare ZC. of E.Grave 37804Son of Lewis and May Sutcliffe, of Rochdale; husband of Rose Sutcliffe, of Hoyland, Yorkshire
Sutcliffe, Richard3456830Rochdale Cemetery279 June 19411/8th Bn., Lancashire FusiliersSquare YC. of E.Grave 37058Son of Granville and Elizabeth Sutcliffe, of Rochdale
Wall, John D'Arcy1140108Rochdale Cemetery2228 February 1943Royal Air Force Volunteer ReserveSquare D.D.D.NonconformistGrave 38997Son of John D'Arcy Wall and Mary Elizabeth Wall, of Rochdale; husband of Janet Wall, of Rochdale
Woodhouse, Ronald2593990Rochdale Cemetery3418 December 1945Pioneer CorpsSquare ZC. of E.Grave 38291Son of David and Annie Woodhouse, of Rochdale; husband of Elsie Woodhouse, of Rochdale

See image of Woodhouse, Ronald's grave
Woolfenden, Norman BowerT/153076Rochdale Cemetery2424 January 1941Royal Army Service CorpsSquare B.B.NonconformistGrave 24009Son of William Burton Woolfenden and Linda Gertrude Woolfenden, of Rochdale

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Rochdale Crematorium

Find the location of cemeteries in the borough

NameNumberCemeteryAgeDiedRegimentGrave refDetails
Archer, AlanT/224879Rochdale Crematorium3021 February 1944Royal Army Service CorpsPanel 1Son of James Henry and Alice Archer, of Bury

See image of Archer, Alan's grave
Barker, BasilFX. 614751Rochdale Crematorium214 July 1945HMS Jackdaw, Royal NavyPanel 1 See image of Barker, Basil's grave 
Begbie, John Alfred1526671Rochdale Crematorium2730 October 194672 Anti-tank Regt., Royal ArtilleryPanel 1 See image of Begbie, John Alfred's grave
Bickley, Frederick Proctor1774751Rochdale Crematorium 4 May 1945Royal ArtilleryPanel 1 See image of Bickley, Frederick Proctor's grave 
Bourke, James1074159Rochdale Crematorium 13 January 1941Royal ArtilleryPanel 1 See image of Bourke, James' grave 
Brierley, Albert1685598Rochdale Crematorium216 April 1945Royal Air Force Volunteer ReservePanel 1Son of Harry and Frances Maud Brierley, of Rochdale
See image of Brierley, Albert's grave
Brierley, Charles1098018Rochdale Crematorium 9 October 1943Royal Air Force Volunteer ReservePanel 1Son of Mrs MC Brierley, of Whitworth
See image of Brierley, Charles' grave
Buckley, Thomas4614896Rochdale Crematorium 26 September 1947Royal Pioneer CorpsPanel 1 See image of Buckley, Thomas' grave
Butler, Alfred3134834Rochdale Crematorium3123 September 1946Pioneer CorpsPanel 2 See image of Butler, Alfred's grave 
Buxton, Alan643758Rochdale Crematorium2516 January 1945Royal Air ForcePanel 2 See image of Buxton, Alan's grave
Casson, Michael230490Rochdale Crematorium2216 July 1942Royal Army Ordnance CorpsPanel 2Son of Morley and Annie Winifred Casson, of Sutton Coldfield, Warwickshire B.Sc (Birmingham)

See image of Casson, Michael's grave
Cottam, Richard Townley320393Rochdale Crematorium2629 September 19452nd Bn., The Parachute Regiment, A.A.C.Panel 2Son of William Townley Cottam and Annie Cottam, of Bury

See image of Cottam, Richard Townley's grave
Dale, Ernest Raymond1930992Rochdale Crematorium4126 August 1944Royal EngineersPanel 2Son of Tom and Mary Jane Dale, of Rochdale; husband of Edith Dale, of Rochdale

