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ACE Staff Awards

Nominations are now closed
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Celebrating commitment and excellence

The ACE Staff Awards are annual awards to celebrate and recognise the achievements of staff across the council. The awards are open to all staff employed by the council. They're an opportunity to recognise and celebrate individuals and teams who provide outstanding service and truly live the council's values: The Rochdale Way.

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The awards ceremony and prizes

Date: Thursday, 21 November 2019
Location: Rochdale Town Hall

Finalists, a selection of nominators and panellists, sponsors and key stakeholders will be invited to attend the ceremony. All finalists will be invited to the event and presented with a certificate. Winners will be presented with a trophy and a certificate at the ACE Staff Awards ceremony.

How to nominate

If you are a resident, partner, councillor, staff or user of our services you can nominate individuals or teams who you feel deserve to be recognised for their commitment, hard work and dedication in delivering excellent services.

As well as those staff that are front-facing there are many others who work behind the scenes in operational and support functions that should also be recognised for their commitment to the borough.

In making your nomination you'll need to:

  1. Select the relevant award category.
  2. Select the relevant values and give examples against the criteria to demonstrate what the individual or team has done in making a difference or providing an outstanding service.
  3. Complete and submit your nomination.

Closing date for nominations: Sunday, 1 September 2019 at 11.59pm

Awards categories

Awards will be presented in 8 categories. These are:

Young Employee of the Year Award: the Young Employee of the Year Award celebrates the energy, passion and enthusiasm that young adults, aged 25 and under, bring to our workplace. The award recognises their contribution to council priorities and service delivery and acting as a positive role model to others.

Community Action Award: this award is for an employee or team that is making a difference. It's for those employees that use their creativity and energy to make a positive contribution in the community. The award recognises those that volunteer regularly or that have gone out of their way to do something for the benefit of others. Employees can self-nominate.

Inspiring Change Award: the Inspiring Change Award celebrates the employees that have identified innovative solutions to problems or that have put forward new ideas, helping the council to change or improve for the better.

Team of the Year Award: the Team of the Year Award celebrates the spirit of working together to deliver outcomes. This includes groups of employees in the same service area or a group that has worked collaboratively on a project or initiative.

Pride of the Borough Award: the Pride of the Borough Award recognises those employees think are doing a great job or are going out of their way to ensure people's experience of council services is a positive one. This award is nominated by local residents only.

Employee of the Year Award: the employee of the year award celebrates employees that demonstrate a commitment to quality in carrying out job responsibilities, who consistently deliver good performance and act as a positive role model to others.

Learner of the Year: the Learner of the Year Award recognises employees, of any age, that have undertaken learning and development to support them in fulfilling their potential and helping the council to build a strong and capable workforce. This might include a qualification, on the job training, taking on additional responsibilities, acting up in a more senior role and so on.

ACE Outstanding Contribution: (To be selected by the Chief Executive in conjunction with the Mayor of Rochdale.) We're looking for the Rochdale Borough Council employee who has made an Outstanding Contribution to the organisation. The winner will have significantly demonstrated that they are committed to the values of the Rochdale Way. The winner to be announced at the ACE Staff Awards celebration evening of the awards ceremony on Thursday, 21 November 2019.


The following details the values as set out in The Rochdale Way. You'll need to select the relevant values or behaviours and give examples against the criteria to demonstrate what the individual or team has done in making a difference or providing an outstanding service.

Pioneering & Open in our approach

We are ambitious for the people and place of Rochdale and will work collaboratively with local people and partners, building relationships based on respect and openness, to deliver the best possible outcomes.


  • I seek out opportunities to network with and learn from others and to put that learning or new ways of working into practice.
  • I work closely with residents and partners to shape outcomes and design and deliver services.
  • I recognise that I am spending public money and always look for the most efficient and effective way of doing that.
  • I welcome opportunities to do things differently and respond positively to change and feedback.
  • I am honest in all of my interactions with others and realistic about what is practical and affordable.
  • I don’t shy away from difficult conversations.

Proud of the difference we make

We will celebrate and share our achievements and act as Ambassadors for the borough of Rochdale.


  • I am always positive when talking about the borough and the work we do.
  • I seek out opportunities to talk about our achievements.
  • I congratulate others when things have gone well.
  • I understand how my own positive behaviour reflects positively on the reputation of the borough.

Passionate about the diversity of the people we serve

We love the diversity within our workforce and local communities and will strive for excellence in meeting different needs and aspirations.


  • I have positive and respectful relationships with my colleagues, residents and partners regardless of their background, social identity or circumstances.
  • I avoid making assumptions about people and ensure I listen to their experiences and perspective before making a decision or taking action.
  • I always try to do things with people rather than to them.
  • I understand that one size does not always fit all and that it is fair to take account of people’s differences in my work.
  • I challenge inappropriate behaviour or language.

Shortlisting and judging

Shortlisting: to be announced in October 2019

Shortlisted candidates will be contacted directly. Applications will be judged on the quality of the nomination than on the highest number of nominations received.

The judging panel will be made up of representatives from staff across the council. The panel will assess the nominations against the criteria listed in each award category. The final selection will be undertaken by the council's leadership team.

Thank you to our sponsors

Our awards ceremony is supported and sponsored by our partners and local businesses. If you'd like to sponsor the 2019 event or get more information on the packages available, please email

Our awards ceremony is being supported and sponsored by the following partners and local businesses.

Award category sponsors:

Event sponsors:

Table sponsors:

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