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Antisocial activity

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Report antisocial behaviour icon

Report antisocial behaviour

We will try our best to respond to the problems as soon as possible.

Report littering and fly-tipping icon

Report littering and fly-tipping

Tell us confidentially about litter, rubbish or fly-tipping.

Needle removal icon

Needle removal

If you see any hypodermic needles please contact us immediately to report them.

Report hate crime icon

Report hate crime

If you believe you’ve been a victim of a hate crime you should first ring the police.

Report dog fouling icon

Report dog fouling

If you spot dog fouling, report it and sort it.

Report graffiti icon

Report graffiti

Graffiti is words or drawings that are written, painted, sprayed or scratched on the surface of any property. Graffiti is illegal and we take it seriously; report it.

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Report fly-posting icon

Report fly-posting

Fly-posting is the term used for unauthorised display of advertisements on street furniture including phone boxes, street lights, traffic signs and bus stop; report it.

Youth offending icon

Youth offending

We work closely with others to tackle the problem of antisocial behaviour by young people. Find out how to complain if you're unhappy with the way you've been treated.

Report noise pollution icon

Report noise pollution

If you regularly experience problems with noise like loud music, rowdy pubs and parties, or barking dogs report it.

Stray dogs icon

Stray dogs

Report a stray dog, what happens to lost and found dogs and more.

Local policing meetings icon

Local policing meetings

Meet with local law enforcement officers and find out how policing affects you and your community.

Bonfires and smoke
problems  icon

Bonfires and smoke problems 

Report a bonfire that is causing problems, and other smoke problems and air pollution.

Off-road bikes icon

Off-road bikes

It is illegal to ride off-road vehicles such as quads, scramblers, mini-motos and go-peds on any public space in the borough of Rochdale.

Tree problems icon

Tree problems

The location or type of tree problem will determine whether you need to report the problem to us or elsewhere.