See image of Dale, Ernest Raymond's grave
Dutton, RaymondC/JX 549398Rochdale Crematorium2120 November 1946HMS Fulmer, Royal NavyPanel 2Son of Ethel Hargreaves, of Rochdale; husband of Margaret Dutton, of Spotland, Rochdale

See image of Dutton, Raymond's grave
Eastwood, Albert139391Rochdale Crematorium2523 March 1943157 Sqdn. Royal Air Force Volunteer ReservePanel 2Son of Albert and Lily Eastwood, of Rochdale

See image of Eastwood, Albert's grave
Evans, Trevor1239561Rochdale Crematorium2219 February 1944Royal Air Force Volunteer ReservePanel 2Son of William and Katie Evans, of Rochdale

See image of Evans, Trevor's grave
Farquhar, Gordon Hartley7670048Rochdale Crematorium 23 June 1946Royal Army Pay CorpsPanel 3 See image of Farquhar, Gordon Hartley's grave
Fielden, HughS/14963708Rochdale Crematorium183 March 1946Royal Army Service CorpsPanel 3Son of Susannah Fielden, of Todmorden

See image of Fielden, Hugh's grave
Gee, Ronald2365961Rochdale Crematorium3111 April 1941Royal Corps of SignalsPanel 3Son of Wilfred and Catherine Frances Gee; husband of Marion Gee, of Werneth, Oldham

See image of Gee, Ronald's grave
Heys, James6922364Rochdale Crematorium4313 September 1945Pioneer CorpsPanel 3Husband of Florence Heys, of Stacksteads, Bacup

See image of Heys, James's grave
Heywood, John113221Rochdale Crematorium3319 February 1945925/6 Balloon Sqdn., Royal Air Force Volunteer ReservePanel 3Son of Joseph Heywood and of Ruth Heywood (nee Clegg), of Rochdale; husband of Eunice Heywood (nee Butterworth), of Rochdale

See image of Heywood, John's grave
Hill, Harold1458383Rochdale Crematorium1914 May 1944101 H.Q. Sub-Area Beach Sig. Sec., Royal Corps of SignalsPanel 3Son of Walter and Annie Hill, of Oldham

See image of Hill, Harold's grave
Hill, Isaac1765494Rochdale Crematorium395 October 194713th Bn., King's Royal Rifle CorpsPanel 3Son of Thomas and Ada Hill; husband of Blodwen Hill, of Rochdale

See image of Hill, Isaac's grave
Hilton, Derek Raymond1038910Rochdale Crematorium202 March 1941Royal Air Force Volunteer ReservePanel 3 See image of Hilton, Derek Raymond's grave
Hollows, EricT/1597133Rochdale Crematorium3229 January 1947Royal Army Service CorpsPanel 4Son of John Robert and Harriet Hollows, of Rochdale; husband of Mabel Hollows, of Rochdale

See image of Hollows, Eric's grave
Hurst, WilfredT/272481Rochdale Crematorium368 July 1947Royal Army Service CorpsPanel 4Son of John William and Polly Hurst, of Bacup; husband of Ada Gertrude Hurst, of Stacksteads, Bacup

See image of Hurst, Wilfred's grave
Jackson, ThomasT/234382Rochdale Crematorium3725 September 1946334 Corps Troops Coy., Royal Army Service CorpsPanel 4Son of Thomas and Emily Jackson, of Manchester; husband of Annie Jackson, of Middleton, Manchester

See image of Jackson, Thomas' grave
Jowitt, James Alfred3518329Rochdale Crematorium3917 October 1944Pioneer CorpsPanel 4Son of Harry and Ada Jowitt, of Whitefield; husband of Alice Jowitt, of Whitefield

See image of Jowitt, James Alfred's grave
Jubb, Frank974434Rochdale Crematorium 9 March 1946175 Field Regt., Royal ArtilleryPanel 4Son of Mrs E Greenwood, of Rochdale

See image of Jubb, Frank's grave
Lawrence, John Helm1989715Rochdale Crematorium2321 December 1940703 Gen. Constr. Coy., Royal EngineersPanel 4Son of Elizabeth Lawrence, of Bury. B.Sc. Hons., A.M.I.C.E., A.M.I.M.Cy.E.

See image of Lawrence, John Helm's grave
Leece, Robert Edward1834663Rochdale Crematorium4012 March 1943316 Bty., 91 (12th Bn The South Staffordshire Regt) Lt. A.A. Regt., Royal ArtilleryPanel 4 See image of Leece, Robert Edward's grave 
Livesey, Frank14347424Rochdale Crematorium 26 December 1945Royal Army Pay CorpsPanel 4 See image of Livesey, Frank's grave 
Lomas, James2126578Rochdale Crematorium2915 September 19446 Bomb Disposal Coy., Royal EngineersPanel 5Son of James and Maria Lomas, of Todmorden; husband of Eunice Lomas, of Todmorden

See image of Lomas, James' grave
Lord, Raymond Walter Grenville123130Rochdale Crematorium2320 July 1944Royal Air Force Volunteer ReservePanel 5Son of Edgar Brierley Lord and Margaret Lord, of Rochdale

See image of Lord, Raymond Walter Grenville's grave
Marshall, Stanley1012608Rochdale Crematorium3330 March 1947Royal Air Force Volunteer ReservePanel 5Son of William and Elizabeth Matilda Marshall; husband of Martha Ann Marshall, of Rochdale

See image of Marshall, Stanley's grave
Matthew, John Stanley1020381Rochdale Crematorium3223 April 1945Royal Air Force Volunteer ReservePanel 5Son of Joseph and Ruth Matthew, of Rochdale; husband of Winifred Mary Matthew, of Middleton, Manchester

See image of Matthew, John Stanley's grave
Middleton, EricPLY/X 3514Rochdale Crematorium2324 February 1943Royal MarinesPanel 5Son of John William and Elizabeth Middleton; husband of Alice Middleton, of Bury
See image of Middleton, Eric's grave
Morgan, Steward GrahamD/KX 99107Rochdale Crematorium2515 May 1940HMS Illustrious, Royal NavyPanel 5 See image of Morgan, Steward Graham's grave
Nicholson, William Herbert Benjamin4635700Rochdale Crematorium 19 May 1946King's Shropshire Light InfantryPanel 5 See image of Nicholson, William Herbert Benjamin's grave
Parkinson, Leslie Britcliffe1113705Rochdale Crematorium3215 June 1946Royal Electrical and Mechanical EngineersPanel 5Son of Frank and Mellissa Parkinson, of Burnley; husband of Jenny Parkinson, of Burnley

See image of Parkinson, Leslie Britcliffe's grave
Proctor, Ernest1510325Rochdale Crematorium3119 February 1942Royal Air Force Volunteer ReservePanel 6 See image of Proctor, Ernest's grave 
Riley, Frank Winston130453226Rochdale Crematorium3117 May 1945Pioneer CorpsPanel 6Husband of Margaret Riley, of Nelson

See image of Riley, Frank Winston's grave
Rodgers, Keith Ashworth Rochdale Crematorium2218 October 1945HMS Condor, Royal Navy Volunteer ReservePanel 6Son of Harry and Fay Rodgers, of Haslingden; husband of Beryl Rodgers, of Haslingden

See image of Rodgers, Keith Ashworth's grave
Scott, HaroldT/192297Rochdale Crematorium3012 September 1945293 Air Despatch Coy., Royal Army Service CorpsPanel 6Son of Thomas and Elizabeth Scott, of Middleton; husband of Alice Scott, of Middleton

See image of Scott, Harold's grave
Shorrock, GeorgeP/KX 76575Rochdale Crematorium 30 March 1946Royal NavyPanel 6 See image of Shorrock, George's grave
Singleton, William3392851Rochdale Crematorium3430 December 1946107 H.A.A. Regt., Royal ArtilleryPanel 6Son of William and Ethel singleton, of Bury; husband of Elsie Singleton, of Bury

See image of Singleton, William's grave
Sutcliffe, Ronald14253307Rochdale Crematorium4431 October 1945Pioneer CorpsPanel 6Son of Robert and Sarah Alice Sutcliffe, of Todmorden

See image of Sutcliffe, Ronald's grave
Taylor, Harold3460784Rochdale Crematorium3220 January 1943435 Bty., 62 (4th Bn. The Loyal Regt. North Lancashire) Searchlight Regt., Royal ArtilleryPanel 6Son of Ellen Taylor, of Rochdale

See image of Taylor, Harold's grave
Townsend, William10547498Rochdale Crematorium3319 November 1944Royal Army Ordnance CorpsPanel 7Son of George and Ethel Annie Townsend; husband of Annie Townsend, of Oldham

See image of Townsend, William's grave
Vallance, Olive May2078521Rochdale Crematorium216 August 1944Women's Auxiliary Air ForcePanel 7Daughter of John Henry and Gladys May Vallance, of Burnley

See image of Vallance, Olive May's grave
Webster, FredT/14668790Rochdale Crematorium312 June 194415 Tank Transporter Coy., Royal Army Service CorpsPanel 7Son of Sydney Stephen and Sarah Webster, of Rochdale; husband of Florence E Webster, of Rochdale

See image of Webster, Fred's grave
White, Thomas5947578Rochdale Crematorium349 July 19476 Maritime Regt., Royal Artillery, formerly of Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire RegimentPanel 7Son of Alfred and Ellen White, of Rochdale; husband of Hannah White, of Rochdale

See image of White, Thomas' grave
Whiteley, Ronald2228282Rochdale Crematorium2328 October 1944Royal Air Force Volunteer ReservePanel 7Son of George Henry and Isabel Whiteley, of Rochdale

See image of Whiteley, Ronald's grave
Wild, William1905293Rochdale Crematorium 11 July 1940Royal EngineersPanel 7 See image of Wild, William's grave
Young, Eric1515649Rochdale Crematorium227 September 1943Royal Air Force Volunteer ReservePanel 7Son of David R Young and Gladys Young, of Rochdale

See image of Young, Eric's grave

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Littleborough - Dearnley Cemetery

Find the location of cemeteries in the borough

NameNumberCemeteryAgeDiedRegimentGrave refDetails
Ashworth, J12943Littleborough - Dearnley Cemetery2327 September 191613th Bn., Lancashire FusiliersQ54Son of Charles Thomas and Lizzie Ashworth, of 7, Pioneer Street, Base Hill, Littleborough, born at Bacup
Brandrick, John3445847Littleborough - Dearnley Cemetery 25 March 19402/6th Bn. Lancashire FusiliersPlot R.CRow GGrave 65 See image of Brandick, John's grave
Egerton, JR16127Littleborough - Dearnley Cemetery 19 November 19183rd Bn., King's Own (Royal Lancaster Regiment)U. 54 See image of Egerton, JR's grave
Hardman, JWTR/3/14929Littleborough - Dearnley Cemetery1817 June 191751st Bn., Training ReserveS. 55Son of Charles Hardman, of 34, Fenton Street, Whitelees Road, Littleborough
Harrison, William SamuelM/26226Littleborough - Dearnley Cemetery395 May 1918HMS Vivid, Royal Naval Auxiliary Sick Berth ReserveT. 56Husband of Eleanor Harrison, of 469, Halifax road, Smallbridge, Rochdale
 Holt, R9610Littleborough - Dearnley Cemetery 30 July 191611th Bn., Lancashire FusiliersV. 54 
Judson, Fred Shore85079Littleborough - Dearnley Cemetery2327 June 1920Royal Garrison ArtilleryC.46Son of William and Elizabeth Judson, of 7, Great Howarth, Smallbridge, Rochdale

See image of Judson, Fred Shore's grave
Kershaw, T49246Littleborough - Dearnley Cemetery3125 December 191817th Bn., King's Own (Royal Lancashire Regiment)D. 54Son of Solomon and Ester Kershaw; husband of Maud Eastwood (formerly Kershaw), of 7, Green Mount Terrace, Hanson Lane, Halifax, born at Littleborough
Ormandy, John241759Littleborough - Dearnley Cemetery252 September 19181st/6th Bn., Lancashire FusiliersM. 18Son of Mrs Ellen Ormandy

See image of Ormandy, John's grave
Pickersgill, Joseph27217Littleborough - Dearnley Cemetery238 October 1916115th Coy., Machine Gun Corps (Infantry)W. 54Son of Charles and Annie Pickersgill, of Briar Nook, Dearnley, Littleborough

See image of Pickersgill, Joseph's grave
Royds, C6/11890Littleborough - Dearnley Cemetery3225 October 191828th Bn., Manchester RegimentQ. 52husband of Bertha Blackband (formerly Royds), of 2, Greengate Yard, Smallbridge, Rochdale.  Born at Smallbridge
Sloan, Richard Henry1912525Littleborough - Dearnley Cemetery3424 December 1945Royal EngineersPlot R.C.Row MGrave 64Son of Richard Henry and Annie Sloan; husband of Kathleen Sloan, of Littleborough

See image of Sloan, Richard Henry's grave
Tansey, Edward13011510Littleborough - Dearnley Cemetery5120 August 1946Pioneer CorpsPlot R.CRow JGrave 66son of Edward and Mary Ann Tansey; husband of Ellen Tansey, of Hurstead, Rochdale

See image of Tansey, Edward's grave
Wademan, Albert333749Littleborough - Dearnley Cemetery2613 January 1921Royal Air ForceL. 47Son of the late Robert and Helen Wademan
Ward, William Edward18596Littleborough - Dearnley Cemetery2724 April 1918Machine Gun Corps (Infantry)B. 12Son of James and Agnes Ward, of 72, Halifax Road, Rochdale

See image of Ward, William Edward's grave
Wright, W5344Littleborough - Dearnley Cemetery 17 November 19163rd/5th Bn., Lancashire FusiliersJ. 47 See image of Wright, W's grave 

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Dearnley - St Andrew's Churchyard

Find St Andrew's Church on Google Maps

NameNumberCemeteryAgeDiedRegimentGrave refDetails
Barker, Harry346622Dearnley - St Andrew's Churchyard385 April 1921Royal Engineers 24 RHusband of Mary Jane Barker, of 130, Meraflores Terrace, Stubby Brown, Littleborough
Chadwick, Jack Lee14351078Dearnley - St Andrew's Churchyard3130 June 1943Pioneer CorpsSec C.Grave 6Son of Ernest and Sarah Ellen Chadwick; husband of Doris Esther Chadwick, of Hurstead, Rochdale
Crowther, James Evan8366Dearnley - St Andrew's Churchyard327 October 1920Royal Army Pay Corps12. Lson of Evan and Martha Crowther, of Moorland View, Dearnley; husband of Annie Crowther, of Moorland view, Dearnley
Dawson, CM35974Dearnley - St Andrew's Churchyard2020 December 19193rd Bn., East Lancashire Regiment2. MSon of Eli and Louisa Dawson, of 37m Summerville Avenue, Moston, Manchester
Howarth, J28745Dearnley - St Andrew's Churchyard 24 April 191713th Bn., Lancashire Fusiliers21. L See image of Howarth, J's grave 
Rhodes, H41315Dearnley - St Andrew's Churchyard 10 July 1919Yorkshire Regiment18. C See image of Rhodes, H's grave
Uttley, SIL/43476Dearnley - St Andrew's Churchyard2627 May 1919Royal Field Artillery25. C and D.Son of Richard and Sarah Uttley; husband of Gladys May Uttley, of 101, Lea Mount, Hollingworth Road, Littleborough, Manchester. Born at Hurstead, Rochdale

See image of Uttley, SI's grave